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every morning while i sip my coffee, you devour my heart in slices,
sometimes it hurts, and it shows,
you already know, but you still clean the corner of your lips before leaving the table,
where i rest my elbows and await for the rest of another cold and lonely day,
so unstable;
No doubt.
The piece of gum
Naughtily stuck under a school desk

Instead of thrown in the dustbin
They say smoking's a disgusting habit
But gum is messy
Gets everywhere if you
Aren't careful

Nicotine gum?
The bane of smokers
They say it tastes

But gum
Either way
Comes in all varieties
Sugarfree I favour
Bad for the teeth
Otherwise -

Raspberry, strawberry, mint, spearmint
The never-ending flavours of life
On this planet
Poetic T Oct 2017
Eating more than that
                      they can chew.

laxative dreams explode
                             in slumber.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
They just keep gnawing on my bones
They're glassy eyed they look like drons
With a persistent chewing grinding away
It goes on all night and day
Teeth scraping on bone the sounds unnerving
They think my bones they are deserving
They just keep gnawing, and bitting through
But this is nothing very new
Teeth on bone, crunch crunch, crunch
Gnawing on me again for lunch
R K Hodge Apr 2014
To me you are smeared bright pink lipstick
An accidental exposure of flesh
The taste of peppermint chewing gum
Cigarettes in black sky.

You are alcohol induced numbness. Not needing a coat.
That long street.
Those insults.

You are a collection of wishes and stupid things.
You might be clever.
You are arguments.

It was hard only being allowed to breathe through my nose.

I don't know what you write with
I imagine it's a black biro
Or you continuously press the undo button on your laptop

Those strangers in your kitchen were nicer than you
They let me out
I wasn't going to kiss you goodbye
I wish I hadn't.

Now there are certain shades of off limits colour.

— The End —