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aj kamari Jan 29
built to be torn
grown and then chopped,
we are.
set up in a mainstream world
blindly unaware that acceptance
is just an illusion with false hype
of great importance.
with conformists scared of 'insanity'
and shunning as the cure for all fear,
individualism falls.
society mindlessly pushes difference
off a black and white cliff
to decompose in a sea of acidic hate.
just for being content with our oddities,
we are shut down like the ignorant.
oh, how unfortunate we are
to be cursed with a brain.
Alice Wilde Nov 2017
Everything is imperfect-
The space
Between your eyes.
The crooked white
Inside your half-smile.
The paper-cutting
Scissor bangs
That frame your face.

You chopped them late
In a dim lit bathroom.
Flickering neon against the blade.

Tucking tounge under breath,
Chunks of midnight strands
Refracting grey-silver dreams
Fell to the floor like splinters
Hurled from breaking wood.

With crescent moons
Formed on each cheek,
The mirror smiled.
Janae Jul 2017
I guess I was just temporary,
nothing really
just a person who came and left.

I was the friend you only knew
at work,
or something.

Nothing more,
just a person to fill empty space
for a while.

Everyone knew this, but me.
Poetic T Jun 2014
I will follow you down the rabbit hole,
To see what can be found, but it wasn't
The fairy tale we were told, it was the
Dark side never seen light under the ground.

The rabbit was late for his execution,
They chopped off his head, it did roll
Across the ground. But the people and
Animals, they did hunger for more, so
A stew was made and his watch was
Sold for gold.

The mad hatter did hide in shadows,
Offering tea to those unsuspecting few,
And once they were in a sleep, he did
Bury them alive under the ground. He
Did a jig, when it was near there last
Breath and did whisper to the earth do
Not worry you are not alone there are
Many flowers buried around.

I walked on shaking you see for I had
Witnessed a serial killer, spiked tea
Handed out.

I meet a queen dressed in red, she smiled
And said do not worry girl your not my
Type, as she showed me around, then a
Room opened jars were neatly displayed
All around. In each I did see a beating
Heart, she said to me these are those that
Betrayed my trust all that is left is there
Beating hearts.

I ran through the court yard I ran across
The bridge, what twisted nightmare had I
Fallen in. I saw a caterpillar smoking a pipe,
What's up little lady fancy a ****, I asked
What it was that had him chilled out so much,
He spoke that he smoked the mushrooms
Scattered about.

I asked what were the bones scattered about,
Some on other mushrooms, others scattered
On the floor around. He said the mushroom
Is good, but to relaxed to care about eating
And things, and with that he blew in my face
As my head hit the floor I was in outer space.

I woke with a fright as my dress was up, and
Breath I could feel as I looked under, nothing
I could see. Then a grin appeared, then a mouth,
Then this knotted looking cat appeared looking
Up my dress trying to lick me out. What are you
Doing I screamed out why fish I could smile as
It licked its lips I was damp and grossed out.

I booted it once and twice in the mouth, this
Is the last ***** you'll lick as my heel crushed
Its skull not smiling now.

I had entered a mad land, not a fairy tale but
A twisted version so true, as I had to find a
Way out, then the white queen did come to
My rescue, to her palace I hid out, sniff this
My dear, don't worry its just to relax you out,
A needle she pulled and injected her self, then
Blood  dripped from her nose and her mouth.

I screamed, she looked up and said I am the
white which, ******* is my power then
her heart gave out. needle in her arm blood
dripping on her gown of white, I ran out but
ran in to a wall and knocked my self out.

I woke again to find my self in my bed, was this
All a dream that world I thought about, then the
Friend I did follow came in to my room, I shouted
Out where were you when I feel In the hole, and
Then a knife did appear though his chest, as the
Mad hatter said you thought you could escape
No one is truly safe when they fall down into
The dark place deep under ground...
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
I gave away my branches,
I gave away my leaves,
you chopped me up for housing,
then ran off,
leaving me.

I gave away my dirt,
and gave away my air,
I gave away the water,
you said you'd none to spare.

I gave away my patterns,
I gave away my age,
I gave away all I had,
and you'd just take and take.

And now that I have nothing,
I sit alone, and cry
I think how I am now a stump,
and you didn't even say goodbye.
I don't know why,
I give stuff to you.
I tell the others,
it's just what I do.
But I'm ready to jump,
right over the ledge.
You keep laughing,
and pushing me off the edge.
Then you come back around,
asking for solace.
I'd have hit the ground by now,
but i won't get stuck in the past.
So whether or not hurting me was your goal,
Take that you ***!
Being a bully isn't cool.


— The End —