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Shane Roller Dec 2020
I love that stump over there

I liked the tree...
     But I love that stump

So solid and immovable!
Well, unless I pull it

But I won't pull it

I love that stump.
Karijinbba Jun 2019
Once Upon A Time
I once stood up ****
immortalized in photoshoots
as my lover's VENUS.
Down I laid in deep shame
more than to pose for
an unanounced **** Cannon
photo shooting spree there
upon a cut tree I stood prompted
to lay down on it.
A tree of life simulation a second chance to birth a new dream
the huge cut stump sadness
signifying our child lost!
Our magestic forest land dream
upon that Hill was born.
A new Adam a new Eve a new beginning.
Stonned by past orphaned wars
unawareness dormant beast
was the pain of denial my abandonment syndrome.
It all proved futile yesterday
but today I share my true story.
all awakened struggling to heal

I hate this car filled city
my heart breaks in loneliness
I surely must love the suburbs.
being sociable realizing my lossess
where i missed my marks

My secret friends are trees
ancient green cedar woods.
Others are masked behind this cyber mirror eagerly reading me
some even ask me, hey
How do you do?
To not let the dark
get to me!
commenting and cheering me
so, the mystic forest trees
see me, hear me
re-burrying my past secrets
and pots of gold in roots

I do love the woods now
that always had terrified me
since my dad was shot nearby
in our forest land's I was five .
I still hear the gun shots!
I hear my babies cries too
in the enemy's hands hurting

The stump became
my millionaire mystery bank
burrying all our cash loot as dowry
my grieving lover twin flame divine
with insignias it all had arrived carefully inscribed
"Great fortune to Believer"
"Fame true love to the adventurous clever digger beauty"
"Deathly curses, bad luck,
great calamity poverty to the
foolish desserter unbeliever"
urgently advising to
"Hurry up it's all time sensitive!"
yelled my fiancee's love letters.
A stump, a tree and a elite lover
among magestic tall green trees,
carved my fate today to return!

And in that mystic Hill far away
And once upon a time true magic touched me thus changing us both
and with this mystery to rejoice
life makes sense where love lost.
All trees now tell me bittersweet stories and I bitterly weep.

The stumps chopped trees
in the nearby streets hurt deeply
I was once that Queen bee of
Once Upon a Time
chosen to change Earth
where rich could marry poor
women not men would rule
Where wealthy share
their treasures earned
or inherited cheerfully so
changing lives by the score.

I was promised nine diamond tiaras
For each baby ours born of twin flame twin souls our "glued together baby."

Our Memoir book to linger forever linked by the magic of true love.
I found my old dream of dreams
my peaceful own Reign RDDBBA!
That was then joy happiness lost
it's life saving rejuvenating today.

Although the trees in
that forest lands adored me
they too detested me.
Covertly wearing masks too
furious with my dead calm silence
then misunderstood no more tonight
all tests buried to be worthy ofof joining my lover's world
Green yellow leaves thundering
in wind murmuring sad songs
no one but me can now hear
their frantic Psalmic cries;
Nature it seems it too
takes back as much as it gives.

Our bitter harvest dreams
burried abandoned sleeping
where our road fork bent in
as I laid posing his Venus of Urbino
in the **** back then;
stonned bewildered scared
feeling abandoned alone,
all by me as punishment seen!
All a secret remained a lifetime.
So heartbreaking it is.
the nagging pain won't subside
Without timely Second Chance Vissions
our awesome dreams
couldn't breathe in the face of reality
my lover's gap dividing.

In the end my tree of life sighs
as it burries my body
deep dead asleep
under its mighty living roots
the stump and the tree
left behind devour all
all whats left of me,
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved
revised a 6/29-19 /10-2020
In the end we matter only to those kindred souls who remember us in our true light understanding
our inner core loving us
as we were
in good and in bad times.
thanks for reading
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
They’re just walking by
Idle sticks and logs and twigs
Wayward trees passing to and fro
In their forests of isolation
The birds don’t sing there
If they do
Then each tree hears its own tune
My tree is cut
Just a stump
Just my luck
I have no birds to sing anyway
Accept for this one wayward jay
It’s less of a song
More of an ironic cackle
Laughing at my stump
Chained to this rusted shackle
There used to be a song
Sweet like sugar
Bitter like sole cinnamon
But harmonious
Now I’m just walking by
An idle stick
A log
A twig
A wayward tree stump
Just my lonely luck
Just my lonely luck
Today is just a day, & tomorrow's a new day!
Here in this moment, just enjoy it. Enjoy each day for what
It is! Enjoy this life for the little moments.
Show everyone kindness and you'll get it back.

Care, for those around you! We all go through
It & we need to be there for each other.
Together we can get through it.
Y**esterday was just a day.
©McNally, Inc.
An original acrostic write with inspiration for Patrick Stump's This City.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
Anne rubbed
at her stump
it was sore

and her toes
(which weren't there)
were hurting

gazed at her
and her leg

where her skirt
had risen
it looks red

the boy said
shall I tell
Sister Paul?

**** her Kid
she's no good
she couldn't

find her ****
with both hands
Anne said

well who then?
the Kid said
staring hard

at the stump
glimpse of white
knickers edge

the thin nun
with a face
like ghost

Anne said
so the Kid
left Anne

and her stump
and raced back
to the white

and black brick
nursing home
racing past

other kids
on his way
Sister Luke

was standing
in the hall
come quickly

the Kid said
Anne's stump
is all red

and hurting
Sister Luke
gazed at him

her dark eyes
searching him
is this true?

it's not one
of her games
she's playing?

the nun said
Benedict frowned
no it's real

I've seen it
the Kid said
going red

it's all sore
you've seen it?
seen her stump?

the nun said
she showed you?
yes she did

the Kid said
(but didn't
say about

the knickers
that he'd seen)
Sister Luke

stared at him
she shouldn't
show you that

the nun said
that's private
not for boys

maybe not
but please come
the Kid said

going red
it's painful
so the nun

followed him
on the lawn
where Anne

was sitting
in her chair
stump showing

red and sore
and knickers
that the Kid

never said
that he saw.
MV Blake May 2015
Is it odd that I hate tree stumps?

I mean, really, is it just me?
Is there something wrong with me?
I walk past them on the roadside
And something seems to break free.

I feel tense and taut;

A green branch pulled tight
On the saw edge of a gardener’s knife,
Peeling back one fibre at a time.
I can’t stop it to save my life.

It makes my skin crawl

To see the corpse left jutting up
Like the last tooth of a diseased crone,
Like a tag on the skin of the earth,
A drying scab to make the mother moan.

Couldn’t they just dig it up,

Or is that too much to ask?
Not enough to slay the ancient tree,
But to leave it lying on the ground;
Like leaving the foot of an amputee.

It makes me so mad

That I wonder I don’t complain,
But then I know a letter will be ignored,
As the death of such a mighty sentinel
Is a thing our conscience can afford.

It’s not like it was alive…

But the sarcasm doesn’t matter,
And the funny looks I get while I weep
Sink like the teeth of a saw,
Cutting through the body at my feet.

Am I the only one who hates tree stumps?
Please comment, like, share.  All critique welcome, though constructive is always preferred.
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
I gave away my branches,
I gave away my leaves,
you chopped me up for housing,
then ran off,
leaving me.

I gave away my dirt,
and gave away my air,
I gave away the water,
you said you'd none to spare.

I gave away my patterns,
I gave away my age,
I gave away all I had,
and you'd just take and take.

And now that I have nothing,
I sit alone, and cry
I think how I am now a stump,
and you didn't even say goodbye.
I don't know why,
I give stuff to you.
I tell the others,
it's just what I do.
But I'm ready to jump,
right over the ledge.
You keep laughing,
and pushing me off the edge.
Then you come back around,
asking for solace.
I'd have hit the ground by now,
but i won't get stuck in the past.
So whether or not hurting me was your goal,
Take that you ***!
Being a bully isn't cool.


— The End —