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Janae Dec 2018
she finally comes back
phases and phases
everything changes
she still comes back
back to hellopoetry after almost 1 full year
Janae Jul 2017
You see i have these little spurts,
all at one time ideas come and it almost hurts,
can't get to them all which makes it the worst,
so I have to do all this work.

Write it down as fast as I can,
breaking my hands
like a downward spiral
you never know when it gonna stop.

Like an elephant in the room
fat and crushing
taking in all the air
everywhere and nowhere.

For days it coils within and waits to be set free
and I just bleed,
bleed, and bleed.
Knowing this is just what I need.

I flow and flow like I'm at a place with no gravity
true travesty
no reality.

Then it ends
out of battery.
Janae Jul 2017
Calm down;
breathe slow
if you need to
just let it go.

Don't let your crown
not even a little bit,
don't give them
the benefit.
Janae Jul 2017
I smile
nose crinkled
skin wrinkle
make my eyes
and teeth
Janae Jul 2017
Little tail
wiggling and wabbling
small but not quite
no doubt.
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