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I've built on desire
My lungs to respire
The whole world entire
Till it goes down in fire
Freestyle written in 2 minutes.
Seanathon Aug 12
Like hopes
Midst falling waves
Encircling the outer banks

Like timberus structures
Known only to man
Which pass

Like Autumn
On a chorus of empty ears
In distant monologues

Like metaphors
In a cautious Spring
Learning to last
Crash, Built, Fall, Rise
At times,
I find myself
tearing my fibers apart.
Picking out one neuron
from another,
and wrecking myself
from within.
To find,
the next morning,
I have been
built once more.
This time,
just differently.
Jose Valle Jun 3
I built a Greek column
A Tuscan column to be precise
It's about three floors in height

I used materials I didn't know I owned
Shimmering and glistening small white oval pebbles
Flat and fat ones
Sand, best of its kind
Limestone with all its magical properties
And Nautilus shells from the beaches of Callao.

I wish I have built it for looks only
But I did it for me
It fits well between my neck and naval line
For when my earthquakes threaten my core
I built my world around my
darling believing we
never part but I hadn't reckoned on the next world
calling her to leave
And Its such a shame she was taken from me far to soon
In life leaving me all
my own
now for Helen deserved so much better than she got
aj kamari Jan 29
built to be torn
grown and then chopped,
we are.
set up in a mainstream world
blindly unaware that acceptance
is just an illusion with false hype
of great importance.
with conformists scared of 'insanity'
and shunning as the cure for all fear,
individualism falls.
society mindlessly pushes difference
off a black and white cliff
to decompose in a sea of acidic hate.
just for being content with our oddities,
we are shut down like the ignorant.
oh, how unfortunate we are
to be cursed with a brain.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
When Helen I did sit down to talk It's was never just words everything said was meant
that how much we loved each other everything we had
was based trust truth and honesty never any lies that what a good relationship
we were lucky we had It all, so much owed to Helen
she deserved so much more In
We had a relationship built on trust truth and honesty never lied to each other faithful
s Aug 2018
]i built a wall
]to block your love
]because i’m not
]deserving of.
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