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A Yorks Sep 25
The time has come to understand all that you said;
Although it fills my heart up with a sense of dread;
To entertain the thought, that maybe I was wrong;
To think that I was helping you to get along;
You didn't love me, you just loved what I could do;
You didn't need me, and I guess I don't need you;
I was the stepping stone you needed to break free;
And when I fell apart you stepped away from me,

You tore me down with everything I did for you;
I still don't see how I could manage to pull through;
And after every single suicide you feigned;
I still don't understand what you thought you would gain?
I held it all inside and let it build away;
I thought it was for you I held up everyday;
And when the time had come that I did finally crack;
You went immediately around behind my back.

I wish for peace but don't receive it,
                                   Mercy upon me,
If I could only be forgiven,
                                   It can never be.

The time has come to understand I must move on;
Although it fills my heart like concrete that you're gone;
I know I never should have reached for you my hand;
Why did it take so long for me to understand?
All that I did for you, I thought I did what's right;
Now I can't even get myself to sleep at night;
My notes in therapy are scribbled with your name;
The final end result of all this twisted game.

I wish you peace, though not deservèd,
                                   Mercy upon you,
I wish I could deny forgiveness,
           But I forgive you.
With chord notation.

When tears threat to come,
I pick up my guitar and start to
s t r u m .

And every chord has great meaning to me,
A minor, C sharp, G major, B.

I play those strings,
and they play me;
and clean.

I hug it's body and my fingers dance;
I play as if it's my last chance.

I hug it tighter and close my eyes.
It's a heaven;
a blessing in disguise.

It may be dead
but it's so alive,
it invigorates me and
makes me survive.

Six strings on my guitar,
bringing me

so close

and yet

so far.

The relationship between me and my guitar.
I'm serious; if it weren't for my guitar(or any of my other instruments) at times, I bet I wouldn't be here today.
Music has true power.

I'm still thinking of a good title, so please let me know if you have any! :)
c Feb 14
Your brain is a little rock-n-roll my friend
Too much guitar solo
For you to think sometimes.
The pounding
Of the bass drum
Isn't any better.
But did you know that words
Spill out of your mouth
Like chords?
Always the sounds
That need to be heard
Even when someone
Dislikes the key.
My friend,
Life is sheet music.
Never forget that you
Are your own composer.
A poem for my best friend, hope you like this Joce!
Denise Uy Oct 2018
Can you read what you read?
I'm sure you can and there's no need to ask.
But it's weird.
Feeling through symbols.
Understanding symbols.
Writing symbols.
Combining symbols to make sense.
But some combinations are wrong.
Making sounds for symbols.
Saying the symbols correctly.
Different accents for symbols.
Drawing symbols, making them look pretty.
Fonts for symbols.

Imagine. We are ruled by systems of symbols.
schuyler Jun 2018
you will find me in
the scratching between chord progressions;
permutations curving and
contouring your hands,
the tips of your fingers press and release
and i fold into the frets.
Gage B Apr 2018
My life resonates within the strings of A minor seventh
                                  A tone which gives me a purpose
                     And a chilling down my spine

As it echoes through my fingers
                          up my arms
                                           through my chest
                                                           ­  and into my heart
                                                I forget

At least, I really try to. It's been so long since I've touched a girl.
                                        I only remember
                                     how much I wanted
                         somebody to experience life with

How can you experience life
               with somebody whose life has already been
                              completely changed by people you've
                                                         never met?
                                     Each string pulls me in closer and closer
                          to complete each set of moves just as I lean in
                     and kiss you, ever so slightly.

                                           And the burning of
                         sensitive flesh, just as if it were the first time,
                             marks the fully fleshed out chord that rings
                         between our heartstrings until only the memory
                      of such a beautiful sound
                                             is left and
                                                     never forgotten.
Thank God I made it through such a tough time. I struggled and struggled within myself, and I pulled through. Of course, such is the same with other people my age and their relationships. Eh. I'm better now. I know now who's making the right choices, and who is left to blame.
hayley robertson Mar 2018
You listen to music for the music, and I listen to music for the lyrics.

And that is the difference between us.

You get caught up in the intertwining of chords and harmonies and sound, while I get caught up in the story and the meaning of the song.

You get so excited when you hear a new song because of how it makes you feel, and this is why I listen to the lyrics, because I love that about you.

I need a song to put my thoughts into words.
I need a song to explain how I'm feeling, when maybe I can't get the point across myself.
I need something to express my emotion and my longing.
I need you to know how I feel.
I need you to start listening to the lyrics.
Martin Mikelberg Jan 2018
Some minimal haiku are constructed to hide the middle word so that three words conceals the middle word.  But this is what Bach did, create a unique order of chords which become the melody as well.   Just a note about music today, you can copyright melodies but you cannot   copyright chords.
Phoebe Hynes Nov 2017
I’m laughing with you.
We sit at my piano
Video media records,
and I have the pleasure of watching us toss our heads back
Breaking neck smiles.
Play back our giggles
Mismatched notes
We don’t search our own accord,
Clash of chords
corded around each key.
Sitting on that bench is wearing socks of different pairs.

I am a fuzzy mid-calf, and you are an argyle knee high.
Socked in laughter.
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