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aj kamari Oct 7
i feel angry
not the kind of anger that you feel when he doesn’t text you back
but the rage that consumes you
and your every nerve
the kind of anger that makes the nicest people
malicious thinkers and hateful destroyers
hell bent on exposing all who’ve done them wrong
that’s the kind of anger i feel
and i’ve felt it for so long
that i worry what i might do
that anger is now a part of me
a constant fire that grows with every hurtful word
and unlistening ear
they are what made me this way
they made me this angry
this is the type of anger that is felt when we have been silenced for far too long because of our issues. it’s time to stand up for what we believe in.
aj kamari May 15
the light in your eyes
is drawn away but the darkness of conversion
to someone you don’t want to be
society pulls and strains
until the light is ripped in two
and disintegrated
and the dust
is blown into oblivion
making the darkness a monster of their own imagination
you are filled to the brim with their ideas
of beauty and normality and acceptance
squandering any chance of revival
and forced to live among the social rocks
another victim of their rage and discontentment.
sorry it’s been a while ya’ll i’ve been super busy but enjoy :)
aj kamari Jan 29
built to be torn
grown and then chopped,
we are.
set up in a mainstream world
blindly unaware that acceptance
is just an illusion with false hype
of great importance.
with conformists scared of 'insanity'
and shunning as the cure for all fear,
individualism falls.
society mindlessly pushes difference
off a black and white cliff
to decompose in a sea of acidic hate.
just for being content with our oddities,
we are shut down like the ignorant.
oh, how unfortunate we are
to be cursed with a brain.
aj kamari Jan 19
we can love if you will kiss the needle
just a little bit bigger-
your image isn’t your most beckoning quality
just a little bit thinner-
we can sleep if you will follow
just a little less brain-
don’t stand loud love, it isn’t becoming
just a little more tame//
stand straight but think alike
don’t stray or wander from the path ahead
walk in unison and stay uptight
basically, loveables are brain dead.
you don’t belong here.
people always tell us who to be and who not to. to stay thin and keep our pretty mouths shut. we are to be superficial followers and we aren’t born for this world.
aj kamari Nov 2018
paint your words in the sky
oh darling
don’t let them shut you out
cry out all your thoughts
and scream your insanity
for they can’t understand until they hear
yes you’re different
but truly beautiful you are
and bright filled with drive and passion
so paint your words
as you would a picture
and let your mind speak the chaos.
you are all beautiful.
aj kamari Nov 2018
THEY make you feel special-
and then leave as if you were nothing more than a bag of trash.
THEY tear you down without even knowing it-
slowly chipping away the pieces most prized to you.
THEY sink you to the bottom-
and only then do they leave so you’re left drowning;
watching them float back up;
wondering how they manage to be completely fine after wrecking your life.
THEY lie and steal-
parts of your heart and carry it with them as trophies of all the people they’ve hurt.
THEY make empty promises-
they seem solid, but in reality are nothing more than hot air.
THEY are the **** of the earth-
and they reel you, offering you the world knowing that’s exactly what they’re going to strip from you...
aj kamari Oct 2018
i want to get away from
and go into solitude.
i don’t want to run away for only seeing other places.
i want to run away from all the
sadness and despair that seems to follow me
on every corner i turn.
i want to run away in more ways than
entering other physical cities.
i want to run away from my train of thought
and from my though processes alike.
i want to stop feeling like i’m always the one that cares more;
the one who has everything to lose.
i want to stand out of body while
watching life collapse
instead of being thrown in the middle
like an intuition to the destruction of all things orderly
while others scorn what they don’t comprehend.
for once,
i’d like to get away-
fro, the emotional,
trials and stop being guilty of expecting the impossible.
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