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Verse 1:

Tell me
Tell me something
I can

Look into my eyes
So we can see
Into each other's so o ouls

Show me
It's hiding in your smile
A reckoning

A tidal wave
I feel it happening
Light me in your afterglo o ow


We can't wait
For heaven longer
So we made a castle
Out of our bed sheets

A fortress
Now we're safe from
All the ***** men the stinking
Lies and cheats

In your arms
I lose my mind
But I find the truth

Heavens already
Here when I'm
With you
Inspired by the Mindy Gledhill concert I saw tonight
I write poems
And second guess

If I don't
Get a single

I feel
Like a free
Sample no one

I get
Close to the
Delete button

Wait! I
The forgotten

All Y'all
**** ***** cause
My words are gold

Not my
Fault your eyes
Are blind to this

Can kiss my
Cherry pie ***

Now, but
Lovers too,
I won't stop you,
Thanks for the kisses
Inspired by Trash
By Tyler
I am a rabbit
And every man in the world
Is a fox
An eagle
A weasle
A dog
A man
I may kick, bite, claw, scream
I may be the biggest rabbit
The strongest rabbit
The rabbit with the most fight
But I am a rabbit
And because I was born as such
The odds are not in my favor
This isn't a post bashing men or some kind of feminazi garble. This is the truth. Men are naturally bigger and stronger than I am. Almost all of them. Even when he play wrestles with me my skinny boyfriend who weighs 135 lbs can easily overpower my 160 lb mostly muscle frame. I am a rabbit and I don't feel safe.
Peter, Peter
Pumpkin eater
Had a wife
But I couldn't
Keep her

I kept her in
A pumpkin shell
And there she
Cursed me straight
To hell
Revised Poems
Eeper Weeper
The Heber Creeper
A straight
Casey Wilford Evangeline Robinson
Hunter Aug 5
A cool day outside
Where the dark clouds hide
Sitting against a tree sap
With a rabbit in your lap
The meadow is far
From you to a star
As the wind blows
An endless day it shows
Blank thoughts fill your head
The same thoughts you cannot shed
No amount of outer peace
Can make what’s inside finally cease
Orion Jul 31
seething venom dripping from the edges of my torn panting lips
i am familiar with its acidic taste and i lick it off my teeth
as though it were as sweet as the poisoned prose you fed to me
i am not a creature born of rage
but oh
if i did not thrive on the fact that i was so undeniably right

would i?

you know all too well that i would hunt down and bite the tongue from the man who did you wrong
but you would be terrified to know that i would watch his gurgling demise with triumph

do not misunderstand:

i would spit my prize and his blood into your gaping, screaming mouth
pin you down and tower over you
with my fangs bared so close to your throat
that i could nearly taste the heartbeat and the blood in your veins

drool spilling off of my chin and burning your skin
the smell of your singed flesh and your fear and my pride

r a b b i t


i will forcibly eradicate the thought that i was too delicate from your mind--
you have been scared of me this entire time
too scared to drop me, to displease me
too scared to face the fact that i was a wolf living in a cracked eggshell
and that you took sick delight in pushing clay into crevasses that i was trying to escape from;

you held me like a sickly pup at arm’s length
not knowing what to do when i outgrew the cage you picked out for me
when the hackles started to bristle like goosebumps across my back
when hooded eyelids turned golden and

you should have been afraid of the fangs
that hid behind anxious words and knowing glances
instead of the stuttering and the overwhelmed mumbling;

you love monsters until

i am as quick to think as i am to wrap my hands around your throat;
i knew i knew i  k n e w
and you
ignored ignored i g n o r e d;

and now i weigh upon your ribcage
and you ***** the heart you tried to find upon your ***-stained shirt
regurgitated words never meant for me splashing onto my clawed fingertips

and i see nothing but my own mistakes reflected in your wide, unblinking eyes--
i forgot how beautiful my terrible form looked when i see it in the whites of someone’s eyes--
and what a shame i forgot for so long!

you never learned a thing,
did you?

you smell of **** and stink of many men’s claim on you
you have no regard for your own wellbeing
letting yourself get caught so painfully easily by any man holding lures of lustful pretty words

you give your heart to any man who promises to make you beg for more but
do you know how easy it would be to get you to beg
with a knife held to your throat?

if you want to die,
it will not be at my hands;
those  are to be soiled by my own sins and
not those of a



r a b b i t.

you are unworthy of being my prey
Have we forgotten how to dream? To see the world through ourselves? The place we used to be is now lost. When we were children we knew where that was.
Before we knew the world, we only knew ourselves; then we became aware of the world. The dream became the reality, and the reality became the dream.

This dream has to be real, because it is all I've ever known.
It is hard to let go and fall right in, and go to places I've never been.

At night when we close my eyes, I dream of the place that we used to be.
When I sleep I remember who I am, but when I awaken I forget again.

The rabbit will take us there. Let's all go and chase the rabbit.
The hole only gets larger.

It is larger than you can imagine. You will never truly grasp the bottom.

The rabbit's leading us down the hole,
How deep down can this rabbit burrow?
We're beginning to see from the in,
We will never see out again.

We are falling down the rabbit hole.
Which way is up?
Which way is down?
We can't see the top,
And we can't find the bottom.
We're looking from the in,
Going to places we've never been.
We're learning to dream again.

Follow the rabbit down the hole,
Into the unknown we go.
What is real? Is it what we believe to be real? Or is there something more real than what we think is real?
She was looking like a carrot,
With a green hat and orange dress.
She was spotted by a rabbit,
Who was hungry for a taste.

He now can see in the dark,
No longer needs to wear glasses.
He goes to tell his friends,
Restoring vision like he is Jesus.
Philomena Jul 17
A baby rabbit fur grey as the sky lies dead
Her eyes stare blankly upward
Watching god
Her body lifeless
Her family gone
She is cold and helpless in my hands
And I cannot help but think
She has gone too soon
As many before her
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