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3d · 28
"All the stuff in our veins is the same." Guy Garvey.

Some stuff is the same.

First school,

First pet,

First bicycle,

First kiss,

Some stuff is only yours and makes you.
Listening to Elbows new album on the way to work.  Guy Garvey is a poet.
4d · 116
I'm neither - not either!

"Not left, not right
Not black, not white

"Not red, not blue
Not the many, nor the few

"No, neither you
nor any other political tribe
will bribe my alliegence.
No one can expect
my adherence or compliant silence!

"I've no tribe but kin
and my kin can come in any skin
and will come and go again
this close to the rim.

"So, no -
I'll not promise to sing
from only one sheet of hymns.
I'll not sign up to this week's
with-the-tide swim.

"You can't assign me
based on a tick-box whim.
I'm no man's synonym.
I'm no easy pseudonym.

"My vote has never been
and never will be
ANYBODY'S easy win."

She stood at the door poised with her pen.
'Okaay... Is that an 'Undecided' then?'
Theres a lot of strong feelings out there.
Oct 5 · 54
Steve Page Oct 5
on saturday morning we grace around recycled rustic tables, lowering our heads over gluten free brown toast topped with gently scrambled free range eggs, adding soya milk to decaffeinated, ethically sourced coffee, self contained in guilt free reusable cups -

and still we fret.
Saturday scene in West London
Oct 5 · 42
A gentleman
Steve Page Oct 5
Reputation - what they think they see
Character - what you prove to be

Image - what is seen from afar
Substance - what you truely are

The difference is what makes a man
a sure and steadfast gentleman
Built from a line from a movie
Oct 4 · 68
Steve Page Oct 4
What's up, Xavi?
What do you see?
Where're you going
when you're running past me?

Why're you so happy?
Why the big grin?
Why don't you care
when your brothers crash in?

What's it you're seeing
when you're flat on your back?
Why're you relaxed
when your head gets a crack?

It's cos that deep down
you know that you're loved
by billy goat brothers
who love with a shove!
Xavi is 2.  He has three big brothers...
Oct 4 · 104
Open window
Steve Page Oct 4
She opened the window above his bed
(How else will his spirit rise?)
I could have said
that his is a spirit that defies convention -
domestic or foreign -
his spirit would not wait for our permission.
But instead I smiled
at the February chill and the gas bill
that would have made my dad shudder.
Memories of February 2000.
Sep 28 · 78
I spent my day
Steve Page Sep 28
I spent my day breathing life into my memories.

I often walk or sit with them.
I give them the attention they ask for
to maintain their roots.

I administer the moisture they desire
to retain their colour
their scent.

I know they aren't what they used to be
but they grow with me
and give me hope for more
more beauty
more life
and more to live for.

I spent my day with my memories.
Time with memories is fruitful.
Sep 28 · 168
Steve Page Sep 28
Extract maximum energy from every day
Turn you face towards the light
Turn away from the shadows
and at dusk
ready for your dawning.
Learn from nature
Sep 28 · 101
Noble Ivy
Steve Page Sep 28
Whether Noble by name or noble by nature
this man is for you no matter the weather.

Whether noble in thought or noble in deed
I need to be vocal that this man's in need

of a woman who sees what's hidden in me
that I need a woman who truly believes

that together we're whole that separate were less
that together our God our family will bless.

I'm thankful my God was gracious to grant me
a woman as noble as my lovely Ivy.
Commissioned by my mate Noble for his wife Ivy.  See, it makes more sense now.
Sep 25 · 63
Steve Page Sep 25
Not horrible, but incredible, not nasty, but dynastic - some fantastic stories (I'm talking histories) - that pre-existed our weary scurries across this all-the-worlds-a-stage, so pay attention to this sometimes sage narrator and you'll be glad you did later on when you find that the story's on repeat and despite calls to the contrary lessons are rarely learnt and once burnt doesn't lead to twice shying away from the danger of descending down frequently encountered pitfalls, so pay attention and you may hear a history that lends itself to self discovery and avoidance of common snares and having to ask - "haven't we passed this way before?"
Will we ever learn.
Sep 25 · 77
Anthem of the Thames
Steve Page Sep 25
This is my lament for London and its young lives lost:

Did you see a tarnished surface
that made you look again
Was it reflected in the lyrics
in the anthem of the Thames

Was the traffic still diverted
Had the Borough lost good men
Were mothers dry from crying
at the anthem of the Thames

Did you see the children drowning
Was the tide too high from rain
Were the barges towed in silence
past the anthem of the Thames

Were the songs drowned out by shouting
Did the words turn boys insane
Did the drum beats beat past midnight
to the anthem of the Thames

Was it echoed through the arches
Did the shadows hide the stains
Did the wounded walk til morning
through the anthem of the Thames

Will you still be here at day break
Do you claim this grey domain
Will you pray for restoration
of the anthem of the Thames
Yes, a repeat from last year.  More reports of men killed with knives.
Sep 24 · 52
Steve Page Sep 24
Do you get me?

No shame, you know.
Just small self doubt
a violent chin
and contention for identity
for happiness
for unafraid space
with a smile and Stanley.

Do you get me?
Knives in the hands of those who don't know what a Gillette is for - it's a sad thing.
Sep 19 · 243
Steve Page Sep 19
He had a well stocked mind,
but with little stock taking
and with little order,
and so with little hope of finding
just a little rationale
for what sounded a little like tripe.
Sometimes I despair of our political leaders
Sep 18 · 236
The smell of you
Steve Page Sep 18
I sit with you, mutually leaning comfortably as we tremble on the sofa with Adam ******* filling our evening with laughter and I breath in your aroma - that bouquet of shampoo that you prefer to all the other scents offered in the ad breaks.

I'm no good at remembering brands or labels and your bottle of choice doesn't appear on the screen anymore in any case, but I know the smell of you fresh from the shower,

and you fill my head with happiness.
Saw a shampoo advert and thought of this.
Sep 17 · 54
I dived
Steve Page Sep 17
I took a breath
and I dived
I pushed down til I saw the dark.
I reached down
dusted off my sea bed
and took hold of my bedrock.

I embraced to my chest
what lie there,
and pushed up,
retrieving, reclaiming,
bringing it to the surface light,

and once scraped free of neglect
it was seen
and noone would again wonder
what lay beneath.

I dived deep.
What choice did I have?
Self discovery
Sep 15 · 200
And when you B.L.E.S.S.
Steve Page Sep 15
And when you BLESS
Be prayerful,
careful to be mindful
that God's presence is vital
if actions are to be blessful.

And when you bless
just stopping and sitting
signals that you're willing
to be hearing
while your tongue stays stilling.

And when you bless
yes feast over several courses,
invest is slower morsels,
be someone who pauses
to hear other people's stories.

And when you bless
and not just in church,
but with imaginative verve
serve all of your neighbours
even those who are homeless.

And when you bless
yes dare to bare
a little of your story,
more of the messy history
that brought you here.

And, less you think
that you might have impressed,
be mindful that
we all put on our pants
one leg at a time
when we're each getting dressed, yes
we all equally need
God's ever forgiving kiss
so with no eye on who's looking
- just BLESS.
Notes from a Sunday sermon.   Love a good acronym
Sep 14 · 96
Steve Page Sep 14
In this less than
a few rungs below
my idea of a perfect year,

in this off-cut cast-off
and near redundant cluster
of never quite within my grasps,

in this now,
but not yet of a year

I found a light
high in your smile,
a familiar chime
deep in your laugh,
a welcome rest
on the cusp
of our brief touch

and I found hope.
We all need hope
Sep 7 · 183
Contour Queen
Steve Page Sep 7
Before you take up your blade, Sharon
who do you see?
Will you be cutting to heal
or incising to free
some carefully hidden,
some up-til-now unbidden me?

When you take up your blade
and test the fresh edge
do you have an image of a me
fixed in your head?
Can you see in your mind
a kinda-me roughly out sketched?

When you make your first cut
do you have a clear vision
of what I'll reveal
have you made your decision
as you press down and carefully cleave
with loving conceiving precision?

When you lay your blade down
do you see I've appeared?
Do you know I'm complete
when the excess is cleared?
Or when you sleep do you wonder
whether there's a less of a me
maybe a more of a me
silently waiting here?
You need to see Sharon Walter's art to fully understand this.  She cuts away at images to reveal something new.  Quite remarkable.
Sep 7 · 182
Steve Page Sep 7
Can there be intimacy without proximity?
Empathy without vicinity ?

Can we live without touch,
keeping brothers out peripherally?

No, that path only leads deceivingly
further into living life more miserably

So rather than espousing self-sufficiency
let's discuss band of brotherly

A brother unity that unconditionally
maintains a mature masculinity

A unity revealing a core fragility,
yes - a humility that risks indignity

I'm talking about an increasing capacity
a growling capability
for actual manual connectivity

I'm calling for a comprehensive solidarity
that embraces fierce timidity

You see I stand against living artificially
I'm all for living purposely

Yes, I'm here loudly
Against anyone
The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Join the campaign to take a stand against male suicide and get the tools you need for action.
Sep 5 · 95
If she says it is
Steve Page Sep 5
If she says it is
then it is
and don't try to tell her
any different
cos that would be your lie
against her truth
and we've all seen
where that boot leads
- art reduced down
to out of 5 stars reviews
and the boo's of the many
smothering the true of the few
and that dilutes truth
for us all, including you.
So, if she says it is
then it is
and true.
Art is in the eye of the holder of the pen, not in the eye of the beholder.
Sep 3 · 189
Dive Deep
Steve Page Sep 3
Dive deep.
And push down
til you reach the dark.
Dust off the sea bed
and take hold of your bedrock.

If you don't
you'll sink anyway,
but without a tether
and without a way back.

So take a breath.
Dive deep.
And once you've got hold of
what lies there,
bring it to the surface,
scrape it off,
so it can be seen
and noone need wonder
what's down there.

Dive deep.
What choice do you have?
Self examination is followed by self acknowledgment.
Sep 2 · 112
Steve Page Sep 2
I don't think she'll hear you.
- I'll give it a try.
I don't think she's listening.
- I'll try it again.

I don't think she's worried
about the high tide
and I don't think she cares
about the late time.
She'll return when she's ready,
let her drift while she can.
Just give mum this moment
of peace on the Seine.
Have a look at this painting and read this again.
Sep 2 · 181
When fighting monsters
Steve Page Sep 2
When fighting monsters
- watch yourself
less you become monstrous.

When fighting monsters
- watch yourself
and arm yourself with truth.

When fighting monsters
- watch yourself
and shield your deep innocence.

When fighting monsters
(and you must fight your monsters no matter the depth of the abyss)
- watch yourself
and let your whole self stand.
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche
Aug 31 · 225
A Pause and a Peace
Steve Page Aug 31
A pause
A choice of disconnection
An examination of options
An opportunity to change direction

An opening
An invitation for interruption
A deliberate contemplation
A much needed punctuation

A calming
A stilling
A waiting
A hearing

A surrender
A release
A long deep breath
And unexpected peace
Proverbs 8:34
34 Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.
Luke 10:39
39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.
Philippians 4:7-8
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.... whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Aug 31 · 129
Fighting Fantasy
Steve Page Aug 31
I've seen redundant heroes
Inked and fully formed
They're faded from a lack of use
Like blunted dusty swords

I've seen redundant heroes
With no questing quite begun
Unknowingly replaced by you
The hero player-one.
Thanks to Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson, creators of Fighting Fantasy books in which YOU become the hero.
Aug 29 · 308
Not waving, but drying
Steve Page Aug 29
Not waving, but drying.
Not surrender, but hope.
Not a reckless abandon
to the uncaring elements,
but a careful reading of the gusts,
of the distant clouds,
of any sign of coming gales.

Not waving, but drying
by a canny application
of my mother's oversized,
double applied,
long-legged, wooden pegs.

Not waving, but drying
by lunchtime.
Inspired by Dot Walker Art
The Optimist.
Aug 28 · 83
(Scarred tree)
Steve Page Aug 28
My familiar haematoma
was happy dying,
thinking itself resilient
and settled into the can't
of lasting scaring.

And then the green came
and grew through the wounding,
imprinting its healing,
its green growing with hope
of growth, causing my pulsing
to phase into trusting
for perhaps
a whole new colourful beginning.
From a writing exercise in Stratford Park.
Aug 23 · 111
Where is your Orkney?
Steve Page Aug 23
Where have you found your Orkney?
Where do you find you're centered?
Where would you say your true self is?
Where can you best be remembered?

Is it in a familiar voice?
Is it in a sound?
Is it in a childhood smell
or is it more place-bound?

Is it when you're free to dance
or when you get up to sing?
When you pick up a favourite pen
and your mind has taken wing?

Is it as you walk or stroll
or in the pace of a run?
Is it when you find your chill
or when you're having fun?

Is it when you're home alone
or when you're there with others?
Is it found when standing solo
or within greater numbers?

Where is your Orkney?
Where are you centred?
Wherever it is you're true self is -
go there and remember.
The title is from a radio conversation about mental health and the place art has in preserving it.
Aug 22 · 255
Three Requisites
Steve Page Aug 22
A pen,
a notebook
and idleness

- the three requisites for the manufacture of poetry.
John Cooper Clarke, poet, on Desert Island Discs.
Aug 22 · 77
What Matters
Steve Page Aug 22
The journey,
The torque,
The chase,
The lap-time,
The playlist,
The company,
The view,
The joy,
The purpose,

not the destination,

- with thanks to T S Elliott
Okay.  I know.  The destination helps too.
Aug 22 · 51
The Shortest Way
Steve Page Aug 22
Poetry is the shortest way of conveying something really big -
Quote from John Cooper Clarke, poet, on Desert Island Discs.
Aug 20 · 356
Looking Eastward
Steve Page Aug 20
you could call me Larry
you might call me Shaun
but I will look Eastward
and wait for the dawn

you may think me seasoned
you could call me spring
but I'm looking Eastward
while the morning birds sing

you could call me silly
you might think me dumb
but when I look Eastward
I greet the dawn sun
Each September comes BEAT Borough of Ealing Art Trail - Art shown in artists homes. And each August poets are invited to write an accompanying poem to a piece of art. This is one of my BEAT poems.
Aug 20 · 627
Silent Conversation
Steve Page Aug 20
We each sit in silence,
punctuated by the scrape of canvas,
and while it takes a while for me to hear you,
to taste the essence of you,
- slowly your aroma filters through
your curves,
your creases
and I cease to see your flesh and instead
I see the palette of you,
embedded in the greying of you,
waiting for this, this view,
this interpretation of you,
while you sit in your steady state
of quiet undress
Each September comes BEAT Borough of Ealing Art Trail - Art shown in artists homes. And each August poets are invited to write an accompanying poem to a piece of art. This is one of my BEAT poems.
Aug 20 · 194
The orange summer dress
Steve Page Aug 20
All dressed up and waiting for summer,
a summer as strong and as fresh
as this perennial dress.

All made up and ready for life,
a life as bright and as perfumed
as this fragrant woman waiting to bloom.

'Wake me when summer comes.
'Stir me when the sweet zest rises and the sun can kiss me as with the dawn.'
Each September comes BEAT Borough of Ealing Art Trail - Art shown in artists homes. And each August poets are invited to write an accompanying poem to a piece of art. This is one of my BEAT poems.
Aug 20 · 99
Lightening Skies
Steve Page Aug 20
All heaven screams its electric hues
The sun explodes in chroma anger
The clouds reach wide to embrace the view
And the sea gives up reflected grandeur

My eyelids filter this grace of lights
My tears rejoice at sunlight's candour
My breath gives up its futile fight
And my face absorbs this heaven's splendour
Each September comes BEAT Borough of Ealing Art Trail - Art shown in artists homes. And each August poets are invited to write an accompanying poem to a piece of art. This is one of my BEAT poems.
Steve Page Aug 20
If this wall could talk
If those eyes could see
If those tears could fall
would they fall for me?

If this face could smile
If those lips could part
If those cheeks could blush
would they claim my heart?
Each September comes BEAT Borough of Ealing Art Trail - Art shown in artists homes.  And each August poets are invited to write an accompanying poem to a piece of art.  This is one of my BEAT poems.
Aug 16 · 60
Acceptance Speech
Steve Page Aug 16
there's said to be some merit in me
and there's something to be said about mine
but please never let it be taught
and please never have it headlined
that I've ever done any of this
but with measured and deliberate thought
or time consuming and considered design
none of this comes easy
little of this goes smooth
we all think ourselves imposters
but some have pushed through
so whatever doubts you're having
however steep the climb
take the chances you're offered
and give yourself some time.
Aug 11 · 94
Steve Page Aug 11
I will love you
until the moment I die away
until my last words pass
until my last chord fades

I will be true to you
until the next track plays
until the playlist moves on
and we become forgone
unless you choose 'repeat' to replay
Some songs linger. Some are more easily forgotten.
Aug 7 · 93
Ask Listen Speak
Steve Page Aug 7
Ask now about the former days,
ask before praying
before this pause

Listen now about the former days,
listen before rising
before this story

Speak now about the former days,
speak before forgetting
before this memory
Prompted by this quote from Deuteronomy 4 verse 32.
Place value on what has gone before.
"Ask now about the former days,
long before your time,
from the day God created human beings on the earth;
ask from one end of the heavens to the other.
Has anything so great as this ever happened,
or has anything like it ever been heard of?"
Aug 2 · 239
Laughing Lois
Steve Page Aug 2
I serve with a woman called Lois;
having her here is a bonus;
you know she is near
whenever you hear
laughter, loud and in chorus.
#ND19 Serving with friends
Steve Page Aug 2
'Of biblical proportions',
a once in a generation
full flood and lasting devastation.

'Of biblical proportions',
an inheritance double portion
from love given in the first person.

'Of biblical proportions',
a full to the brim immersion
after a throwing off of caution.

'Of biblical proportions',
a holyspirit-father-and-son
embrace of all that you have done.

Of biblical proportions
sweeping-up-anything- head-on.
Come Holy Spirit, come.

[We have a biblical proportions kind of God.]
News of floods in northern england
Aug 2 · 227
Clean Hannah
Steve Page Aug 2
Hannah has her cleaning boots,
they're really rather fine.
They match her rubber cleaning gloves
and her yellow cleaning sign.
Serving with friends like Hannah has it's own rewards. #ND19
Aug 2 · 124
Story Time
Steve Page Aug 2
We're all writing stories -
some in ink, some in blood,
some are less well read,
some become well-thumbed.

We're all writing stories -
some for laughs, some in tears,
some soaring sagas,
some stuck in first gear.

We're all writing stories -
some in first person, some in third,
whatever your perspective
take care with each word.
Spending a week at a youth camp.  So many stories getting started. #ND19
Aug 2 · 409
All Made Up
Steve Page Aug 2
Perch up here on this stool so we can judge you, analyse and season you and so help redefine you. Let us make-up for the blemished you, whatever the damaged you and so apply a brand new layer to you.

We can enhance you with a new shade of you, we can sponge, brush and fill-in you, conceal the less-than-perfect you. We can blush you, highlight and contour you, fade you and blend you right into the crowd of our just-like-yous. We can make-up for the real you and ensure noone ever gets a clue as to the essence of the beauty of the true you.

Just perch here and let us re-make you.
Make up can be fun and enhancing.  But sometimes it's a means of hiding. #ND19
Jul 31 · 352
Believe in more
Steve Page Jul 31
Believe in more than
you can imagine
Believe in more than
you ask to happen
Believe in more than
what you have seen
Believe in more than
what you have been
Believe in more than
your faded label
Believe in more cos
your God is able.

Immeasurably more than
all we ask
Immeasurably more than
all we imagine
Immeasurably more than
what we deserve
Immeasurably more than
mere human passions

Immeasurably wider
Immeasurably longer
Immeasurably higher
Immeasurably deeper
Immeasurably more
full to the brim
Immeasurable love
to the fulness of Him
Ephesians 3:20-21
20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,
21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
Jul 30 · 507
Martha-ing and Mary-ing
Steve Page Jul 30
Each day I pray for an ear that will hear
above all the noise clearly His voice.
For while sometimes it's best to be serving with zest,
sometimes it's better to sit for a breather
and wait in his presence and enjoy this true essence
of sitting and being before going and doing.
So while sometimes I'll Martha I know that I'd rather
spend time being Mary, in less of a hurry,
for there at his feet I'll be more complete
and hear his clear voice above all the noise.
Serving at New Day 2019.
Luke 10. 41 & 42
41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things,
42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”
Jul 30 · 186
Joseph the Dreamer
Steve Page Jul 30
Joseph is a bit of a dreamer,
you might say a wayward thinker,
but that's not the lot
of all that's he's got: -
He's the son of the great Creator.

So dreams wake up as passions,
passions bear fruit in actions
and soon you see
what only he dreamed:
God-made-man creations.
Bumped into / hugged Joseph Landreth-Smith at New Day 2019.  An offspring of the great Creator.
Jul 28 · 244
Steve Page Jul 28
I met a bold painter
With no brush to his name
He held up his stylus
And happily explained
It's all about screen time
It's what you install
It's the choice of the subject
And this one is bald.
Prompted by an on screen watercolour app and a surprise portrait from a new acquaintance at New Day 2019.
Steve Page Jul 23
The Statesman and the Showman
were nervous, but unbowed.
The Statesman spoke of pride
while the Showman played the crowd.

The Statesman and the Showman:
'a can-do revolution,'
but the Statesman was a feint,
the Showman a distraction.

The Statesman and the Showman
both soon ran out of steam.
The Statesman was a fraud,
the Showman a bad dream.
23 July 2019.  And then there was Boris.
Jul 23 · 221
Steve Page Jul 23
The now and the not yet
looked on
while the now and the no more
looked back -

both hesitant
both tearful
both hopeful for peace
even without reconciliation
while both conscious of the tension
between all that was
and all that is
and all that will be

- and they parted
in hope
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