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Her hands trembled as she reached for what
lie in front of her,
a sight she hadn’t grown fond of.

A face,
nearly scarred from the time it
laid in the hands of another.

Poorly treated once before,
unfortunately all to familiar with the rough touch of a lover.

One who is supposed to guard
and protect you,
is soon the one to turn
and beat you to the ground.

A fear she had kept hidden inside,
not wanting anyone to know the truth
behind her brown eyes.
Glazed over
and protected by a thick black line,
to make her feel pretty.
Even though with one swift move,
he made her feel like the ugliest
person to breathe in the oxygen
that he share.

And soon she knew,
that in her hands lie a mirror

and the face she seeks,

was her very own;
staring back at her.
we all have secrets, let me share one.
NoctOwl Jul 13
I forgive you
All who abandoned me
Left me alone
Forsaken me

I forgive you
Those who accused me
Made rumors
Slandered me

I forgive you
All who betrayed me
Left me hanging
Rejected me

And at last!
I forgive
the hardest one
I forgive you, myself
Born to world of abuse not the best start In life people
who abuse either they are unaware what pain they cause victims
or maybe they just don't
care some people say It's illness they have I
******* they evil plain and a simple as for
myself I
grew up with no confidence unable form any kind of relationships all my days of youth
through abuse at the hands of my own mother I'll admit when she passed away there was no forgiveness
In me for her only sense of relief It was
Lexi Harwick Feb 2
Through all of it, I never thought
That you'd do that to me.
It hurts that I gave you faith and love--
Things you could never receive.

I know you had good intentions
At the very start.
You wanted me in your life
And a place in my heart.

Although now you're gone,
There's still a place for you in mine.
The only thing to fill the hole
In my heart will be time.

I hope that you're happy,
Even if it hurts that you've moved on.
I just want the best for you
Even if you're gone.
Desire Dec 2018
Your sins
- forgiven
Christ is
XXII. Risen King
Six-word poetry challenge for the seasons.
Adam Nov 2018
Two hearts unite
Love shines bright
Darkness overcome
Two become one  
His love will reign
Forever the same  
A heart once empty
Now filled with light
The Spirit has come
Through the sacrificed Son
All sins forgiven
The battles been won
Amya Sep 2018
This day foward and forever more
I will mount this mask
That will be my lore
No more reaching out when i am weak
When you look for answers
When you say your prayers
All you will see is the mask,no more pain
Aaliyah Houvener Aug 2018
I don't know where you stand with God, maybe you haven't spoke to him since the last time we brought you to church. or maybe you pray everyday to him but whatever the case is He loves you and he has forgiven you for everything, and we still love you and i forgave you for your mistakes will you forgive me for mine?
James Lloyd Jul 2018
I hasted when I ran to you
I realized the things I've done and flew

So, I hasted to wash my face
My face the old and missing grace

You hasted to comfort me
Your heart warming love to me

I've played it back again your song
Your words in my head they're a sweet mellow song
when I did sins he forgive me
and His words healed my heart
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