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Wary Oct 2020
After his exit from my heart and my life
No contact no text nothing from his side
Suddenly met him after so long
My heart skipped a beat when I hugged him a long
My hands trembled when I held his hand and looked into his eyes
I got frozen when I looked him just tears rolled down from my moist eyes
Heart asked; so what did you come back with
I replied; his fragrance in me
#his fragrance in me always remember me of him
Crystal Fang Sep 2020
I want to be forgiven;
I don't even know for what
and I don't really care
by who
I just want to be
Mary-Joy Aug 2020
I know I've sinned,
But I know he forgives me,
I know I've let down,
But I know he will lead me,
I know I've been blinded by my own desires,
But I know he knows what those desires are and is at work in my heart,
I know I've been tempted,
But he led me away from temptation back towards trust,
I know I have not forgiven those who harmed me,
But today is a new day so I can forgive, and try again to do better under the sunlight of his brand new day.
Akintola kunle May 2020
Where are the saints in white?
    Failing their master judging profane
       Pious is not requisite to honeyland
Sin guarantee no hell all are sinners
Masquerading falsehood a real sin
Greasing your imperfection a greater sin
  Sinners are forgiven, good are
Some one has to habituate hell who are they?
Real question
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
You are the thing that still gives me hope
Reincarnation of an angel sent to help me cope
Don't know what I did to deserve your love
If this place is not heaven I don't wanna fly above

This dream better than anything known before
Breathing as warmth spreads throughout core
So happy to share same air as your skin
Surroundings are hazy as head starts to spin

Transparent emotions force to bare all
Hear the words you say chisel away at my wall
Across the room move and feel an invisible nudge
Going to assume when reversed you also budge

Take my hands and let electricity flow
Only you alone will ever really know
How ****** and flawed I truly am
Sincerely not giving a ****

Despite hurting you a plethora of times
Forgiven me for the array of past crimes
When we fall asleep holding each other tight
Look to the future knowing it will be alright
You truly are my guardian angel
Sadie Grace Apr 2020
I wake up to sweet, beautiful rain
I stick my head out the door and feel the coolness drip over my face
I stick my hands out and long for them to be washed by this water from heaven
Wash over me, rain
Wash over me, water
Wash me clean
I hear the voice of the Living Water
I have already made you clean
You are forgiven
Greg Muller Feb 2020
turn the keys "we will see you tomorrow!"

control the road.
a familiar route.
the same way home as before

meditative in his silence the car tires skid.
authorities would say the rain froze the overpass road

bam, mercy please come for me
into his mind
a goddess was pleased to meet.
whispering hands silver light
had no shadow

traveling without walking
through a doorway made of nothing

to a land attached to creating
re-claiming friends,
playing and laughing once more.
Liz Jan 2020
Despite me
I am loved
Despite me
I am forgiven

Despite me
Jesus came from above
Despite me
Eternal life was given

Despite me
I was shown real love
Despite me
My whole life, I'll give him
Elsie Plum Jan 2020
He’s obsessed with his need for my comfort
and there is nothing I can do to keep him from the vile hatred that comes with falling out of love with me. He’s obsessed and I knew this would happen. He needs a mother and I can’t continue to carry the burden a mother has for her broken child. Am I responsible for the ways he’ll wreck himself when I go on with my life. will he seek help the way he promised every night we lay alone kissing tears off of eachother and making it hot in the sheets. Will he blame my every choice or will he just blame himself. Will he still think of me and drown it in pills every night that he hopes the bitter taste of it will wash mine away from his tongue. He forced himself to need me most when I told him I was going away. He’s doing this to himself so that I just go along with it. I’m never going back and this is where I make that bond. I’m sorry Sam I’ve seen my future in the distance and it’s calling me over to move forward with my life and I’ve been told in my dreams that I need to let go.
the melody is in my head and I can’t read this poem any other way 10:35 am
Her hands trembled as she reached for what
lie in front of her,
a sight she hadn’t grown fond of.

A face,
nearly scarred from the time it
laid in the hands of another.

Poorly treated once before,
unfortunately all to familiar with the rough touch of a lover.

One who is supposed to guard
and protect you,
is soon the one to turn
and beat you to the ground.

A fear she had kept hidden inside,
not wanting anyone to know the truth
behind her brown eyes.
Glazed over
and protected by a thick black line,
to make her feel pretty.
Even though with one swift move,
he made her feel like the ugliest
person to breathe in the oxygen
that he share.

And soon she knew,
that in her hands lie a mirror

and the face she seeks,

was her very own;
staring back at her.
we all have secrets, let me share one.
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