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Jenish Jan 13
Go, go my dear butterfly
On to the garden of flowers you go
Don’t ever funk to flutter in wind
‘ll be watching your funny leaps.

So gracious from flower to flower
Gliding and swimming through the air
Rather than flapping your little wings
As an artist you turn and twist.

Coming and going with ease and will
In my garden you dance at thrill
On the flowers you sit as still
Until get full with honey that fill.

Surfeit zest you bring my mind
Buried in your flight I forgot mine
Unto the sky and heaven I soar
To the gracious God, my soul‘ll fly.

Teach me dear this art of flying
Else I lay buried under soil
Raise me with your tiny drifts
From hell to heaven I flit at will.

Like loving God’s Gracious Butterfly
Yonder sky, my dear soul, I will fly!
Mark Toney Oct 2019
kind poetry friend
your gracious uplifting words-
never a bother
7/5/2018 - Poetry form: Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
MayC Jun 2019
it may sound crazy, but
do you know how many
species of ducks are there ?
beautiful, gracious, colorful
well, of course not.
because you'd rather
spend your time
crying over another copy
of a swan.

-May Colde
try to find the beauty in the unique.
Nadine Mar 2019
Thank you God for blessings
And your loving tender care
For everything you give me
And your love with me you share

Thank you for the hardship
And the suffering I endure
The trials and tribulation
You'll pull me through for sure

No matter what tomorrow holds
Good or bad or sad
I know that you will be there
Like a true and loving dad

Through my fears and darkest times
Through suffering and through pain
You wipe away my every tear
You take away my shame

My tears before where very tough
With many ups and downs
But at my weakest moments
You took away my frown

You always walked beside me
No matter where I went
And when I wondered and got lost
Your Holy Spirit you sent

Your love for me is endless
With good plans for me I'm sure
You have it all worked out my Lord
It's love it's kind its pure

I am so very weak you know
And you so very strong
And yet you take the time and care
To forgive me for my wrong

You polish me and neaten me
And cleanse me from within
You make me bright and shiny
And wash me from my sin

I could never find a friend like you
Someone so dear and loving
That to the cross did go for me
And freed me from my sinning

I love you Lord and Saviour
My father and my friend
My Gracious God Almighty
My king until the end
cozykaye Feb 2019
I find myself
On a path of white
The snow beneath
Pure and light
The wind is harsh
Yet, I not cold
As the Sun shines bright
And in His warmth
I find comfort.
Adam Nov 2018
I’m thankful that my sin is weightless
Carried by a Father
who’s been nothing but gracious
I’ve tried to out run Him
And He kept up
Pouring His Love
In this broken cup
I’ve tried it all
I’ve danced with the devil
At the sinners ball
I let him ride
And he took the wheel
But My God was stronger
All it took was to kneel
I gave Him my life
He took my strife
Ive been given new life
The Son sacrificed
For all of my sins
Now made weightless
By a Father who’s been
nothing but gracious
stopdoopy Aug 2018
Sweet lips and kind eyes
I'd sing you all the praises a man can
My Overworked Angel

touch soft and gentle
you radiant being
a feather against my body

warm and gracious is she
perfumed voice
enough to make me bloom
Written because of Cait-Cait's poem,  "I wasn't made for love".

I'm really gay and had to make an unofficial companion piece that doesn't fit it as well as I would've liked, okay bye.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Leaves gliding gracious
Ecstasy to ride the wind
Chasing another
Lots of leaves flying around the roads
K Balachandran Apr 2018
corner shop, still lit,
dark night graciously accept
It’s significance!
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