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Kitty Oct 2020
free course
change your life
look prettier
make everyone like you
Start saying YES
it's really that simple
just follow this ONE STEP
let me hear you say it
be careful bossy
don't tell them what you really think
yes thats right
you agree with me
end of course
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
I just wanna die in your arms,

I hope that you took the CPR course
to save me!
light veils of mist hung
o'er the river's snaking course
on day break dawning
Capriccio Jun 2020
So scared
With unfounded fears
Filling me
I don't want to **** myself
So win back myself
My future for my greed
Focus full force
I need all 18 holes
On this golf course
I name it, a little prayer deep in my heart.
I call it forth, what is coming, is coming on foot.
Whether it takes days or years,
I have set my course; the intent is strong.
There is no wavering here;
the sails are already high
–and the wind is too wise.
Quinn Adaire Mar 2020
Do you know
What happens
When two stars
They either
Turn into
A gargantuan
Mother star
Or a black hole
******* the life and light
Out of all that dares
To exist.

Do you know
What happens
When two people collide?
They either
Turn into a wonderful
Sun that gives life
To all that dares
To exist
Or it flushes
Away the light
Of both people
And reduces both
To heartbreak.
happycoollove Nov 2019
beyond the judge
beyond all concepts
beyond your war
beyond all mishaps

beyond each label
beyond the critique
beyond your fear
beyond all defeat

beyond your good
beyond the bad
beyond all happy
beyond the sad

that’s where i’ll be ‘cause
that’s where we’re free
that’s where there’s peace
that’s where words cease

that’s when we’ll see
who we are clearly
for the very first time
a poem inspired by me being a student of a course in miracles
Zywa Sep 2019
Half human, half car

we follow a road, somewhere –

in between two maps.
"Halfgoden" ("Demigods", 2019, Dorien Dijkhuis)

Collection "Shelter"
Bhill Aug 2019
**** it they said, without bowing their head, and forgot to mention they knew.
The story was told, of a trail of gold, that seemed too good to be true.

That trail it seems, was really a dream of the man that guarded the book.
The book was so old that the pages we're told, were faint, and gobbledygook.

What would you do if your trail's taboo, would you continue and go on your way?
Or change up your course, find a new source, and see how it plays out today?

Brian Hill - 2019 -
What would YOU do?
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