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Chad Young Dec 2020
O silver and black knight of the forest,
what goal have you taken up for the castle?
"I seek to slay with my beauty only..."
"Slay those cries and moans from lonely damsels."

"What business does an evil eye have in the land
of purity and repose?"
"I have many good deeds fine guardian."
"Then enter secure, but let no evil in, or you will be cast
"You have no business here until your
wicked deeds are paid for, get out!"

"Hey, that's okay," a fair damsel
allows me to part from my solitude.
Put on the sandy veil of partnership, for the spirit has
reached into the divine female and divine male.
Let those chakras make a transpersonal point,
but sacral business is all I see.
Maidens forever young.

It seems an eunich has breached our display.
But are we allowed back into the land of purity and repose?
It seems the true goal of a babe's heart
at the lap of his mother has entered the lair.

Now is the fair damsel taken to the merciless judge.

Now is a beautiful friend, waiting all this
time, to exchange a breeze
of heartfelt love.
****** purity is sought after, yet
there is no place to hide a ****.

Light no longer is transferred from the 8th dimension.
The male/female chakras above the crown open up again
for sacral play.
The sattvic essence remains,
and I am held dearly at this party.

The children outlast me during the night.

I enter through a circular gate of pastel crystal petals
into a deck of superstrength beings
of all colors.
A female face is grafted to mine.
She puts on silver and black armor
and the walls are crimson.
Meditation in front of a mirror and inside my pyramid made of clothes hangers.
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
I will ever wait for you by the gate...
Just to see you returning home to my arms...

And even if the ravages of time... Leaves the gate creaky and rusted...

My love for you will ever remain untouched, unrusted-
Covered in a thousand layers of paint!
Just random!
Thank you for reading! ❣
Maria Mitea Aug 2020
I slept and dreamed that life is joy.
I awake and saw that life is service.

I acted and behold,
service was joy.

who wants to do good knocks at the gate;
who loves finds the gate opened.
From “ Ancient Wisdom “ ...
Star BG Aug 2020
Lions gate
Expand so great
Feel you fate

Feet alate
Move, create      

Conquer hate
Dance gyrate

lift your weight
Peaceful state
Love checkmate

Find soul mate
Take life bait
graceful gait

8/8 l

8/8heart inflate
light spate
forgiveness trait

8/8 meditate
feel first rate
Happy 8/8 all. mIts a powerful gateway to expand the self and align with energies of creation.
Qweyku Jun 2020
Deception sought to beckon in the shadows,
But the wind carried the gentle lips of Wisdom,


“...only fools believe in the trickery of darkness.”

Such a fragile bridge
From dusk to dawn today
Its moorings & way too narrow,
The fingers of the heart
clinging to deceit.

Set the dew of diligence at the gate
Like the flaming sword of Eden!
Forbidding fear ingress, but
Thoroughfare to the Comely Trio;

Righteousness, Peace & Joy!

Permit the Spirit of His Kingdom
Wholly reign within.

© Qwey.ku
Maria Mitea Jun 2020
Everyone in the settlement
It is invited to hurry and take
One thousand visits at the temple,
The time for the invocation arrived.
Take care and not stumble or hesitate on your way,
I know you might have plans, errands,
and occupy yourself with mundane delights.

Everyone in the settlement
It is invited to hurry from gate to gate,
and from heart to heart as we all need light, and can’t afford any longer misfortune.

Hurry and see that
there is no supremacy
in terror, in blood, and in sickness.
In me, and in you, and in everyone,
There is only one source of creation.

Hurry and take Sendo-Mairi
One walking and praying a thousand times,
Thousands walking and praying one time,
Hurry and see how
One can be free in the temples of humankind,
Sendo-Mairi a Japanese ritual of praying in a form of one person walking thousand times at the temple and praying thousand times, or
thousand people walking at the temple and praying one time.
Łëïçkî Jan 2020
Her darkness sunk beneath my skin,
took my eyelids and kissed them.
Told my heart in shaky whispers that it was to black,
time to open up the gates, but I.
Keep the gates closed.
Keep the gates closed.
Keep the gates closed.
instant heart break
Tizzop Dec 2019
are built by

human beings
Repost this poem to spread the word.
Thank you.

God appreciates, accepts and loves ALL human beings.
Tizzop Dec 2019
were opened to

**** human beings:

22 murders in 2019 of Black/Trans Woman:
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2019
This comes to more than what I post
The life I lived and the moments I lost
In bringing the dreams together
All my wishes flew like butterfly
Birds shedding their feather
I leave each hope behind
Now I just live and breathe in unrest
Because I have got no conquest
Now all I do is wait
Wait to see what is stored in my fate
To turn my life around.
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