To know one's limitations, my captain told us, is a lifetime's study.
For just as you think that you have the measure of it the sands shift, your heart moves and you surprise yourself once more.
So keep probing the flesh, keep asking the mind, sound the depths of your reserves.
For it is in that conversation that the answer may be heard and understanding found.
But it will not be found today.
You will not reach the bounds of your limitations on this field.
Today you stand with me.
Today we will push on.
We all have our limitations. Oftentimes we can go beyond them much to our surprise.  And a good leader will inspire you to do just that.
Graciously he turned to me
By grace I saw his face
Graciously he spoke my name
By grace I heard his voice

Graciously he spread his arms
By grace I ran to him
Graciously he took me on
By grace I took his name

By grace he is my God
By grace I shout his name
By grace he is my king
By grace I sing his name

Graciously he holds me close
By grace I hold on tight
Graciously he lifts my head
By grace I lift my voice

Graciously he walks with me
By grace I keep in step
Graciously he strengthens me
By grace I run unchecked

By grace he is my God
By grace I shout his name
By grace he is my king
By grace I sing his name
Romans 5 says it all.
I'm thankful for family
For sisters who love me
I'm thankful for parents
Who took their role seriously

I'm thankful for a home
That was open to friends
I'm thankful for cousins
And family that extends

To uncles and aunts
To grannies and nans
To granddads and grandpas
And in-laws and clans

I know we're not perfect
We've had ups and some downs
But together we flourish
We won't be kept down
On my dad's birthday (1930 - 2000).
Steve Page Aug 5
It's so easy to drift into a slow 'if only' and wander again through a past possibility that didn't blossom into an anticipated actuality leading you away from activities that hold greater profitabilities while smothering you with unhelpful wistfullies and miseries that blind you from embracing future feasibilities and your Father's generosities that will exceed our feeble fantasies.
Ephesians 3:20-21
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."
Steve Page Aug 4
You think me weakened by the sun
You watch me beaten by the rain
You lose sight of me in the mist
And still I rise to bloom again
Watch your garden and take notes.
Steve Page Aug 2
Where are you now?
Well I'm here. Here at the -
I can't see you.
Well I'm looking at it n- Yes.
What do you see?
Okay. Okay.
No, I'll come to you now. Yes. You stay there.
- -
What a ninny!  This is going to be a long day.
Overheard phone conversation
Steve Page Aug 2
Unfallen tears glisten
unsaid words choke
unspent rage fades
at the back of my throat
I stare at the wet windscreen
my phone in my hand
the silence still falling
draining like sand
through fingers that stop grasping
as my eyes close to see
that this is the close
of our long closing scene
Movie scene close to real life.
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