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is when the only place
to hide
is inside yourself.
written whilst worrying about all the victims of abuse trapped in isolation with an abuser :(
 Apr 26 Steve Page
I talk to my cats,
to the shadows on the wall,

I talk to myself,
or I don't talk at all.

I'm swirling in thoughts
that won't stay away.

I spend far too much time
wasted this way.

Stuck somewhere between
depressed and numb,

My only reprieve,
sitting in the sun.

Moments while the rays
illuminate my skin

I don't feel so trapped,
I dont feel shut in.
For anybody dealing with their mental health demons during this pandemic, please remember you aren't alone. ♡
 Apr 2019 Steve Page
Dawn Bunker
That grimy young man who stands on the street
holding his old cardboard sign
it can't be that bad, he's still on his feet,
I'll betcha he could work just fine.

That worn looking woman who pushes the cart
my God, what a pity to see.
Look long enough and it might break your heart.
That could never, ever, be me.

That sad looking man who begs by the store,
he always makes me feel funny.
I'll give him a little, I refuse to give more,
I work too **** hard for my money.

That shabby young girl who waits for the bus,
not once has she had the whole fare.
She begs, and she's loud, and she makes such a fuss
that I have to pretend I'm not there.

We've all seen the woman, the man and the girl,
and we know there are so many others.
These are the people who share our same world,
these are our sisters and brothers.

Please don't look away, look straight on.
Can't we see that nothing is changing?
With each coming day, each new dawn,
let our hearts do some new rearranging.

Do one little thing, no matter how small,
it's only some time that you're taking.
But we've got to stop doing nothing at all,
there will be no change in the making.
 Mar 2019 Steve Page
Lora Lee
 Mar 2019 Steve Page
Lora Lee
The river in me
Its outflow of pour
drenches the gullies
makes moist
the sand that
graces your toes
I flow into your roots
strengthen your
pump liquid gold
inside your veins
loving your flaws like
you piece me together
adorn my cracks
with powdered metals,
still loving them for
being broken
a longing
I want you dripping
down my chin,
my thighs
when you rush through
me just like that,
the soothing aqua tempest
I have always
wished for
kintsukuroi-(“golden mend”) is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver. As well as a nifty form of repair, kintsukuroi has a deeper philosophical significance. An embracing of the flawed or imperfect. Rebirth.
 Dec 2018 Steve Page
Jesus came to Earth
To show us our true worth.
Written 25 December 2018
 Oct 2018 Steve Page
Maria Etre
I used to look
now I see

I used to crush
now I love

I used to hug
now I embrace

I used to rage
now I engage

I used to jump to conclude
now I skate to it
taking my

I used to fall in
now I rise to
taking you
with me

I used to blush
I still
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