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Oct 2018 · 304
Young Blood Has No Soul
Mr X Oct 2018
Lust or Love?

My youth chose the former.

The heart crumbled,
And the body awakened.

And there it was..

A single cup of coffee at the table,
Reflecting a heap of worn skin and wrinkles.

Nevertheless, sunsets were always beautiful.
Sep 2018 · 422
Mr X Sep 2018
I know your heart aches
When you see us, your lovers,
Wither away into the wind.

The White is your mourning shroud.
Your scars hurt from our footprints.
But it is your duty to shine.

So, shine my brilliance.
And take away the breath
Of the wild sea beneath.

Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Reality....or maybe not.
Mr X Sep 2015
Cross over.
To the world of the minds...

And you'll find,
This universe was made
For you...
...and you alone.

YOU are the story.
YOU are the reason.
...and you alone
Sep 2015 · 924
Live Now
Mr X Sep 2015
Do it now.

Say it.
Feel it.
Express it.

Coz' tomorrow is far too uncertain.
Sep 2015 · 1.8k
The Silent Storm
Mr X Sep 2015
The chaos of the storms,
Thunder and destruction,
Speak of a perfection so balanced,
That we often forget,
Perfection and imperfection
Were forever the same.
Sep 2015 · 724
Mr X Sep 2015
A Chaotic Masterpiece....
That's what we all are at the end of the day.
Jul 2015 · 927
Mr X Jul 2015
Touch the mind
Before you
Aim for the heart
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Mr X Jun 2015
Those who neither choose
To lead nor follow,
Lead themselves to a new path
And follow it eventually.
Jun 2015 · 1.9k
Mr X Jun 2015
I fear the ones who
Possess the power
To bend minds.

I fear them.
Jun 2015 · 830
Mr X Jun 2015
by the brightness
of the only light.

I wish polaroids could
show some use now.


Darkness is so
Jun 2015 · 1.1k
Mr X Jun 2015
are like vessels
Made of sound.
Filled with thoughts.
Jun 2015 · 8.3k
Mr X Jun 2015
God is like the image of
The back of our eyelids.

Its always there
In front of the eyes,

But we cannot see it,
Due to the absence of light.
Bring light into your life and see what happens.
Jun 2015 · 15.6k
Creation of Time
Mr X Jun 2015
Time does not wrinkle us,
As age is the mother of time.

Wrinkles are just the scars
One gets after the birth of time.
...and possibly none is going to understand this!
May 2015 · 6.0k
A Traveller's Smile
Mr X May 2015
He comes from the far away lands
Old and wrinkled,

His eyes,
The only sign of mirth.

Savage in looks,
A gentleman so good.
He still hears the oceans
The average man has never known.

They ask him about the golden deserts, the forests so lush and wild,
They scream with excitement, "Tell us about the deep seas and the winds so agile!"

He rarely listens but hears all of them,
Then what he does is, smile, smile and smile again.
May 2015 · 360
Mr X May 2015
God gives pain
At the time of death
To make us realise the
Last bit of life .
May 2015 · 575
Are they worth it?
Mr X May 2015
There are so many times,
When people just go on hurting you.
On and on and on...
Sometimes forever.

Its makes the blood boil,
The faces red and the neck terribly hot.
Revenge seems like the only cure.
Coz' tears were never an option.

But think about it for a moment.
Is it really worth your time.
Is the person really worth any reaction from you?
Is it tempting to plot revenge and destroy the remaining soul of that person and in the process lose your own?

Go live whatever is remaining of your life.
Don't let them mar it any more.
And whenever all your answers to the questions say 'yes'
Then take some time and calm yourself down.
Relax your mind and think again.
Because it seems that you didn't think properly this time.
May 2015 · 455
Mr X May 2015
I get betrayed a million times
And lose faith in everything that's called love or trust.

But poetry brings me back again
And makes me fall in love as many times as a new leaf takes the place of a dead one.

It makes me trust people again
And makes me realise the beauty of all words that can possibly exist.
I'm born a million times.
May 2015 · 262
Mr X May 2015
Its always the breath of the night
Which steals my breath away...
May 2015 · 808
10000 Words
Mr X May 2015
Loving someone is a confusing task.
Its that point of time when people don't really understand what they are upto.
Maybe its because, when we fall in love, we are not only driven by the modern world instincts,  but also by traits which we've inherited from our earliest ancestors.
Its an amalgam of varying emotions resulting from numerous hormones.
We get involved in the act of love either to enrich out lives or to generate lives...its all logic.
However, the simplest act of expressing or explaining this strange feeling, appears to be a mammoth task for most.
We call it 'love' just like we call God 'God', but its just a verbal pronunciation for things we don't understand, for things which are much greater than just the words...
We say 'I love you' but we mean so much more, even the most beautiful poems cannot possibly explain it properly.
Hundreds of letters written by a lover cannot compensate for the lover in person,
10000 words cannot compensate for a simple gesture or an act of love.
Words are just sounds which transmit thoughts from one mind to the other,
But in order to touch the deepest core of the brain, which is the heart, one must go way beyond the thoughts, way beyond those 10000 words.
And you've already guessed it perhaps...this is definitely not a poem. Just another string of thought.
Apr 2015 · 598
Mr X Apr 2015
Sometimes I fear I'll fear everything but fear itself....
Apr 2015 · 484
I Decide
Mr X Apr 2015
At times we find ourselves
Living that very day
Which decides our path...

I feel my 'that very day' is tomorrow.

I need to know...
Does big decisions really have the power to change lives forever?

If so, then mine will change completely...Tomorrow

I wish I could know...
If only we could remain ourselves
Could our lives direct decisions instead of decisions directing lives?

Some people believe that life is too unpredictable...
But I've been through so much unpredictability
That a predicted life seems unpredictable.

You cannot predict life but that doesn't make it unpredictable
Because these two words are not mentioned in Life's dictionary.

Tomorrow I can become poor
I can become rich
Tomorrow I can become aimless
I can become determined

I can become heartless
Or can gain a wonderful heart
I can become the master
I can become the slave

The only thing that I don't wish to become
Is someone other than myself

It's a decision within a decision
Like a dream within a dream

I decide to remain who I am
Before and after decisions...
For me it's more difficult than many difficult things...
Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in life.

The 'big' decision may alter my path
But that 'small' decision will get me home...hopefully.
Practical application of poem: I couldn't 'predict' that this poem will be completely out of format (it doesn't match any poetry format in the world I think). Generally everything I write, is out of rythm and pattern...but I like it this way because it's straight from the mind (or heart, as most of you'd say)...infact even this is a pattern....a pattern of no patterns...#paradoxes I think I'll write another poem for that sometime soon. Anyways, I hope u like the products of my mind...& also I'd like to say, it's been a great thing to get amazing readers who appreciate and correct me...and it's all because of So thank you and keep comming for more poetry (which doesn't really seem like poetry) thank you again and have a great day!
Apr 2015 · 1.3k
I Fear
Mr X Apr 2015
Sometimes I fear that I'll forget how to hate only because I've forgotten how to love...
Apr 2015 · 1.7k
Mr X Apr 2015
Life is the most beautiful form of the non-living...
I don't expect anyone to understand this but I'll always hope you do.
Mar 2015 · 533
UN↑!tl € D
Mr X Mar 2015
'Humanity' and 'Survival' cannot have their definitions written on the same page of a dictionary.
That fancy title u ask?
I cud'nt thnk of an appropriate title and 'Untitled' looks too bland.
I'll be more than glad if you can suggest some name/title for this.
Mr X Mar 2015
I am because I exist.
I exist because I am.
Sometimes the most difficult questions have the simplest answers.
Mar 2015 · 5.3k
Thank every kind.
Mr X Mar 2015
Thank darkness
Because it shows you light.

Thank sadness
Because it shows you mirth.

Thank sickness
Because it shows you health.

Thank death
Because it shows you life.
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
A World Of Magic
Mr X Mar 2015
This is a world of pure magic.
Nothing more or less than Hogwarts I'd say.

It might sound abstract but
Even the most basic function of life
-Breathing, is a magic which is
Much beyond our understanding.

All of us are magicians
And that too, without a wand.

Or just maybe,
We're magic.
Created by
Another magician.
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Mr X Mar 2015
There's a very fine line between
Weirdness and Greatness...

And often the transition
Is undetectable.
Mar 2015 · 637
Mr X Mar 2015
It creates the dead out of the living
**And this death comes a hundred times.
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
Virtual World
Mr X Mar 2015
We have forgotten how to tell virtual from real...


Makes us 'popular' in our solitude.
Makes us 'bold' in our shyness.
Makes us 'happy' in our sadness.
Makes us 'bond' in our loneliness.
Mar 2015 · 16.2k
Mr X Mar 2015
It'll either bring the world at your feet
Or take away everything you ever possessed.
Feb 2015 · 840
Mr X Feb 2015
There's just so much thrill in going mad,
And then, there's a heap of regret, soon to follow.
I hope I'll not have to regret the title of this poem.
#hopeulikethisli'lmadness ;)
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
To A Star Who Sings
Mr X Feb 2015
Her face isn't the best
But her smile is great.
Her nose isn't that perfect
But her voice is like velvet.

No one tries to find her heart
And so she reveals her heart to papers.

She writes about love
And about all the people she loves.
She writes about all their feelings
And about all their joys and miseries.

And the people she writes about,
Are the ones whom she'll never see or know perhaps.

And still in this brilliant way,
She captures their stories and
Her own heart in her soulful music
And gives it to the world to discover.

And that's why perhaps,
She's called a star.
No one tries to find her heart
Coz' she has already given it to all of us.
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
Mr X Jan 2015
Most beautiful and ugliest.
Most sacred and polluted.
So similar and contrastive.
So creative and destructive.

Filling up lives and emptying it.
Filling up places and abandoning it.


They'll never really know how
beautiful they are.
Jan 2015 · 1.9k
Out of Place
Mr X Jan 2015
Sometimes you may feel out of place,
But that doesn't mean you
should stop exploring.
Become a nomad if your
surroundings don't suit you,
But **don't ever stop travelling.
Jan 2015 · 761
We live in our Minds
Mr X Jan 2015
Our world is a union of millions of thoughts,
And reality constitutes only a negligible part of its beauty.

What our minds perceive is only a phaneron,
And that constitutes only a negligible part of reality.
Jan 2015 · 498
Mr X Jan 2015
The more we come to know,
The lesser knowledge we seem to have.
Jan 2015 · 533
TERROR and Religion
Mr X Jan 2015
Many consider terrorism and religion to be synonymous, consciously or subconsciously...and I don't know exactly why.

But religion and terror were never the same and never will be. Religion is a way of life and an assumed path towards the great soul. Terrorism means cutting people off from that very path and the way of life.

I don't know much about any region coz' Mr. X never had any religion even though 'I' have one. But whatever I've come to know of religions, I've understood that religion is a beautiful experience in itself and every religion is intensely complex and extremely simple. Its a way of life which has its own faults and own benefits. And when you see from a different perspective altogether, like I do now, you'll see that all religions are one, just like every human on this planet. We're all the same and even our religions have so much in common that we often realise, we have just one common goal. To reach the Supreme. To reach what is unknown through this path of life. Thus according to logic, as we have the same goal, we must unite to reach it. But that's not how it works in this world.  Does it?
Maybe its because we have forgotten what Religion is or what we are looking for. We have forgotten God.
And yes, I do use the term 'God' even though I'm an 'all logic' person because even I believe that there's so much unknown out there, that only what is 'unknown' decides every aspect of this Universe. Only 'God' decides and only 'God' humbles us by this extreme expanse of the 'creations'.

The Muslims were never in fault neither were the Christians nor the Hindus. Not even any other religion which ever will be a part of human history can have any fault. It was just a group of people who infused terror in the minds of people from the very beginning and this will keep happening till the very end. Its a way of life you know.

I make this comparison here not because I believe subconsciously that these terms can be compared,  but because I see people mindlessly and heartlessly polluting noble routes which were once mapped by the noblest minds years ago. Yes, with time the routes must change but they'll never falter to lead us to where we want to go.

And amidst all this terror and chaos we just have to keep one thing in mind. Religion and terror were never the same and never will be. Don't revolt against religion or even make harsh comments against it, but revolt against terrorism. Revolt against the terrible brutality caused by a human against another human. Revolt against what YOU feel is wrong from the deepest corners of your heart. It's all up to you now. Do what is right. Revolt in your own way but do it right. Don't think of changing the world. Just change someone's mind.
Not a poem, just a thought. With regard and respect to all regions. Written keeping in mind the Charlie Hedbo disaster and all the brutality that's happened and will hopefully never occur again.
Jan 2015 · 4.6k
Mr X Jan 2015
Being born of kings
Doesn't mean you've got to be a king as well.
You can be much better or much worse.
Whatever seems good to you.

Its your life.
Live by your own wishes
And live it king sized...
Even if not as THE king.


Not everyone wants to be the 'king' as the world defines it.
Sometimes they just want to be a king who can rule their own life.
Dec 2014 · 969
You Are Not Alone
Mr X Dec 2014
You are not alone.

Even if it seems that the world
Is nothing but a living hell,
There'll always be someone to
Walk down the same path as you.

You are not alone.

Even if it seems that love was
Never meant to be trusted
Or friends were never meant to
Remain true to this bond forever.

You are not alone.

Even if your tears flow like rivers
And no one comes to wipe a drop.
Coz' on the other side of the river
We wait. You just need to swim across.

It'll be your own battle for a while.
Swimming across will not be easy.
But it's your share of battle
And you've got to fight.

And then...

You'll never be alone.
Dec 2014 · 884
The Promise of Eternity
Mr X Dec 2014
Its true.*

We live for eternity.
We all live even after death.
Forever and a day* after that.

And when I die
You'll still find me living.
In the trees and in the air.

In the mountains,
And in the waves on moist mud
Driven by the breath of Earth.

And after the world dies,
You'll find me in empty space.
Or perhaps near an asteroid.

And...after the universe dies,
I'll be either in a crammed cosmic egg
Or in a torn and still place.

Its not a promise of immortality
Not even anything about a soul.
(Because I don't know what is a soul
And thus can't express it through words)
But its a promise of eternity
Which shall never be broken.

Because its a promise we have made
To ourselves.
Dec 2014 · 8.2k
Mr X Dec 2014
It so difficult to part from those
Who've given you so much...
But, at times, its the best thing
You can give them.
Its a law of life...separation.
And when we go our separate ways,
I hope you'll be able to console
Yourself by this law, this philosophy.
Just like I've been doing for years
With a stone on my heart.
Mr X Dec 2014
Thank you for being there.
You make this place a lot more beautiful.
Dec 2014 · 765
Mr X Dec 2014
Oh God...
Ya Allah...
Hay Bhagwan...
So many more names to reckon the great soul.
And amidst all these names,
Why is it always, that we keep forgetting whom we call?
Dec 2014 · 659
You want to serve God?
Mr X Dec 2014
Then don't just keep lighting incense sticks...
Infact they are of no use other than giving off fake flowery scents
And polluting a creation of God.

Don't you think its a great irony that in the act of serving God, people litter God's greatest creations?
Dec 2014 · 657
Mr X Dec 2014
Feeling so alone in this crowd....
Dec 2014 · 363
How to find the poet?
Mr X Dec 2014
My words don't find meaning anymore....
I'm lost. A lost poet...or maybe,
The poet in me is lost....
Dec 2014 · 560
Mr X Dec 2014
When the world is envious of you,

Know that you are doing pretty well in what you do...
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
Mr X Nov 2014
I locked myself completely in myself.
And now it seems
I've forgotten the password....
Nov 2014 · 881
Mr X Nov 2014
Pain brings me poetry
And thus, I've learned,

**Not to fear it...
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