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Lurking in the dark
Listening to the song of early lark
Scary vision void of light
Can he **** the vision, he might
Coldness in the rainy breeze
Wish everything could be cleansed with water
Every rainy breeze is first warmer
And these **** spectrum lines of Balmer
With no light to be felt
No tide from the Mediterranean belt
With no stone to pelt
The Raven in his best sits
Watches him turning into oblivion
In a flash
Those demons see and laugh
This smoke is more white but does not make you cough
Holding your brain, squeezing it, removing all the dirt
You will see those pretty pretty girls, you don't need to flirt
This sleep that comes with a gentle blow
In dreams you see falcons glow
Mirrors shine light in room
The mind is about to meet its doom
Welcome the light in the head
Or you will end up dead
Pain in eyes makes you fall asleep
You travel those dark oceans, so deep
Drops of blood from the eyes
Can it colour camelias in thousand dyes
Though solitude is my bliss
But not anymore, I am about to kiss
The posion on her lips
Why worry about death
I know she has been high on crystalmeth
Sleep taking me away forever tonight.
Everlasting dreams, magnificent sight.
Penne Feb 19
Hey Ellis
Finding feliz?
If only we wind back to felicity
Catching the ferries
To ponder the fairies

Hey Ellis
Why bleed in blanc
When you can explode in a multicolored palette
A vignairette, if you say so

No, I am not mistaking you for Eris
Tired of changing clothes each day
Why laugh on the underrated
When you can have overrated
No, you are not underestimated
Only judged

Tried to be special
Did not put any ******
Anything but superficial
But the issue is you are not too creative nor too logical
You were always in the middle
No one meddled

Thought you are an open book
But to truth, you are glazing more bricks on your rook
How many pages did you took
Just to have a brand new look
But you are attached in that nook
No matter what you do

Yet no one cares
About the beauty of your snares
They all turned to nightmares
Just starting from your names
Your perspectives burned into frames

Hey Ellis
Why spill over the rotten
When you can be the forgotten
Forbidden, hidden

No one to speak about the latter
What else matter
In this perverse letter
Such a diverse fretter

No, you were unafraid
To open the doors of the afraid
Inquisition drips over you
Whilst darkness drapes that flu
You were born in blue
But that does not mean it cannot be mildew

Nobody knew the similarity and difference added when the parents are affected
You child existed
Solitude haunted
But you wrested from the rest

Eyes of an eaglet
That do not produce tears
But blood of hodgepodge
Clothed in butterflies
Must learn the fears
In life of a cicadas

Hey Ellis
Never stop the thrilling
Even if it is killing
That is your way of mingling
Enigma is your pool
Even if it is unfair
Hemorrhage sounds cool
Even if everybody looks at you as if you are a fool

Love, Mary
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2018
if I got a poem out of every message I receive...ha!...I do...

quite a bit upon to chew,
but a request from her,
to please ignore her weirdness,
too juicy to pass unnoticed,
because it goes to the heart of the mad matter

'tis that weirdness that I do so cherish,
fully reflected in my own poem-children,
my multiple identities, that the FBI is yet tracking

give me your weirdness, yearning to be free,
so my poems can be inscribed upon a crown

and daughter adopted dear,
that one crown,
thy name,
thy madness upon it etched,
modified to rest
upon thy temples

for Ali
aquis Sep 2018
is it a coincidence
that what he fell in love with
is what she always wished
didn’t exist
Love is wicked and ironic, and it can show you how what you always disliked (even hated) about yourself can be one of the very reasons “he” (or she) is head over heals about you - and you start thinking, maybe what you hated so much isn’t that bad after all:)

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.“ ☀️
Hannah Jane Call Oct 2016
if my life is a constant case of
deja vù
then why am i having so much trouble
**remembering myself
Mark Lecuona Oct 2015
I’m aware of so many things
But it’s my choice to be sure or hesitant
I know I could pierce my ear for Sunday nights only
I wonder if it would make me seem more militant

we can talk at a party
what you don’t know
what I don’t say
it all depends

I decided how I look is only good for a few minutes
Then our minds take over racing past our eyes
The soft sidewalk exists if you let it carry you
Take off your shoes, smile a lot, don’t tell lies

we can talk in a bar
what I don’t know
what you don’t say
it all pretends

I do have so many doubts
But it’s my choice to let them get to me
Sometimes a headache is a relief from life
It forces me to stop thinking about the things I see

we can talk in a park
what I already know
what you already said
it almost ends

I decided how you look is good for a long time
I’m sorry if you need more but its where we start
You look interesting enough, especially your style
I wonder what you’ll be like after I break your heart

we can talk on a phone
what I already said
what you already know
it almost begins
brandon nagley May 2015
      Thy world is a smelting *** of whimsical worldchyme stew,
A goulash that aquire's carrots, beef, potatoes, and other uncanny things,
        As for me!
                                           I'm its gravy!!!!
Dont know why I made this lol I guess boredom can make a mans mind incredibly strange!!
You were the best
Among the rest

That's why we're weird together
Cause we do things in another manner
Now you ask, "What's the matter?"

I feel down
My face is in a frown

You two are going

Our weird antics
And those undeniably numerous frantic

All our laughs filled with glee
Are going to be missed by me

Now I don't want you to be blue
This poem is my greatest THANK YOU
:') :'(
Mr X Mar 2015
There's a very fine line between
Weirdness and Greatness...

And often the transition
Is undetectable.
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