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Hiwaga Jul 2021
Lately, I’ve been feeling a little light headed. No, I’m okay. I don’t have a condition or anything. I just feel like my world is slowly collapsing. Every time I try to fix things and somehow getting good, the universe will do a huge clap back and smack me in the face.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little useless. Just when I thought I’m doing an excellent job at work, it came to a point that they have to let me go because of personal issues and choices. “You’re good but...” There’s always a but. But should be my middle name in other lifetime. It suits me well.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very insecure. My girlfriend loves me, I know that. But sometimes I feel like she can’t express so much of a feeling like how she used to express it to her ex-girlfriend. When we started dating, I stalked my girlfriend for fun and I saw posts and letters and all that kind of crap how she loves her and how every single second is important when talking to her. She even right the call details in a ******* notebook with all the hearts and smileys and all cheesiness. Me, on the other hand, being mad at for being demanding for asking more phone calls. (she’s working milessss away, btw).

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little betrayed. My mother, who is supposed to keep me safe and warm based on the world’s rule, messed with my life. She placed me in a very difficult position and now people are hunting me away. My cousins, who are my very best friends as well, turned their backs on me because of what my mother did. They even back stab me during dinners that I’m not around. Referring to me as “she’s like her mom”

Lately, I’ve been feeling… Lost. I have nobody to turn to. I have nothing to do. I always tell myself to “Focus on what I can control. But now… I don’t have control about anything anymore.
Violet Jun 2021
It was today when I realized. .  . I "actually" realized, how unpredictable life is. How you could leave behind your loved ones, incomplete dreams and life that someone dreams of, in the fist of life and step in the darkness of death.  
Death petrifies me. Because, while the people who dearly love you and the people who are expecting to be saved by you, suffer with unbearable pain of your loss, you will feel nothing; no sadness, no happiness, just numb. That just feels self-centered even if it is not one's fault.
Perhaps, death is not as dark as we say it is.
What if, death is tranquil. A place were you can't feel anything, but peaceful. Away from you happiness and worries, cradling in serenity...
When a person, who has so much left to live and achieve, faces death, it is not reasonable to me. It'll never be. Some people say that it's life, death happens. But Idk I can't cope with that. :)
tranquil Aug 2020
A blank sheet of paper loses it’s beauty
Once it’s been written upon
After which it’s worth
is decided by the ink smeared upon it

Our society talks about equality
And values the beauty of limitless possibilities
but judges something
As soon as it is quantified
In beauty, price and usefulness

An equal world is one
Where a blank sheet
And a masterpiece
Hold the same value
For they’re both beautiful in their own way
Traveler Mar 2020
Last year’s leaves incapacitated in an icy grave..
Burly cattails poking up through the surface of the icy lake.
With my back  on the dock my feet resting comfortably
on the bright reflective white ice, from here I write.
The air temperature at 40 Fahrenheit seems like summer,
I soak up the beautiful rays while fumbling with my device.
Two Canadian snow geese fly over honking
catching my dog and my attention, our eyes follow their flight.
Green, grey and brown quacking  mallards swim along the melted shore line, it's mating time.
Puffy black squirrels hopping from tree to tree a jungle gym
high above in the forest canape. Over. way over on the other side of the lake I see deer near the shore line. I try to bring them to my dogs nearsighted attention but only my human eye can see.
Today the world looks beautiful from these poetic eyes.
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