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JC Feb 17
I don’t believe in the term I love you more.

It’s either you do [love] or you don’t.

We will not be able to quantify or qualify this feeling.

All things are possible when love lives in our hearts.

Impossible dissipates into the ether.

[I think] that’s just me.
Gracie Nov 2018
i like to think of goddesses.
they're pretty cool if you ask me.
i'm obsessed with three main ones in particular:

nyx- goddess of the night.
selene- goddess of the moon.
asteria- goddess of the stars.

and yes, they are from Greek 'mythology'.
but i don't see anything mythological about them.

so maybe you might think that Asteria riding across the sky with a chariot of the moon is a little, unusual.
and maybe you think that it's weird how there are different beings controlling different things.
perhaps it's the idea that history has told you that all of this ideology is made up.

and you can think that.
but i don't want to.

because i find safety in the fact that i have my full devotion in several beings, all taking charge of all aspects of my life.

it's quite liberating actually.
not a poem, but more like a little rant about what i believe in, and how i don't care how strange it sounds to anyone else.
jas Aug 2018
love is not what love is or what love used to be
love grows. and love grew inside of me for the very first time.
true love that is, love that i thought would never exist except in movies or my favorite romance novels.
imagine falling in love with your best friend, unknowingly.
days pass you by and the sun shines on a sun-kissed face,
embracing all of life beauties. without knowing you fell for love of everything.
love of life, the trees, the universe, people and those who inhabit your life.
every small thing became big, within reach was possibility.
for new chances, changes, and that's when it hit you.
like a brick, like bricks, like the titanic came and sunk on your heart , on your whole body even
in the most angelic way, your heart was full of life, of peace, unity of the most purest form of love.
seeing their face for the first time after that was mesmerizing.
tiny butterflies filled your stomach, any chance to talk to , to be in their presence, fighting the urge to jump into a full of *** rage.
blood running warm between your veins , melting away deep inside your body.
if only they could notice you...
until the end, is where this story gets better.
perhaps , a fairy tale ending is in store for you, or perhaps the best is saved for last.
perhaps, a few exchanged glances, a small grin at your jokes, a simple brush against the arm, leaves an open discussion of flirtation.
fluttering of the hearts , engaging in more than a friendship, but an assurance.
completely lost from the start, we somehow found ourselves tangled deep into the web of mystery.
when we reach the end, remember it is also the beginning of a love so true,
reciprocating feelings deep inside, where both parties can know longer hide it.
to fight the urge to not love, is torture in the deepest form.
love is what love was, and love grows into something more.
love grew into my soulmate.

                                             with love,
                                                        a soul.
Grammer is not important , unless it is. don't bother.
this is why i need an editor, oops...
(take a shot how many times i said love, LOL)
perhaps, this isn't a poem.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Oh my God, I did it! AAAAHHHH!
I actually have 102 followers!
I can't thank everyone here enough!
I started this page last year because I felt
like I needed an outlet for how I was feeling.
It was such a low place to be...
Things now are somewhat better,
but life as you know is up and down
To know that HP is such a positive and
supportive platform means so much to me.
Especially because I do have anxiety
as well as depression.

I usually feel very VERY
low about myself. Writing was and always will
be a way for me to cope - even though I do have
a love-hate relationship with it, but I digress.
This platform has made me truly believe more
in the writing craft. When it comes to art and expression,
I feel like I truly can be myself. It's a ray of light in
my life that I'm starting to believe in.
So much so that I've got a project lined up!
I'm working on my first poetry collection.
There's still  alot of details to work out, but
I will let you know as I go.
I've now opened a Twitter account so you're
welcome to follow me! I'll try to be active on there as
much as I can.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!
I'm super grateful for all of you.
Let us continue to grow as artists.
I love all of you.
Lyn ***
Heres the Twitter like:
Forgive me if I'm not as active on it. I've never had a Twitter before now.
I'm still trying to navigate my way around lol.
Thank you everyone. Truly!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Camila Jun 2018
I really dont know how to put what I'm about to say in a way that sounds like poetry without leaving stuff out and I think this is an important issue that must not be left to interpretation of the reader (like poetry does).
I wrote a poem almost a year ago (its down here somewhere) about a friend that commited suicide (I will call him R from now on) and even though I still think about him constantly this past week he's been more in my mind, I dreamed about him last week and woke up in tears and then I heard about Kate ***** and Anthony Bourdain, I talked to some friends and they were thinking more about him these past days sooo.... background story.
I'm a doctor, I'm a resident. I'm lucky enough to say I have a lot a good friends some of them are my med school classmates, R was one of them.
After graduation we all pursued doing a residency and thankfully we all got into what we wanted, most of my friends, including R, got to stay in the same city we all studied together, which was nice because most of their families lived there and they didnt have to pay rent and stuff like that.
A few months before the residency program began R called me and said the most shocking thing, he confessed to me that he had been diagnosed with depression during our third year in med school and that he was doing well enough that his psychiatrist considered he didnt need medication anymore, but was going to keep an eye on him in case he needed them again, he had been off the medication for 8 months by the time he called me and this were his exact words after he said all that to me "I know I'm not okay, and I know this because I have everything I ever wanted, I have friends that I love, I have an amazing family, I have the career that I want, I got accepted into the program I worked so hard for and still I think it would be better to die, and it scares me a lot" I talked to him until his mom got home so I knew he was safe, the doctor gave him medication again and he was good to go. Two years passed and then he decided he wanted to go into Neurology and he got accepted into the most important hospital in the country, that was in another city so that meant he had to live on his own for the first time in his life, and get another doctor there, I called to congratulate him a week before he left, that was on February, we made plans to see each other in July.... he died in May.
Why do I think this is important?
1. My friend didn't look sad, he was always smiling, he gave the warmest, longest hugs and when he told me he was sick I was shocked that he had been going through this for three years without anyone noticing.
2. He was very aware of his disease and he knew he had a lot to be happy about. So this proves that it can happen to anyone and is not about feeling sad for a certain situation, like getting bad grades or having a breakup. Its not something you fix by "focusing on the good things".
3. Another friend was feeling weird and she told me she was trying to "shake those feelings off" until he remembered R and decided it was best to seek for help, she was diagnosed with anxiety and started getting treatment.
4. Another one told us he was feeling very bad, like if he was not being himself, and that he was thinking about going to a psychiatrist, because he was scared of going through what R went.
5. I miss R everyday and he left a huge hole to fill, and there are so many things that remind me of him and that I wish I was able to tell him right know but at least he opened the eyes of the ones that were close to him and made a few of us do and internal check up and actually pushed others to get help.

My message for you who read this is dont be ashamed of asking for help and dont make others feel ashamed, encourage people to know that the mind gets sick too, just like the heart, and the stomach and any other ***** in your body. R knew people loved him, R knew he was lucky to have the life he had and still his mind and his depression made him think it was not worth it to keep on living.
Its been a year since he left and he is still making impact on all of us who where lucky enough to know him
Yan F Apr 2018
Laughter turned to screams without Her.
----request by Erza: piece about H----
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