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Mr X Oct 2018
Lust or Love?

My youth chose the former.

The heart crumbled,
And the body awakened.

And there it was..

A single cup of coffee at the table,
Reflecting a heap of worn skin and wrinkles.

Nevertheless, sunsets were always beautiful.
Mr X Sep 2018
I know your heart aches
When you see us, your lovers,
Wither away into the wind.

The White is your mourning shroud.
Your scars hurt from our footprints.
But it is your duty to shine.

So, shine my brilliance.
And take away the breath
Of the wild sea beneath.

Mr X Sep 2015
Cross over.
To the world of the minds...

And you'll find,
This universe was made
For you...
...and you alone.

YOU are the story.
YOU are the reason.
...and you alone
Mr X Sep 2015
Do it now.

Say it.
Feel it.
Express it.

Coz' tomorrow is far too uncertain.
Mr X Sep 2015
The chaos of the storms,
Thunder and destruction,
Speak of a perfection so balanced,
That we often forget,
Perfection and imperfection
Were forever the same.
Mr X Sep 2015
A Chaotic Masterpiece....
That's what we all are at the end of the day.
Mr X Jul 2015
Touch the mind
Before you
Aim for the heart
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