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Nishant Rawat Aug 2020
Understanding the world is out of bound.
So try to know yourself to be found.
Know Yourself
mae Feb 2020
I wonder
if the universe
is only keeping
me alive
just to
punish me
for my
past sins.
Alicia Feb 2019
you make me sad
you make me blue even though you say i will be okay
i know its not true
i have no friends because of you the
path i walk i have no clue
it makes no sense you fill my mind with thoughts , thoughts of you, of ending it all, is this the way, are you my fate, am i suppose to give in let you take control, i guess so, you made me too weak to fight, to fight for whats mine, to fight for my life,
i guess this is to forever
my suicidal thoughts and i.
an unctuous statement
Light House Jan 2019
Am I ******* kidding myself?
What's the difference between fantasy & insanity?
NouraAdejoh Jun 2016
Time doesn't heal anything
It just fills up the void
It's there but it's repressed
The feeling of sadness
It's there
It creeps up when you least expect it
How I feel right now
picaso 29 Sep 2015
Another morning of another day... Without you I still stay
Although I'll see you today at school
It won't be the same
Mr X Dec 2014
Then don't just keep lighting incense sticks...
Infact they are of no use other than giving off fake flowery scents
And polluting a creation of God.

Don't you think its a great irony that in the act of serving God, people litter God's greatest creations?
Tony Scallo Dec 2014
This, is a journal strictly for an open mind. One that's willing to explore the wonders hidden within the ambiguity of reading or writing.  It is for a mind willing to take on thinking about the obscure mysteries of life. The ones that remain taboo to others.

This, is a journal where limits don't exist.  Where worries of others opinions fade into non-existence, for you are in your own matrix right now.

This, is a white canvas waiting to be filled in with the strokes of your brush. A blank slate waiting, eagerly, to be filled in with your naked, non-societial conforming thoughts.
I have this written at the beginning of my journal. I feel this should be at the beginning of everyones journal so they know there should be no limits to their writing.
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