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Alice Aug 2018
Adaptability owes you an apology.

For ensuring you adjust to life's turbulence.

For demanding you greet the bad day with a smile.

For declaring that you Must seek comfort

In your pain.

Who is he,
That made you believe
Your pain was worth less
Than the effort it would take to recover?

Adaptability is your poison;
Reclaim your emotion.
It can be hard to regain the inner strength which feeds the soul. Society can make it very difficult to express the depth of your own sufferings, no matter how small. Truest sincerity comes with knowing who you are, and that includes your own pains. Be true to you.
Cné Aug 2017
when i fall,
i don't just fall in love.
clumsily, i stumble
down and then i land

awkwardly and graceless,
stuttering utterly at the foot
of a handsome man,

blundering an apology
out of breath, ineptly
embarrassed about
my shaky hands,

to dust myself off,
all the while, i try,
desperately, to stand

wishing i could disappear,
i rise as quickly as i can
waving off any helping hand

so he doesn't see
how incredibly stupid
i must be
Carter Ginter Mar 2018
It's not easy to revisit our memories
I am not quite sure why
Maybe I actually did love you
Did? Do? Done
I don't know
Maybe I didn't and
It's too hard to admit

Maybe I am a mindfuck
That just likes playing games
Feeling empowered
By breaking bones and hearts on my way up
Seeking control when I'm feeling lost

Maybe I'm ashamed
Because I know I hurt you badly
I kept blaming you too
"We weren't right"
"You were too dependent"
"You were too invested"

Maybe it was me
I don't know what I feel
I don't necessarily regret the break
I do miss you sometimes though
We weren't great at the end
We were definitely something though

Maybe I miss your friendship
Getting ice cream together after it all
That's a memory I can't forget
It was hard for us both
I never told you that though
How do I tell you that
I didn't think we could be friends
Because I couldn't handle it
When it still doesn't mean we should be together again?

Maybe it really was the pressure
That's a loaded explanation
You know I crack under that kind of intensity
It's not your fault though
It's easy to desire the untouchable
Especially once you've touched me

Maybe we will never speak again
Maybe we will
Either way I need you to know I'm sorry

Maybe it's because I recently felt
Something similar to the way you might have
Because when someone you love
Desires another
It could **** you

Maybe it was easy to delete the pictures
Simply because I am running away from memories
Maybe I don't want to face these demons
They always catch up eventually

Please just remember
You are strong
You are worth love
You are beautiful
You will find someone who treats you right
You are enough on your own though
You deserve everything good and
You will survive this storm
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
I think about
the things
we used to do and
the thought
of tainting them with
anyone else
shatters my heart
like the feeble glass of
an old cup.
It held all our memories and
I chose to let it fall,
crashing to the floor
in a flurry of misunderstood emotions.

I'm sorry isn't enough to fix this.
But it's a good place to start.
IrieSide May 25
Pour my heart,
crack that stale jar
of callous and neglect

show me life, from your eyes
sweet spirit
of love

I see it in your eyes,
your action and tears
you're in tune
and I'm not

teach me,
white angel
how to find my soul

Crack my mind
and pour it out for you
upon a slate table
of cold gray
Sweet notes.
Carter Ginter Nov 2018
Tis the season of Christmas music
So I decided to check on Pentatonix
Excited to see a new album out
I delve into it a month early
Whenever I hear them singing
I love and appreciate the art
But a part of me craves that one album
Because I know it'll bring me back

It was an interesting point in my life
I loved a girl who loved me and
I asked her dad for his blessing that month
Her homophobic mom invited me to their dinner
I finally felt more accepted
Even though it was super awkward
We were really happy at that point
I honestly don't know what changed
I don't regret it so much as I don't understand

But I do know that Christmastime
Has been extremely difficult ever since
We spent a few weeks at her dads house
In the middle of nowhere
We cut our own Christmas tree and
I bonded with her dad with call of duty
Our sweet kittens played together
And we got a much-needed break from school

It's hard to look back at that time
My heart hurts even though the memories are positive
I miss her a lot sometimes
Mostly because I feel as though
That relationship was unfair to her
I was emotionally unavailable
But I didn't know it
And I know she messed up too but
We both made mistakes in it all
I just sometimes wish I had had
The tools needed to address the problem

I didn't know what was happening
I didn't know what I was feeling
I knew I was unhappy and hurting
But I didn't understand why
I think what's hard about this one
Is that I can retroactively label it all
Unfortunately that doesn't actually match
All of the things that I said back then
I was cruel to her
Because I knew it'd make her let me go
And I needed to be alone and free
But I chose a twisted path to get there
And for that I'm sorry
I had this realization tonight. My best friend made a comment a week ago about how I don't celebrate Christmas, and it confused me. I didn't know why until tonight when I was listening to Christmas music that made me feel happy in anticipation of (nonreligious) Christmas activities. I realized that I didn't enjoy the holiday last year because it was the first year after my ex fiancé and I broke up and I have some amazing memories from the last Christmas we spent together. I think I repressed a lot of my positive feelings about the holiday because I still have a lot of sadness surrounding the good memories.
I swore I’d keep in touch with you—
I crossed my heart and hoped to die.
I meant it, so it was no lie,
But as you know, it wasn’t true.
Copyright 2018 Benjamin Daniel Lukey.

"Apology to an Old Friend" was first published on August 21, 2018 by The Society of Classical Poets.
Amyrah Apr 5
Everything was bright but now I ain't  so sure.
I want you to know, no matter where I go, my heart is yours,
The moments we had were too beautiful to shatter,
Tell me you ve got my back,
Despite the facts.
Keep believing in me, no matter what, troubles come past.
This might not be an actual poem. The thing is, I owe an apology.. I m not sure what to do, And so I wrote like you all did.
Glory Jul 2018
"I'm sorry"

"What for?" His whisper was too far to touch my skin. But I heard it.

"Melancholy is contagious,
latching on to vulnerable,
lovely hearts,
passing by.
And sometimes,
after a while,
on a frosty, lonely night,
just like this,
It's starts to itch a little"
Mary Velarde Feb 18
Between your breath
in my hair
the weaving of sunlight
by the window,
the sky’s audacity to resemble
that of a painted sorcery
violin legs intertwined—
darling, i am
Blow a gentle kiss on my skin,
but forget, I shall not,
that this all but a dream.
Let me lament
a morning dressed
in apology.
Let me toss and turn
to a quiet soliloquy.
What is there to grip
but a ghost
molded by the loneliness
of the night.
What’s it like to be the lonely?
What’s it like to be the night?
Evan Stephens Aug 15
Dear E--,

Sewing gold,
we walked
in the vacant

In a hush-throated hall
we saw a Last Supper
of acrylic blocks,
breaks of the past.

Wooden masks
deviled the olive wall,
& we found tiles that
turned out our hands.

None of this sustained
you when the sun dropped
beams like pick-up-sticks,
aces of heat.

It didn't sustain you
when my friends
split like copper stills
across the breaded table.

The grand oil lamp
& the sea chant
became ash daubs
of noose memory

when I returned
to your dark room.
I'm sorry for every
thing I couldn't repair.

Every whorl
& loop in my hands
held you tight
as boas.

By the time I felt
your breath settle
into the delta of sleep
things had half-healed.

Still, I trembled
with sharp dreams.
In the morning,
I was yours again -

as I always was.
This is my apology.
sara Jun 2018
You make me feel like
I can be honest
but if you want,
just say the word
and we'll drop it
I'm sorry
that I dropped you,
it's just something
I can't not do
and it's not you;
I don't plan it,
this bad habit,
it just happens.
It just happened
to involve you.
And I know I
can't console you
because each time
I call your phone,
I rub salt
old wounds.
And every night
you go to sleep,
you feel me
in your sheets.
So you let songs
I'd hate
run on repeat-
like you
no longer think of me.
And I would do
the same thing;
if I'd ever been
that mean to me.
bit of a Larkin day
Hannah Gaines Aug 2018
Through these past four years that I've known you
I've come to realize something.
I don't truly know you or know if you still do care about me.
I know I mess up, and I can be an idiot at times.
I know that I'm annoying and a bother.

I'm sorry for hurting you, and I'm sorry for hurting everyone.
I don't mean to cause harm or trouble, I just simply want to help.

Maybe its because I feel helpless at times.
Maybe it's because I feel like I have no worth to my loved ones.
I feel like everyone is just annoyed by just my presence.
Maybe thats the reason why I've tried to distance myself,
I don't want to hurt my friends anymore.

Everytime I look at her, I feel as though we are growing apart.
I know that I might be wrong, but it feels like it,
I'm sorry.

I know I'm sorry about a lot of things.
I'm sorry that I made you mad.
I'm sorry I've hurt you.
I'm sorry if I seem like a total *****.
I'm so, so sorry about many things.

I shouldn't have good friends like them.
I should be alone.

Do you still think of me as a friend?
I'm just so worried that something bad between our friends will split us apart.
You can take this however you want.
I'll always be here for all of you.

I'm sorry that I'm not the bests of friends...
Amulya Sep 2
I made mistakes,
But so did you too.
A random one...
I know this is completely outta context but I can't upload my profile pic.Y'all can't do it too?
Cryptic Nov 2018
I made a mistake
No words to say
I made your heart ache
with your love that I can't pay

Now that you're gone
You leave because you're done
I need to go away
and find my own way

Yes I became dumb
at the same time I get numb
Too insensitive with your feelings
Not blind but not seeing

I do conceal
for me not to reveal
and now that you know
You're now cold as a snow
To someone I caused too much pain
Chantell Wild Jul 12
I am sorry
to those
I may have hurt
along my way
Please know
in your heart
that I am aware
that I have hurt myself
the most because I carry
that burden
You will heal
and I will carry
my conscience always.
lila Mar 30
every time the doorbell rings
my heart stops and sometimes
i think i start hearing things
small flashbacks
of broken childhood memories
and apologies falling through the cracks
but i can’t seem to forgive you
after all that you’ve put me through
because, i guess you forgot
but you hurt me too
Pau Aug 28
don't go,
not yet.
not just yet.

i still carry so many regrets,
so many things i have yet to confess.

my chest is still filled with buried apologies,
ones i meant to press
at the palm of your hands,
and into the hollows of your heart.

i meant to patch up whatever i broke,
tore apart and ultimately destroyed,
but in the end,
there was nothing i could do
to end the pain,
yours and mine.

since then i have not mustered the strength
to stand again,
when i had already fallen to my knees.

you once tried to reach me,
but i was irreparable,
i could not be saved.
i tried to let go of all the love
you once had for me
and now,
i've created ghosts from our memories.

you once tried to heal me from my sufferings,
but i only inflicted more wounds,
even on you.
i could not find a way to love you,
without wrecking everything.

in case you're wondering,
i don't expect you to forgive me
i don't expect you to love me again.

but please,
don't go just yet.
i cling on to so many regrets still.

i am sorry, i am sorry,
i am sorry.
poem for a friend
Ari White Oct 2018
let’s paint an intimate word
take our body of work and
slice it to pieces
little cubes of meat
i’ll make you a home cooked meal
if you eat my vibrations
tonight everything feels medium rare
sorry for the blood
it seeps through - sometimes it just wants
to be seen
kivel Nov 2018
Like a mangled
lying on the ground,
what we had between us
and we jumped back in fear
of what we've become.
I'm sorry.
Esther Oct 2018
I offer you my apologies, Esther
for I had to **** her.
She was a poet, you see,
and she was consuming you,
corrupting you,
turning you inside out,
b a c k w a r d s
so that
when you screamed,
your mouth let loose a torrent of letters that sprayed the walls in ink, left them soaked for days
and when you cried,
your eyes wept love letters in Shakespearean verse and suicide notes in Hemingway prose
and when you sang,
you did so sporadically, your voice breaking—into irregular cadence and—rhythm—in the middle—of your—sentences—
and when you were silent
it was because you were too busy pleasing her, dreaming up things that didn’t exist, obsessing over some poem that wouldn’t let you sleep.
And so I had to save you, Esther
she was turning you into a poet, you see,
and I had to save you.
I’d offer you my condolences
but I doubt you’d take them
after I wrapped your poem around her neck
and tore out her inky guts
and gouged out her sleepless eyes
and shoved her under my bed
so that I could smell her carcass as I slept
and know you were saved.
So I offer you my apologies, Esther,
for I had to **** her.
She was a poet, you see, and she was killing you.
Cole Maxwell Mar 31
Unlike Drake, we didn't start at the bottom,
We met about midway.
Two people amidst a common problem.
Darkness cloaks this part, at most I'll start to
Coast to the cause of the issues that bother
Cole the most, his heart revokes the thought
Of coming close to ignoring it farther.
I understand like a ghost, I see right through your father,
Voices don't come close to being as
Reprimanding as thoughts do.
They long for your heart to retain as much hatred as they can barter,
Until you can't stand the way that you breath or look at a person the same as you're recalling.
Much to the dismay of Blood,
I had to leave, I was falling,
Alcohol was more important than you all
And for that I'm sorry.
I tried to get away and break my chains
But veins yearn for that which takes the pain
Away and for that I only grew to know more pain.
One thing led to another and still the story's the same,
I've thrown away 5 years of my life to help me dig my own grave.
Amazingly I've made it through to write this story
And say that I've put childish things aside,
And live a better life today.
I support my son and make a living,
Just as Blood may.
As humans we're designed to seek that which
May better our emotional state,
On each individual level.
We chase that which can
Levitate our own knowledge in case there are
Discrepancies at bay.
As people, don't you want to know the full story,
I know your reputation for curiosity precedes you.
If not, why do I not deserve a chance at a sorry?
What means necessary must I take just to have a conversation?
It's quite hypocritical in fact,
But I digress in that partly.
Does trepidation rule over you,
Til you're blind to damnation?
Forevermore, you have risen,
Yet I remain uncomplacent.
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