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Rhianecdote Mar 2017
Wondering how at nearly 25
I'm feelin left out?
This shelved life
got me in two minds
But I won't cry over split milk
It'll soon be dried
Up like the invites
I forgot to R.S.V.P
too busy tellin you
I'm just too busy
tryin to do me,

Just do right by me
And bring me back in.
Going off ain't a sin,
Yeah I may have gone off
but not by much.
Still here on the side,
Tried to stay in touch
Reaching distance,
So reach out
And pick me up
it's worthwhile
you've not had enough
What's gone today,
come tomorrow will fill your cup.
Left overs still the best
Just need some heating up,
A fresh season,
a little warmth and love
When you're feeling like a left out carton of milk on the kitchen counter
Rhianecdote Oct 2016
I see a lot of Take

                        So I no longer Give

Zero ***** also works as a title but London lingo man
Rhianecdote Oct 2016
Going back to what you know.
All the signs tellin you to stop,
Reroute, it's not the way to go

It's just not the same,
Couldn't be maintained
Left to decay
in the time lapsed
collapsed and what remains
is a husk that just adds to the
echo of the pain
you ran here to escape
Walls of dust clinging onto the pasts shape
Fallin away
Fillin your lungs
along with all those things you failed
to get off your chest along the way

And you wonder why you can't breath?
Why your heart got so heavy it fell off your sleeve?
Why your mind stole your dreams and now you can't sleep?
Why your faith was overrun by your worries and now You can't believe?!

Even here Collapsing on your knees
choking back the tears
As you try to put it back together
piece by piece

But it's gone.

There's nothing here for you anymore
You must leave
the road lead nowhere
And nowhere is where this road leads
A circle always comes up empty
No matter how far you reach

Be an exile.
Find your feet
In less polluted airs
Fill up those lungs
Where you have space to breathe
Pick up that heart
with the strength it took to take the leap
Towards the Fresh Start
no decay, no debris.
Come out the Dark
you'll be ok, you will see
well enough in time
to carve your own path
Be Free
Rhianecdote Jan 2016
It's always the little things
The little things add up

Good or bad
They multiply

Until you're counting your lucky stars
Or you're **** outta luck
...It's always the little things
The little things add up
Rhianecdote Jan 2016
I love you very much

I love you more than I show
And much more than I say

But know
if there's one thing I do
It is love you
Rhianecdote Jan 2016
It's funny how those first meetings are etched into your memory
At the time you have no idea of the significance or the impact that meeting would have

When I first met you,
you was wearing a batman
onesie in Maccy D's
You gave someone else a hug
Looked at me, I smiled shyly
Little did I know how special
You would come to mean to me.

Last time I saw you
I gave you a hug that I didn't really want to end
Now I'm sat in a park, surrounded by people playing pretend
Because there's only one person I really want to be here with
And that's you
Rhianecdote Dec 2015
There is something so timeless about the sea. He stood witness to its all encompassing beauty, watchin the ebb and flow of time and life. Captured and captivated but free from all thought and all worry. 
Just standin on a rock, in the bay. A plynth the sands of time had been left in a settlement between earth and ocean long ago, a viewing platform to satisfy the Seas only plea "See Me" 

He stood by its shores as all others before him had and in a moment he shared in all the collected memories of humanity. Of those first souls that made it to its shores from the desert, across the sands of time to dip a foot of weary and worn down soles into its abyss yet stand still as he does, captured and captivated, to watch it wave all the hellos and goodbyes ever given in an eternity.

None knew how long they stood there for, for there was no need. Though a part of them will probably remain there always. There is something so timeless about the sea...
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