J’ai mal à la tête en pensant au fait
Que ma vie sera peut-être perdue sous mes yeux
Que tout cet effort et cet amour se terminent
C’est peut-être pour le mieux.
Ne rien laisser de côté.
Il commence à pleuvoir
Attendez... je la vois clairement encore une fois.
Peut-être pas un au revoir, mais un début
Nouveauté sous forme de réalisation.

My head hurts thinking about the fact
That maybe my life will waste away before my eyes
That all this effort and love will end in demise
Perhaps it’s all for the best.
To leave nothing behind.
To say a final goodbye.
It begins to rain. 
Wait…. I can see clearly again.
Maybe this isn’t goodbye, but a start.
Novelty in the form of a realization.
Been teaching myself French for a while, here is my attempt at poetry in another language. (It's probably terrible). Found the original hidden amongst my many other ideas.
Realizations are heavy, but freeing.
December 8, 2018.
(for you, tf.)
“Tell me all of the things that make you feel lovely.”
You whisper to my longing ears
As we quietly barrel down this highway road.
Silence follows us like a dark cloud.
Predicting our next steps, and our doomed fates.
You stay until my heart has calmed and slowed.
I feel safe when I’m with you.
Like there’s a pocket of falling sunlight,
Hidden away from the cruel broken skies,
All by itself, somehow sustained. Glowing.
Nothing in the world could interrupt you and I.

Do you remember the time I spent waiting?
The time we spent in love.
Together. Wandering, learning, living.
The way your hands held mine until they stopped shaking.
I miss you, and the beauty, and wonder of it all.
Especially your endless blue eyes and charming smile
That made my fears seem small,
That told me everything was going to be alright,
It was going to be okay. Perhaps you were wrong.
You told me that I make you feel like you’re floating.
Like the earth has lost its’ gravity, its’ presence
All that used to be of its’ essence
And we are the only two, left behind.
To enjoy each other’s company for eternity.

“Lovely, what a lovely word.”
What a terrible world to take that away.
A list, of all the things that make you happy.
I hope to *** that I would be on that list too.
Because to me, you shined brighter than the stars
And kinder than the waves.
I hope you can hear me, where you are.
If so, I love you. And thank you for showing me
What life really is, and what it can be.
And if not, it’s okay. Right now, it’s difficult.
But, I know we were never meant to be infinite.
July 2, 2018.
Written from the perspective of Violet Markey from All the Bright Places. The death of Theodore Finch really stuck with me for several days after I finished reading. I miss him dearly and his quirky personality.
We were just like stars.
Exploding and crashing into one another.
It was beautiful at first glance.
Like glowing specks dotting the night sky.
But it was painful like deafening explosions.
And ashy clouds suffocating the inhabitants below.
As your hands enclose themselves around my throat.
I used to think that passion came from the heavens
It doesn’t.
It comes from a place of evil not unlike this.
One where wars are fought over control.
And can only be thought of as an enveloping abyss.
One that I know, you no longer miss.
Because now I am yours, with or without consent.
We were like stars glittering, so very far from the rest.
I thought it would last forever, that we would dance
Into eternity, with your hands locked in between mine.
The moon dust splattered like droplets of fresh paint.
Across a vast canvas that was never to be finished.
I was unaware and unprepared for the intensity of
An abusive relationship.
That to outsiders looked like desirable goals.
If they only knew what happened behind closed doors.
We were beautiful, just like stars
But we were just as violent.
With a hauntingly quiet release, a single star fell.
You return to the evil that you call home, but that I call ****.
march 27, 2017.
poignant, and full of emotion. enjoy x
Sarah Mann Sep 30
My heart aches.
When I think about leaving you,
When I think about how in a year, I won’t see you everyday.
Instead I’ll be thousands of miles away.
Missing you with every breath. With every thought.
I don’t know why. It seems silly. Doesn’t it?
Truthfully, and not just for comedic purposes.
I’ve never loved anyone the way I’ve loved you.
And I’m going to miss you so much more than words can describe.
And I’m sorry. I know it’s unconventional, rude even.
To say I have to go. I know I’d promised I’d be there forever.
****, why did I have to fall so deeply?
Thinking about your eyes will no longer meet mine.
With time, you’ll forget. And so will I.
That connection we once shared will disappear.
Our feelings will fall away.
Life will continue.
Strangely specific, also extremely emotion-evoking. To the being that this is written about. I love you, and your sleepy smile. I know forever is impossible, but for now, I wanted to thank you for all of the light you bring to my life.
September 29, 2018
Sarah Mann Sep 4
too much time to think.
crushing is how i would describe it
like walls falling to the floor
with a more than deafening crash
a single hand suffocating my throat
and along with it; a suppression
of my creativity, and livelihood
i’m not sure who i am without you.
it’s been far too long.
the mediocrity of my attempts
at denial are almost laughable.
if it weren’t so pathetic in it’s origin.
the night proves to be the worst.
stuck; contemplating a lost unity.
a severance of what once was.
the void and i have found solace in each other.
alone, decrepit; trying our best to survive
in whatever way, we can. avoiding the gaze of the time.
this is such a strange place to be alive.
time is powerful, perhaps too much so. greater quantities do not bring wealth, just insecurity and doubt. i wonder when i will learn to come to terms with the workings of my mind. September 3, 2018.
Sarah Mann Sep 4
the heart is a fickle creature.
attached to things that bring destruction.
i wonder if the heart is aware.
told to beware of what’s to come.
to hide away from the glow of the sun.
i doubt that it was, because otherwise
the petals wouldn’t be falling.
and my hands wouldn’t shake like they do.
i also have a fear, that it might be too late.
to save what once was.
to leave free,
instead of empty.
how powerful must one be to
destroy. or perhaps just afraid.
emptiness is pervasive, enveloping, and it seems also impossible to escape. i hope a resolution comes soon. September 3, 2018.
Sarah Mann Aug 17
Originally purposed as an adjective.
But feels more like a place.
Or perhaps it’s a vibration.
The blue sky  
The ocean
The spanse of the horizon.
They exist, multitudinously.
Far from our concepts.
I strive to accomplish, to be
I wish to become similar to these
Beings of marveled stature,
Worlds of unknown.
The all-encompassing
Awe-inspiring limitless notion
That we know as
August 7, 2018 12:23 PM
Finished on August 16, 2018 8:55PM
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