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Lyon Amor Brave Dec 2020
Your face is so ugly
Your mom is so ugly
Your dad is so ugly
Your sister is so ugly
Your brother molested you
Your uncle bought you a beer
Your aunt slapped you for telling the truth.

You have turned into an internet troll.
No fault of your own, your anti-social behavior.
You were molested after all so lashing out on
the internet is an unhealthy replacement for therapy,
but you can't talk to your family, so nobody can advise
you to seek counseling, so you smoke a vape and support
Donald Trump and call everyone who might like Obama
the devil and it was all because your family ******.

In the beginning there was god and god said this person
will be ordained to troll the internet and that person was you!
Can find the video that inspired this poem here:
E Aug 2020
TikTok comps
Russian bots
Makeup tutorials
"I'm not like other girls"

Trolls and incels
BuzzFeed articles
Gay fan fiction
Many a pun

People hiring hitmen
Buy some hair clips

Twitter ramblings
Flat earthers
And a partridge in a pear tree
0o0BlurryFace0o0 Jul 2020
your eyes just for tonight,
i will kiss your forehead
and you will be alright
they say say blood is thicker, then every
colour fades to white.

our planetary existence has been
and forever your dreams they
will be mine

we were raised to be our future
our past is over and i can
that together
we'll all crumble down
my sweet little kitten
don't you

these pointed daggers on our heads keep us
tacked into our beds
we only awaken
at the very end
all this time i spent thinking
enemies were friends

this rainbow will soon die
there is no time for us all
right now

take my hand and never let me
we missed the start of our own
for now and forever together we'll
the heros of our own

wasting time trying to fix the
instead of making these dreams

mae May 2020
A disheartening thought has come to mind,

"The more the people find the courage to express themselves
and speak their minds,
the more they seem to abuse and misuse it,
losing and leaving their sense of humanity behind."
Amanda Shelton Mar 2020
Upon my life you
assume I’ll fight,
how ignorant are you?

You think you are so ugly
you’ve got to express it
through your broken

Only a bully would be
so shameless, a troll
wants nothing but attention,
the best way to stop it
is ban it before they
say anything else.

Don’t take the trolls
seriously, their just
jealous and ashamed of
their own selves they
have enough problems.

It’s not about you.

Trolls, this is for you…

How low is your IQ?
You can’t relate to others?
Oh wow! you know that
makes you the true problem.

When you’re willing to
dish out the trash you
should be willing to
take it out. We have
trashcans for a reason
you ugly fool.

If you don’t like something
I do, why do you even care
about what I do when you
have a life too?

You’re wasting your life
by waiting for the tolls
to pay out, for one day
it will run out and You
will pay for such evil ways.

So don’t pay the trolls
ban them instead, throw
away all the ugly hate
learn to love yourself
and stop worrying about
everyone else.

Acceptance is the key
to success and prosperity.

© 2020 By Amanda Shelton
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