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September Roses Aug 2018
Crystal eyes
Fall for them
And over
Drown in oceans stormy grey
Lost in forests emerald green
To get drunk inside and snap away to sober

An underground lake cavern
A still, silver cargo ship docked by the bay
A sky and sea beyond the windows
2pm on a shady spring day

Catching a glint in the light
I find my teeth biting my thumb
Oh god how I love to gaze
In what you use to gaze apon
Targeted towards absolutely anyone with eyes, at all
Dj Oct 2018
although the years have now come and gone,
one thing i have never ceased to stumble apon,
was the extent to your personality; a touch of savage with
a heavenly grace,
while most boys would stop at the simple beauty of your face.

i may have choose wrong to attempt to stay away,
but ive always admired you beyond great dismay,
although my last hope of love with you may have far past expired,
with these drugs my broken heart and soul may be rewired,

but as long you may remain happy,
i must avoid all chance of getting sappy,
and every day that my mind may pass my own self regret,
for the lack of my actions in being a clueless boy; my mind shall
be forced to accept the unspeakable debt,

time after time it appeared to be only you reaching out your hand,
to your power i could not make words i found it hard too so much as stand,

and perhaps one day, i will once again, find the willpower to live,
thats so far lost; i may as well be a inmate ;in for life and bleeding out stuck with a shiv,

but then and only then my fire may reignite
finally past this existence, maybe even a delight

but until then ill keep up my smile,
cause i know apon a moments gaze; we both know its been awhile,

but can you really blame me; for years straight
after i only wanted our unhealthy love to wait

you treated me like i was nothing not even real, every time i tried ; or at least thats how you made it feel,
up until you decided to date my best friend now your both over there...

until i regain my emotional strength i may disassociate n pretend to not so much as care.
and i refuse to even acknowledge your attempt to openly declare,
about my lack of presence unaware,
that my dreams of you have  just been those mistaken but of nightmares,

from the image of forever chasing you down the halls,
as all im left with is a false fading sense of hope ;awhile i move on to success and building up my protective walls,

even though i knew my chase would never come to a fair end,
but given all my assets; im still mainly heartbroken that once apon a time i lost such an amazing best freind....
Eric Jan 13
6 years ago when I fell Apon love .
5 mistakes were like a million .
4 letters in the word love .
3 reasons why I can't live without you.
2 is us as we were one.
1 meaning to all of this .

I Love You
I as in myself a imperfect being
You as to me the most perfect being for me.
7 billion people in this world
And I want you
I need you
My souls body of essence craves your very presence.
And I'm here now
After all that's said and done
The war we couldn't put out
Has won
I in hospital bed
Praying for the next day not to arrive
Because you refuse to see me
Even know you've been what's keeping
Me alive
I wish I could forget that I'm that guy
I wish there was such things as
Spreading your wings and flying
No, I'm so grounded that I forgot there
Was solid ground
Now every where I go
I fall into these holes , these voids
You left in the road to my heart.
Now that roads untravable
But it's not your fault
I have lost my way anyway.
Gavin Oliver Jun 1
Within a dream, cocooned in the arms of Morpheus I travelled to an enchanted forest. As I touched the fabric of the scene, cool and green, soft lights flickered through the trees.

Fairies and nymphs at play! Laughing chattering, flitting above and around the ancient wood . I wished to join the magical fun.....if only I could...if only I could.

Sudden and swift I transformed! My body discarded replaced by purest light I entered apon the glorious flight. Welcome! We hear your plea and grant a wish to thee.

I darted hither. I hovered there . Time became irrelevant in this spellbound place. I played all night only too aware of the coming dawns fiery glare.

I must away! My body stirs from it's slumber, reclaiming my mind to bring it back to my earthly existence. All too soon the vision faded. Thank you gentle spirits for a joyful time....I will return.
My love grows
Attentive to your needs
Affectionate to your affection
Passionate for your passion
Released to you apon your request and response to touch, to feel, to love
Remembering that a feeling is something not a gesture of friendship but of love
love is not a feeling of remorse or regret but of a future filled with many great revelations of time and space, spent with ones that feel the love, we feel.
How lucky are we to feel love?
dennis drain Aug 2018
Take my winnings and leave me with my mistakes...
Brighter days be gone from memory.
I've seen the sudden loss of life that only comes with ******....
memories of happier days are clouded in my head,
I try and find a simple thought, to over think and push away the images that that staind my brain and hid so much of myself away....
See I try and be a good guy,
Most child killers do!
Most of us, not all of us but certainly some, myself  included.
Take what they see and then forget it all.
It's easier to sit in the moment, relive the trama, and resee the colors and hear the screams because after that life was gone so we're our dreams....
We keep so much away from others,at 12yo I saw a homie blow a pleading man's head off.
I don't wanna think more about the good times...... Take my happy days back.....
At 13yo i watched bodies drop after I took the shot I was told to take.
How can I see there fate so suddenly come to an end, and smile at the birth of my son....
There souls set heavy on my shoulders, I say nothing of there demis. Who am I to speak apon another man's life that my hand has taken?
I'm sorry, that I at the time I was a stone and showed no hesitation, taking away the one person that could have saved us....
No I cry in my sleep... when they come back in my thoughts and create nightmares as vengens....
Others see me  distant and angry but
I just lose myself in practicing apologies.....
So when you holla and I ignore ya, or turn around and unload on ya. It's cuz I'll never find the words that'll make my theft of life ok......

Send my happiness to the souls
Jey Dec 2018
Cant I just love myself,
Cant I be someone else,
Cant you love me for me,

Tell me you'll die with me
As skies come caving in,
held as angels surround

Hell waits, I'll come apon,
My sins stay around me,
These demons just clown me

Please Feel free to bruise me,
Abuse me or use me,
Clean me off then feed me,

Love me, I hate myself,
waiting on something new,
you used me til I'm dry,

In these words aren't lies,
These feelings I disguise,
Lay secrets about life,

Learned how you live your life,
Your habits became mine,
Yours, I sacrifice mine.
Johnny walker Jun 18
A silence fell apon
the midnight air that crept
Its way through my
open window nothing
to be heard than ticking
of the clock on the
A deathly silence now descending on my life
now alone just the tick
tick of the clock It's hand slowly sweeping Its face
Since my sweetheart left
this life
clock now has started ticking just for me I hear It ticking my life away as a silence
fall upon the the midnight
air there to creep slowly through my open

— The End —