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  Mar 2016 Melody Claire
Rae Raynor
Good Witches do not

wear dresses of peonies

they do not say

“I am a Good Witch”

they are not

caricatures of happiness

Good Witches wear

sunsets like cloaks

they run with

bare feet

exposed limbs

and snake hair

through forests and foggy minds

They jump over stone walls

laughing as the

sticks crack

beneath them

they drum their midnight black claws

against tables

as if they were raised by wolves

and divine your future

in sidewalk cracks

modern-day Cassandras,

better listen


they do not say

“I am a Good Witch”

they smirk, bear fangs

forked tongues spilling magik like moonlight

and make you figure it out yourself
Melody Claire Mar 2016
I thought about you as I took a hit,
and eyed the spot where you’d always sit.  
I caught myself hating life
once, or twice, a few times
and I probably would have cried
if I wasn't so high.
I woke up this morning with dust in my eyes
and the lamp still on from last night.
The days are merged lately and I’m just floating.
I’ve been so lazy and I think it’s showing.
With you gone and all,
there’s this empty space
sorta like last fall
and the Halloween you couldn’t make.  
But it kicks in and my eyes are dry
and the taste reminds me of summertime
when I caught myself in love
once or twice, a few times
but shrugged and blamed it on our lazy eyes.
Melody Claire Feb 2016
Yeah, it was your smell that did it.
You smell like my childhood, not the scary smells though
More like the mountain air and swing sets.
And then I think your voice got stuck in my ear and echoed its way into my dreams.
Your glare terrifies me, almost as much as it reels me in.
You've gone and carried me onto your back, so I don't even know anymore..
You're all I have now.
You're all I need.
It's a bit unnerving....
Where do I begin and where do you end??
Melody Claire Feb 2016
Your eyes are summertime
I hate summer.
Summer leaves me lonely
And so will you.
7 weeks of sadness
7 weeks of "i hate this and me and everything"
7 weeks of scars on skin
and 7 weeks of hell

7 days of perfect
7 days of "i can do anything and everything"
7 days of brash decisions
7 days of heaven

7 weeks of no and 7 days of yes
or so it seems
i think its in my head
Melody Claire Jan 2016
From the way his eyes collected her details
and his feet followed her footprints
it was easy to see that he loved her.
And he waltzed through her dreams and into
her bloodstream like some sick medicine
curing what she didn't even know was sick.
Everyone sees it but her
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