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Yellow butterflies
Speeding cargo
Countryside's rice fields
Shuffled playlists

Blank visions
Got nothing in mind
Small green-coloured pillow
In my arms

Farmers on positions
Bow and stand
All-day working
For underpaid paycheck

Man with shades on
Relaxing under the morning sun
With cigarettes in his hand
Facing the railway

Lots of helpers
Keep busy with themselves
With mirrors and some neo-traditional music
Abandon some people who need help

Multiple races
That fight for the truth
Everyone's not knowing

High and higher trees
Green, green grass
Almost hidden parked bike and houses
Beyond sights

Mislead righteousness
Based on assumptions
Gone too far
From the right track

She was high in blue skies
I was drowned in the bathroom aisles
Black dots becomes black mud
Spread all over my head

Stranded in an empty mind
Worried enough
Daylight doesn't even shine on them
Hoping for miraculous thing to be true

Does it matter?
Paradoxes back and forth
In the various divided path of my life
At the highest downfall
on the rail, close enough for 2020
It is o four hundred
And no fruits for today
It is a little bit too late to sleep
But happy was the lamp of the bright world

I hear synthesizer
That I want my head to synthesize
And pop shuffled
Will go down in the dawn

Nine minutes in the middle of a chaotic mind
As I lay my fingers on keys
Full-speed in a numb fan
Voices of whisperers

Apparent death
Feel to spare some time
Whisperers echoed fifteen minutes after four
Two points of view are not enough

It is about to rainy season
When clouds overtake the sun
Missed her presence
In monsoon air

Heaven is bliss
An everlasting palace to stay
But the ability to take the step is gone
Between me and Him.
Maddening sore
Sorry that I had to leave
Can't stand the feeling
Also voices in harmony
Seems exhilarating

Within happiness
For my own good
Will not calm my mind
Where I used to stay

I have been reaching places
Grew me brighten up
Blew me apart
Bloomy blossom
Giving up every promises I can not keep
I did not plan to

Another day, another time
Week away, miles a day
Not the first time for me
Wishful distances to be kept
Leave you and me alone. Leave, you and me alone. Leave you, and me alone. Leave you and me, alone.
overwhelmed, maybe
have had enough, probably
none of nothing
all of everything
A lot of hesitation that much
Between an unfinished business
And suggestive things that maybe the quest
I kept for eternity
fyodormatveyev Oct 2019
Then I will,

Then I'll,
fyodormatveyev Oct 2019
I love you
Cliché in any way we say it
But it's true, that I've always love you
And still doesn't change what tomorrow brings

Things must comes to an end
Cliché in any way we say it
But it's true, that I wanted all to end
And still doesn't change what tomorrow brings
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