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Satvik gupta Nov 2019
People got their brain to think ,
You got brain to do it .
Make that happen
Julia Apr 2019
i’m figuring out my sway
how to center night and day
like the first steps of a trembling fawn
or the breaking of the dawn

i’m testing out my bpm
counting my minutes for Them
i’m getting licensed now
it’s the only way we know how

i’m deepening my roots
putting nicks in my new boots
i’m feeding from the gem
sacrificing zero femme

i’m reaching harvest soon
just in time for harvest moon
sweetest peaches tell
Him how to understand my spell
Kylprin Feb 2019
Ohhh plant my garden, keep the weeds I have a need

Take me to the fruit they seem to not be able to grow

I must labour another year

Please forgive me dear

I forgot to say I planted your seed

If only you wait a year you can see what it can be

Ohh please

Forget the failed growths I believed
Derrick Jones Jan 2019
I’m flying I’m not lying I am never coming down
I’m not dying no more crying I will stay above the ground
I outrun the hounds, I cannot be drowned
More amplifying and igniting the world reverberates with sound
My coronation mass elation and now I wear the crown
No denying I am lightning I am the best pound for pound
Without trying I am frightening I am lost and never found
I am the baddest man around
I am untethered never bound
I will forever lead the crowd
I will leave them wowed
I will make them proud
I will not be cowed
Nor will I bow down
Never see me frown
Now I run this town
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TussyLambz Nov 2018
I could say a whole bunch of ****
May not mean a lot to you
Hole'd up in while i write these grooves
Watching what this pen can do

Right these wrongs - I know I've been sinning
Fight head strong - I know I be winning in the long haul
When they all gone
When I come back from a long fall

One shot - who takes
Lose that I grew face
True to myself - homie don't lie
Fight for my right to live this life

True cat - new grace
You lack as I wait
Few really willing to light up the sky
Stuck in the past nah I'm living tonight
Imma keep on coming on it
Sloppy when I combat ****
Copy this I think you need more
Lost in locks I hide between doors

Lost in metaphors
My meta for my metamorphosis ****
Never met a matador
With manners manic, ya admit

Max oh man I handle damage
Oh my ammo slam like anvils
While i work that angle
Let it bang and watch it hit

Watch me spit I send a sentence
On my Sensei **** I swear it
Bring em in I'm ready for war
Beast within me hear it roar

I'm keep on coming never fall back
Never on that i stay ready
Come and get me if you want it
Let me bomb it

Let me on it get me started
Go so hard my lips may bleed
I feed em lyrics barely eat
Beat it up and lick em clean
listen here:
DeepPoet45 Feb 2018
R6 you give me my fix
For combat and tactics
If a teammate is a ****
I can **** them; that's a perk
Spawnpeeks and roamers plague the game
Some use it to gain fame

R6 you give me my fix
but I waste my money on cosmetics
If my teammates are good
I wont **** them like I otherwise would
Rushers and breachers push super hard
but through all of this I disregard

and play on
a game that i play
Membinasakan, demi bertahan
Menindas, mencerca, demi jadi raja hutan (singa kali..)
Ganas dan bengis, mengingkari kawan seperjuangan
Memang, manusia sekarang banyak yang tak lebih dari binatang!

Aku juga ingin jadi binatang
Binatang semut..
Ulat dimakan ayam
Ayam dimakan elang
Elang dimakan harimau
Semut? Semut tak pernah masuk rantai makanan
Karena ia kedahuluan mati terinjak

Walau begitu
Semut menggemukkan tanah
Tanah gembur tempat tumbuh rumput dan pohon subur
Rumput dan pohon subur jadi pusat rantai makanan

Kalian lihat kan peran semut?
Cakap dan mulia urusannya
Saking jadi pahlawan
Semut tak layak dinamai binatang
Mereka tak pas jadi tandingannya

Makanya aku ingin jadi semut
terlanjur modern.
John Constantine Jul 2016
I haven't seen you in a while
You Seem so far but you're only a few miles away
I don't know whats going on with you so I'm taking day to day
And I'm scared

I don't remember the song but that's not what's wrong
What's wrong is the other song of your voice I hear it singing about other boys and I'm scared

I can't see the reflection in your eyes anymore
I'm around you but I'm not shaking to my core like I used to
No longer do I catch you looking at me
And when I think of you I'm devoid of glee
And I'm scared
Marcellohhh Nov 2015
And as the regret swells,
I can't help but think of your name.
Over,  and over,  and over it repeats
So sweet and everlasting:
Highlighting the mistakes I have made,
Creating a sense of both hunger and lust.
The hunger to experience your mind
And the lust of wanting your body close to mine.
I can't help but think of your name.
In both good times and bad.
And I now know that no matter what happens,  it shall always be there.      
Lingering in the back of my mind,
Forever and always.
Kyle Bortz Dec 2015
True love is laying on the ground, in a shattered park at 2am
True love is giving them the last slice of pizza, just to see their pearl-white smile
True love is dancing to rough trap music, in an angelic fashion
True love is when your heart drops like a pile driver, by the simplest glance
True love is absorbing their slang like a sponge in a crowded kitchen sink

True love awaits
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