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Aug 2015
If a husband and wife don't quarrel or if a
husband and wife have never quarreled
before, then it means that they are not
telling each other the truth. If a boyfriend
has never quarreled with his girlfriend
before, it means they are deceiving each
other. What am trying to say is that two
couples must have a misunderstanding or
quarrel. It is normal. But what is not normal
is malice. I have seen cases where a
husband and his wife don't greet each
other for one week and yet they are living in
the same house. I have seen cases where
husband and wife don't talk to each other
for many days because of a small quarrel
that happened. I have also seen a case
where a man refused to eat his wife's food
because his wife quarreled with him. A
boyfriend will not call his girlfriend for many
weeks because of one little misunderstanding.
Why? Because of ego. Nobody wants to
be the first to apology. This is very bad.
Malice destroys marriage and relationship.
When both of you had a quarrel, do not
nurse the anger for up to 24 hours. If your
partner did not apology, be the first to say
"am sorry" even if you are not at fault. Just
do it for the sake of peace. Two wrongs
cannot make a right. Save your relationship.
Any man who refuses to eat his wife's food
because of a quarrel is a boy. The man is not
mature at all. Malice is childish. Mature
people quarrel and settle and play together
again on that same day. Save your
Save your relationship.
johannes masemene
Written by
johannes masemene  johannesburg
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