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Apr 2014
I’ve got an attitude
But I’m not so sure why
It’s just another crazy thing
That I just can’t let by

I’ll list things that annoy me
If that’s okay with you
It goes to Pluto, and then back
So I’ll just list a few

I hate it when the younger ones
Think they know better than me
Or think they have authority
To come and try to boss me

I hate it when the older ones
Think they can just ignore me
And public business comes around
They try to keep it from me

It’s bad enough when I don’t win
But that wont make me mad
What I hate, oh who I hate it
When the winners brag

I hate it when folks say things to me
To make me feel so small
But then their only motive
Is to make themselves feel tall

They tell me that my ways are wrong
Though they don’t know the right way
I get this not just once a while
But every single day

I hate it that when I am wronged
There’s no apology
Instead they shake their snooty hips
And spit their tongue at me

If people would just slow it down
And be kind or nice to me
They might just find how happy of
A person I can be

Ever have those time when you just want to explode, yell at anyone you pass, or maybe even temporarily turn into some type of cruel puppy-hating monster?
Elise E
Written by
Elise E  In a house, with a mouse
(In a house, with a mouse)   
       ---, mystiquemarie, MeanAileen, kailasha and Elise E
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