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Alice Jul 5
On nights like this,
Self sabotage is all I know.

I'll ruin the things I love the most,
Until I have exactly what I deserve:

Alice Jun 25
I thought it was homesickness
So I came home

And nothing changed.

If home is where the heart is,
I'm sick for you.
Alice Jun 25
In the constant motion of calamity,
you are my tranquility.
My peace, my rest,
my heaven.

In the burning heat of the desert,
you are my oasis.
My lifesource, my rarity,
my hope.

In the unseen darkness of night,
you are my torch.
My guidance, my honesty,
my light.

In the meantime,
you are mine.
I am blessed by you
Alice Aug 2020
Like the seasons
I'll keep changing
But I always come back
To where I began
Is change bad?
Alice Dec 2019
Learn patience
Like it's your first steps.

Learn to be patient with yourself.
Learn to be patient with others.
Learn to be patient with your environment.

You are

Do so patiently.
Just need to hear this myself really
Alice Dec 2019
I feel nothing.
So I have nothing to write about
Except the fact
That I feel
Give me something to feel
Alice Dec 2019
I love u in summer, where days are long and life is bright

I lose u in autumn, where shallow death is a part of nature

I hate u in winter, where the air is sharp and spitting darkness

I miss u in spring, where nature's rebirth kills me every day
I wanna forget you
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