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Alice May 15
Good night sun, as soon you will again break through.
Good night stars, you paint our sky a softer hue.
Good night moon, light up the sky I'll sail into.
Good night rain, please wash these gentle lands anew.
Good night sky, although they leave you black and blue.
Good night pain, may the morning cleanse me of you.
Alice May 15
You left me.

A tear in the universe,
A black hole expanding,
Timeframes switch,
And the universal expansion

Whatever incomprehensible immensity
Beguils life, and welcomes none,
Fabricated this universe.

Yet however big the universe may be,
It all feels very small.
And it keeps getting smaller.
Until one day, I am no smaller than the universe itself.

And my breath paves the galaxies,
And my thoughts create planets,
And my vision is narrowed,
And my senses shut down,
And my tears water the stars,
And my sigh deafens all life,
And you still don't come back.
And you never will.
Alice Apr 1
"In a darkened sky,
We are perspective.

For we line your sky,
As we line your vision.

We are the backdrop of living.
Onlookers of death.
Reminders that no matter how far you travel,
A part of you remains.

And very much alive."
Alice Apr 1
Dark days come along,
When the air blows feathered knives.
They stab the flesh of wanderers,
Who pass through uniform lives.

Walking in calamity, the same route
Each melancholy night.
The cold air dances like feathers
Yet their lives do not take flight.

For on these nefarious nights,
Corruption bleeds down.
Stains the sheets of gloomy virtue,
Gives the night his crown.

The smell of solemn occasion,
The pinch of frozen sky,
The midnight shades of insomnia,
The wind that whispers "Why?"
  Mar 30 Alice
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
  Mar 30 Alice
I'm driftwood in summer
enveloped in water

you're fire
on leaves

too close to death
to hear me scream,
too far from sea
to save me.
on grief
Alice Aug 2018
Adaptability owes you an apology.

For ensuring you adjust to life's turbulence.

For demanding you greet the bad day with a smile.

For declaring that you Must seek comfort

In your pain.

Who is he,
That made you believe
Your pain was worth less
Than the effort it would take to recover?

Adaptability is your poison;
Reclaim your emotion.
It can be hard to regain the inner strength which feeds the soul. Society can make it very difficult to express the depth of your own sufferings, no matter how small. Truest sincerity comes with knowing who you are, and that includes your own pains. Be true to you.
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