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Cc Feb 2020
red hot
on my skin
once again
Cc Feb 2020
I have now encountered my death
Im not actually dead
but everything inside of me is
Cc Feb 2020
I was happy all the all the time
because this boy was mine
now im sad because the boy is gone
he never loved me all
Cc Feb 2020
is there someone else who cries all night
or is it just me
is there someone else who could right a book of all their insecurties but couldnt make a page of things they like about themselves
or is it just me
is there anyone who doesn't wanna live but is too scared to die
or is it just me
Cc Feb 2020
my happiness
where are you
my will to live
where are you
a good life
where are you
Cc Jan 2020
He say sorry
i said apology not accepted
he says sorry
i said apology rejected
cause is sorry isnt sorry in his mind
he'll still hit me time after time
so i know sorry is just a lie
when he says sorry he doesn't mean it
he just wants to make sure i keep his cruelty a secret
Cc Dec 2019
tools are used to fix things
but this tool has broken me
more specifically the man who hit me with this tool has broken me
over and over again
my mind keeps replaying it
the silver metal surface
the pain that had tears streaming Down my face
the bruises it left
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