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Sir B May 2015
Sleep is magnificent
its powerful arms,
gripping us. holding us.
furtively. enclosing us.
in its vast embrace of solitude.

We were sleeping
regardless of the time, and the heat,
emanating from our bodies.
Our bodies, cramped onto a bed
with legs intertwined
and pillows everywhere and
blankets hiding our faces.

The serenity, the solidarity
amongst us.
To simply sleep.
Nothing more, nothing less
simply to lie in the embrace of the other
with eyes closed, but bodies closer.

Such is the power of sleep.
To bring two individuals together,
to bring two souls together.
Aligning their heart, their minds, their bodies
to love each other.
Another poem for english class
Sir B May 2015
We sat together,
upon a hill with dew on grass,
against a tree
with glowing city lights ahead of us
We waited patiently for night fall
to stand witness to the beautiful starry night

The wait lasted a while but it paid back.
It paid back through the beauty,
the awesome power,
and the sight of the stars.
These stars were unfathomable
even while we stood witness to them.

The city lights took notice
of the star filled night sky
and dimmed their lights ever so low
Making visible the huge spirals of the Milky Way
emanating a white glow
but so peaceful, oh so peaceful
it calmed the entire human soul

The night was still so young
so much had yet to happen.
She sensed the serene silence
understanding our time was complete.
The world would wander
and locations would change
but our experiences would remain.
An expression poem for my english class..
Sir B Apr 2015
Your smiling face

is like a diamond

in the rain..

This one song, Electric Love by Borns is just to good.
Sir B Jan 2015
My heart twisted and turned
Convulsing erratically with acidic love
Hello. Its not that grotesque, just a break from midterms.
  Nov 2014 Sir B
I slept last night
With no thoughts on my mind
Because its the easiest method to sleep
But as i dreamt of castles,
Of suburbs, of theaters
Of other relationships
(Of other people)
It brought this revelation
That WHAT if.

What if:
We were next to each other
When we woke up
My face would turn red like a tomato
And i would just start laughing
Because of the realization that
I'm with the person I love

What if:
We would talk for hours on an end
And fill up the memories on iPhones
And our minds with talks of gossip
Talks of science, talks of hangouts
Your friends would envy it so much
They would become angry at us

What if:
We were together in the school
Holding hands and the people knowing
That we are together
It would be so **** amazing
For me, knowing I did it
I ventured into unknown and came back

What if:
We walked home everyday
Sat together on the bus
Those little things which people say
Have no significance will never fathom
The signficance the little things have
Because little things make something big

I truly cannot fathom the beauty
The joy, the love
That I would feel from someone
Who isn't a family member
But someone else, who genuinely loves me
For what I am
I will be so proud to say
"I did it! I braved through!"

If only this were true.
I woke up and thought about it.. November 23rd 2014
Sir B Nov 2014
Being so happy for once
on a monday that too,
that you forget about everything
actually get work done
and talk to people
but then end up lying
and talking about things
and breaking promises

On a monday too,
and realizing the grave mistake that you have made
just before sleeping
and then staying up all night

Going to school on tuesday
understanding the full extent of the mistake
and then refusing and preventing yourself
from talking to anyone
you know!
that you will ***** something up
be in worse trouble

just the magnitude
of the mistake is unrecognizable
unless seen from the eyes of the person
that actually spoke to you
and seeing tears, barely
about to fall and understanding
that you ****** up
and its not the first time either
I ******* up again, like **** it. November 18th 2014
It was a great monday, until I realized my mistake at 11pm.
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