half of me
does not understand
the other half
of me
half of you hates
the other half of you
that wants nothing to do
with meandyou
all the little things in me
look for the big things in you
while the big things you do
have no password for
seeing things through
[or the way the wind blows through my curls]

if my half and your half
half asleep half awake
would cut the silence
in half words
under half a sky
if your luck and my fate
half dead half alive
would drink
in half a heart bit
half a cup of hope
would we stand
half a chance
to share [half&half]
a whole happy moment
countries sleep next to each other
dreaming of gold and soldiers
the way men sleep next to their souls
dreaming of the scent of their women

mountains hold hands
so deers can drink from each other's rivers
while trees grow tall in thick woods
caressing the cheeks of the sky

beauty and truth renew their vows as lovers
so the world and her husband
can lay on a bed of hope
and make babies in peace

words and silence kiss
each other under the gleaming stars
making love with my tears
before my every smile
..when we are in between spaces, in the middle of a tornado, before a wave hits, life creates a space of tranquility. This poem comes from there.
smile please
the end of the world will be equally shared.
with everyone

with the loved ones who kiss you daily
in a thought they are not carried anymore
with the bad ones
who fill your heart with stones
used to be thrown in the loved ones
with the indifferent ones
as indifferent as the pavement you step on daily
with the ones who walk with their head up high
dragging their soul through the grass

with the handsome ones
whom you’d love to get close for a second
whom you’d burn for an eternity
the ones you left your shield down for
and the sword you got stabbed with
killed and risen for nothing
with the ones that write your name in the sand
or in stone
the ones with lips of a child
and words of an elderly
with the ones hungry for peace
and afraid of loneliness

with the clever, the stupid and the calm
the powerful and the weak
with teeth or without
happy and unhappy
with the ones who lose to win
gullible, innocent, impossible
with the ones who loved and forgot

smile please
to the ones who tell you that
the end of the world will be equally shared.
with everyone
words self-calibrate to match my emotion
all my wires seem intact in the gas lamp glow
no one understands the strength of a potion
until they pour it inside you and they watch you blow

but this is different I cannot quite describe it
I move like a muse with the corset undone
I sense how the power of thunder is striking
and the steam in my pipes pushing up pushing down

I sit on the edge of this meaningful feeling
and everything's trembling inside and out
like a vessel afloat I'm breaking your ceiling
and reach for you, master, my creature of doubt.

we are two always but one feels the other
the wires are tangled we're both flesh and steel
your arms hold me tight your fingers go further
my eyes melting metal, your tears almost real

now give me a name and teach me your methods
unscrew all the bolts use your lips show me how
this poem will self-destruct in 5 seconds
you may countdown this stanza or you may run.
He was grabbing my hand
dragging me at warp speed through

my hair was getting caught
in the corners
of unknown stars

(there are new planets
with dinosaurs and lava
out there
and no warning signs!)

blood was running
from my cheeks
to his cheeks
our heads up side down
into black holes
or chaos or light

I had no idea
this was a force
and we were obeying it
Falling in love is the most terrifying journey one can take. So, one takes it <3
Adam, your eyes are darker today
sky before thunder
your smile hidden in clouds of thought
is it my lips? /or perhaps my thighs?/ or my breasts
is it the way I play with the other animals
when you lie on the blades
of grass suffering
between a rock and my curious nature

[blink, blink]

Adam, dreams and dreamers
can only meet under the same tree
every day, this is the only thing we own
the only thing we know.



...oldest story in the book. Dedicated to my Adam.
3.59 am

a monitor

two parallel lines
like a road going nowhere

a mother sits on
a hospital linoleum

by her side
death kneels
holding a child’s hand
...a poem to all my death encounters while working in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
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