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I am alone every night, but I feel normal, I feel content. Yet, the nostalgia of Thanksgiving really makes me to crave the feeling of that day. That day from yesterday, that day of moments, food, care, love and togetherness. I am far away, this holiday goes by, but no one says a word. I am alone, and this time I feel alone. What a gift, because out of the merriment I realize that someone else might be alone, and I reach out to say I love you.
Transformation, transformation, Transformation,
Mantra, root, fins, Mantra, root, fins, Mantra, root, fins
repetition,   grounded, unlimited,
concentration, stability, malleability,
focus,  still,  movement
Transformation, transformation, transformation.....
Mouth Piece Jan 10
It the competition bro, It’s the competition bro.
Its them against us, it us against them.
Reactions rooted in our brain stem, **** them means win.
We compete against our own human skin,
our own akin, Luke Anakin, I’m your father.
Competition have you Kane and Able, killing your own brother.
Competition is division, submission, inferiority, hierarchy, inequality, habituated, into a sophisticated jungle of pleasure and identity.  
Can’t realize equality within a system grounded in competitive mentalities,
the Olympics, our games, who you rooting for? Lebron James, it’s all the same.
You can stand against hate, you can hate injustice, throw you money and morals, type a tweet and rest on your laurels,
but till competition dies,  it matters not what's spoken oral.
It’s all a power struggle, its us against them, and somehow the ideal is everybody wins?
The hierarchy continues and you are a part of what's condemned. Lets not continue to pretend that its all racial,
competition accommodates all ends.    
This dynamic wont change, don’t hold your breathe, number one death is cardiac arrest.
Fatality by food, that’s fear and survival, too much is never enough….don’t be fooled or get political correct tough, competition is cannibal, makes us remain animals,
breeds one to see threat, to defeat and make victory one’s meat, to compete and civilly eat another person's heart beat.
Mouth Piece Jan 4
One must not confuse the truth with distortion.
The best ruse always has some validity in its portion.
You can’t see the other side until you want to,
The fear of the ‘other’ is a reality that will haunt you.  
One reaps what they sow,
but its a mistake to think,   that whats peeped…. is what’s known.
There is more than what you see, all actions are convoluted in the unseen.
Not to mean that polluted actions shouldn’t be transcended,
but any social justice grounded in violence is upended.
An eye for an eye, is self-righteous anger, fire with fire.
If you hate fire, why more fire?
Death for death, breathe for breathe
Underneath it all its fear for fear.
That the person you curse is not different than the one you kiss and call dear.
, the Evil other is an extra-terrestrial,
Wholly  different from what you are….putting yourself on a moral pedestal.
That’s the throne of a Pharisee, with no-analysis to compile, just burn um at the stake, sinner, sinner its a witch trial.
Mouth Piece Apr 2015
Thief can steal, People work hard, gluttons eat the fruit of idleness, others diet, murders demolish temporary temples, others save a heart beat. the televisions disperses fear, a friend comforts, the greedy a mass riches, people give to what pulls heart strings, a culture loves euphoric pleasure in the horizon of dreams.  Yet all this is one in the same if it is for the world and the soil of it's earth and it's food that leaves you hungry. The  civilized war that sets brother against sister-husband against wife. Winner or loser. The haves and the have nots. It's all the same vanity!!! For where winners and losers dwell, so does pride and jealousy.  Another battle, producing fear that traps, mind, body and soul. Time is short..The victory is narrow-the victory is opposite emotion--- death and defeat, sacrifice and  service to one another, giving away worldly victory for eternal glory. The stone has moved not for one but for all through the One who saved us............Die and live.....................
Mouth Piece Feb 2015
How many ways can humans prove each other wrong? Let me skim the Library of “i know and i know” i can blow you kisses or punch your face, call you a loser or get you drunk with lips that pour sweet nothings. Sugary or bitter, with noise or dead silence, “your wrong” is the song to be sung. In a castle of pride locked and tortured by criticism, even a friend can turn foe in the realm of ‘i know, i know” But who can ever let go of the self-sacrificial blade that bloodies the soul into the sweetness of unseen pride? OOO our language is tainted with poisoned lips that drip gross mentalities of perfection on earth, something’s killing me in this world of ”i know” So here i go, eating bread crumbs that lead me back to where my heart once was and in that darkness so dank with tears, i found what i really KNOW…..NOTHINGGGGGGGG
Mouth Piece Jan 2015
To all Women: You are beautiful in places where eyes cannot swim, in the ocean of unseen eternity, no more or no less… without face, body or dress, you’re a Cinderella dancing in the image of God. “Looks and beauty are fleeting”
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