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Jenovah Nov 2021
Love is a concept
And I am
The artist
Jenovah Jun 2021
My creature comforts
My doubts
My fears
My love for you
All the things
That make me up
Don’t make me up at all
They’re just crutches
I use to soften
All my edges
Because being myself
Is the hardest thing
I’ve ever done
Jenovah Apr 2021
Pour me effortlessly down the drain
As if I were expired milk in the morning
Pour me through your fingers
Let me flow away like slippery
Ribbons down the void
In your kitchen

In the sink

In the ******* kitchen sink
Jenovah Feb 2021
Forest witch shakes the bag
Which, holds the pliered-out
Teeth she’s collected

But we only heard the crackling
Of campfire
...or was it cackling?
This is just for fun- Add to in the comments to make a poem story!!!!
Jenovah Jan 2021
I’ve tired to cultivate
Ways to deteriorate
Without being noticed
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