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Jenovah Aug 2023
Shedding my skin again
Dust off my bones
Beginning again

Crawl out of the cocoon
See new light
I will spread my wings soon

Wake from hibernation
Wipe sleep from my eyes
I’m a whole new creation

Crack open the shell
Taste newly fallen rain
It is time I prevail
Jenovah Feb 2023
I was a flame you fed
and burned too brightly;
Until you smothered me to ashes
Jenovah Dec 2022
Empty cups on string
I play pretend; ring ring!
I whisper “hello”
Just for fun…
But then I run

…Someone whispered back
Jenovah Aug 2022
Sometimes sadness
Embraces me
Like an old friend
Jenovah Jul 2022
Reaching outward
Fingers spread
Like  a wing

The primitive fruit
Just beyond grasp

A worm surfaces
whom which a bird plucks;
For the fruit is
In its reach

I am envious
  Apr 2022 Jenovah
Emma P
When I say
that you are my Sun,
I don’t mean that you are
Or even the center of my universe.
I simply mean that
I cannot look at you
Without hurting
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