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I Am crazy and afraid
I wonder if I have a purpose
I hear the voices in my head
I see the fire of ****
I want to be free
I am crazy and afraid

I pretend I’m a good person
I feel the pain I’ve caused
I touch the darkness inside me
I worry I’m in to deep
I cry when I’m alone
I am crazy and afraid

I understand I can’t be saved
I say things I don’t mean
I dream of being normal
I try not to show I’m crazy
I hope I can be a vampire one day
I am crazy and afraid

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
He's so cute the way he smiles.
He's so cute the way he laughs.
He's so huggable when he's happy
And even when he's sad.
He's so in love with me.
I agree he's the only boy for me.

He's so cute when he sings,
the songs he sings for me.
He's so cute the way he talks,
like he's lighting up my soul.
I'm so in love with him.
He agrees I'm the only boy he needs.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
I'm in love. And for once in my life he loves me back <3
My past is too much of an influence on my present,
I know it's a problem.

But all I have ever been taught is
To be a joke, because thats all I am
To be silent, because nobody really cares
To never ask for help, because I'd just be judged
To never say no, Because I'd get punished.

And all I've ever been told is
I'm not beautiful
I'm not fitting their standards
I'm not not going to be loved

so thank you, step father
Thankyou for destroying everything I was.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
  Jan 21 Tyler Atherton
I tend to fall into a complacent obsession
Over unhealthy attachments

That will lead to me self-harm

And carving suicidal thoughts along

The dotted lines of my veins

Just so I can portray my favorite role

Once again -
The victim
While we're laughing
And smiling,
Others are

While we're eating
And drinking,
Others are

While we're running
And playing,
Others can’t

While we're reading
And learning,
Others can’t

Do you hear that?
That’s them
Crying for help.

Hold on…
Do you see that?
That’s us
Not helping.
There are people suffering in this world, whether you know about it or not. Those of us who can help, should. Everyone deserves to enjoy life as much as we do.
If time heals all wounds,
why does each day without you
hurt worse than the last?
  Jan 21 Tyler Atherton
Who cries for the little children
When pain and hurt fall upon
The little hearts of purest love
From the hands of the cruel and sick

Who cries for the little children
Locked up and fed a fist
Thrown around the floor like dust
No meals or drink no more

Who cries for the little children
When their voices are so mute
The only thing they know right now
Is life must be extinct

So let them fall into the arms
Of hearts that truly love
In sleep forever they rest now
And tears shall fall no more
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