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It's a hollow kind
of happiness
But I'm addicted to
the emptiness
  Aug 7 Tyler Atherton
Have you ever sat down and waited for a friendship to end?
  Aug 7 Tyler Atherton
1.Pain is temporary, if you give up now, it’ll last forever

2. You don’t drown by falling into the water, you drown by staying there

3. If your ship doesn’t come in to you, swim out to meet it

4. The greatest limitations of life are the ones we put on ourselves.  

5. Never confuse a few defeats for a final defeat

6.  Staying alive is the greatest revenge to spite depression and people

7.  What if you were a survivor? Rather than another tragic statistic

8.  Imagine your loved one being haunted by finding you in such a state

Bonus:  If you are strong enough to be capable of killing yourself, then you are strong enough to live. ~
I’m the outcast of outcasts,
You May have heard my name,
awful people telling lies has been my claim to fame.
An outcast cast out to be away from all the rest,
Don’t they realize in friendship I always try my best?
I’m aware I’m not good at knowing what to say,
After all its always been this way.
I’m inexperienced with having friends I’ve never known what to do,
After a life of being alone you’d lose it too.
I’m sad and depressing I know it to be true,
But when you were sad I never left I wish I could say the same for you.
“You don’t try” they say maybe that’s how it seems,
But in the end being your friend has torn me at the seams.
You wonder why I act this way,
Why I never know what to say.
Maybe if I hadn’t been alone so long I’d act differently,
I want to act normally knowing how to be.
Do you think ignoring me and lying would ever help me grow, Obviously that’s untrue and a big fat no.
In the end I know I try and always put up with more than I can bare,
In the end I know you’re the one that doesn’t care.
Just friends we promised
"Nothing more"
He said as he pulls me to the floor...

That night I went to bed with a *****.
He left before dawn...

He uses me but I dont mind
God help me...
I've fallen for a *****...
  Jun 18 Tyler Atherton
I promised him I would stop cutting, and I did
Because what I hated most was inside
And he was hurting it just fine without my help
June 17, 2019
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