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LA Brown Jul 2015
The "hurrah" has ended,

I am, it would seem, destined to be inevitably invisible.
  Apr 2015 LA Brown
poetessa diabolica
She's like deliquescent caramel,

the cool side of a pillow

        to lay your weary head,

subtleties of springtime &

          warmth in wintertide,

whispering hope upon lush  

        Zephyrus pipe dreams,  

    mellifluous nymph with wings

                 of a butterfly warrior,

softly determined,

    unfailingly true-hearted,

       whilst relentlessly ferocious

  Wise, yet sometimes struts

        blindly in the light,

       as dulcet tones of a cello's

           melodious marmalade

            in sentiment's tender fancy,

she's beauty, charm,

         knowledge, poetry,

               utter strength,

               & humane weaknesses,

she's twisted and ethereal,

           her aura sublimely captivating

     you may covet her body,

            you'll never possess her soul
  Feb 2015 LA Brown
The Last Wordsmith
Your laughter was more beautiful than any song
now I've forgotten it, and everything feels wrong
I'm slowly forgetting, the taste of your lips
and the exact perfect curve, of your beautiful hips,
Now we're just memories, I messed up and lost you
I've just got the memories, I can't lose those too.
LA Brown Jan 2015
There is the wonder if dreaming is indeed a form of escape or moreover the most detrimental and destructive process to ones being?
Do we ever truly live our dreams?
  Jan 2015 LA Brown
He fingers the strings,
Enjoys the discord
Without any chords,
He dances and sings

The way he should dress,
He couldn't care less
Some hate him for that,
Some show him respect

As blind as a mole
But she, does enjoy
His tunes bring her joy
And peace to the soul

Old chums think he’s mad,
They just wish him dead
Young lads go “Hooray”,
When they hear him play

So happy he lives
Without real care
His talent so rare
Is all he believes

*A Charming Discord by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
  Jan 2015 LA Brown
"Fear of death?
Hell no, I fear mortals even more, they give me the creeps!"
Fresh out of my mind :D
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