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Georgia Feb 2018
Caffeine my dearest addiction, the thing that I breathe the thing I crave the thing that keeps me alive...
Designed to keep its users going like some well oiled machine...
I need you to live...
You change me give me life I breathe your scent to stay alive.
I have never been more hooked than I am right now
Using you to keep above my sleep deprivation fuelled by my need to change my creation.
Essentially, but I think I've already got a more dangerous addiction...
When the moon shines bright I think of blues and different sides of you, I was thinking of you. When you were beautiful and smiling and not so cold. How I missed what we were what we should be. Wasn’t us together the key.

You’re blue, small, bold and looking old. losing your hair and losing your shares, when will you regain your enchanting glare...

I looked at you hanging over there with that guy smoking your light, when will you actually fight to stay right and bright? You remember when we were even a little younger and more like lovers.

You’re gone, so far the distance is long, I wish you would even run to your grandma. Run away they are wrong. Your addiction is the end of you, I’ve lost you.

I gained something new you’re alone and I’m at home with friends and great fun shown, I’m not alone. I’m me and your you. should you join to find your peace and stop the lease on me. Feel free to rejoin me.

Just stop the act you’re not a kid. You’ve grown up right with love, friends and you give it up for 10 years of peace at max, it’s not going to last.

You’re starting to be loose lipped and obviously not glad. Get help. Find yourself and love more than the so called “self help” you are hanging yourself with you own belt.
Don’t do serious drugs or anything like it if you can help it! It’s obviously bad for you and you look gross afterwards. **** helps with ptsd, even that makes you look less appealing and costs a lot.
Poetic T May 11
Our love was like nicotine
       a water logged ash tray.

Used and addictive,
          but then I quit you.

And realised that even though
      I wasn't really dependent
                 on you just, the taste of lies.

But we all grow up and tastes change.
Madison Feb 12
It's a drug
Once you get a taste of it
You’ll always crave for more
It’s Valentines month! I love love.
ryn Nov 2014
I've stared...
Longingly forever into you
You'd stare back but you never really knew
Hands of hours, minutes and seconds I've shook
All the time I've carelessly took

I've witnessed...
That etched on each one, that amazing smile
A crutch forged of sunrays that had carried me many a mile
It's all that I have to know of you
In this endless chase I've sought to pursue

I've envisioned...
Different ways you'd wear your crown
Various trimmings on lavish gowns
Smitten by the way you sport your paint
The nectarous song sung in your gait ever so faint

I've imagined...
The addictive rise and fall of your every breath
Bringing me back to life after every death
Pulses of sweet nothings that never did ebb
Ensnaring my heart with your silk spun web

I've believed...
You are the queen of my future tale untold
I've felt it so real like verses written in bold
But I've awakened from slumber into terrifying reality
Pains me to realise that you're nothing but
Kristo Frost Mar 2013
Fire suns out of canons of old and decay in daylight. There might not be blood under your fingernails if you'd refused to laugh. Don't doubt it though, you're being watched. It thinks about your thoughts in thoughtless ways. Dance, pony, humor it. Fail to see the source. Research more. Someone else already answered your stupid questions. Go home. Go broke. Go on as long as you go away. Get a job, you idiot, and make sure it's a good one. If it isn't, fire yourself out of a canon into the Sun. Morphing is addictive. So is heroism. Go, sally gently forth. Froth. Growl low in the gut. Yeah, breathe the fear; die ******* mad about it.
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
Image is everything and lies are addictive, white lies become **** truths in a malevolent world.
~ You will bind the best people available; you'll enter thier clique  in order to further enhance your image and validate your own false reality; once your host is unable to enhance your facade they will be discarded and you will move on to the best people available to you; in order to further enhance your image and validate your false reality., once they are unable to enhance your facade, they will be discarded and you will move on to the best people available to you; in order to further enhance your image and validate your false reality.
This cycle is destined to go on and on and on throughout your entire life-cycle. "What a state of being!"
Climbing will always have it's downfalls !
No  direction just a circle.
List in a loop.
Grace Sjolander Oct 2016
It’s my own drug
Like a personalized brand of *******
Bringing me high as a kite
Not on the effects of a narcotic
But on fake happiness

Almost as addictive as ****
Leaving me with an ache behind my eyes
When it fades away it leaves me with nothing
No protection, no refuge from the insanity
Only me
Only me
Only me
Only me
Only me.

Oh how I breathe for you
I desire to be carried away from this hollow place
This empty room
This cold-hearted house
Fly me away
Allow me to perch upon your pure white wings
And get taken to a place that doesn’t exist
I'm really proud of this one, it took me a while to write it. credit me if posted :) thanks!
MOHAMED Mar 2018
Before his teen age
turns the pages he dies
a life through years
of neglect for the frail
bony frame drowsy feet
dark sunken eyes
wandering the street
craving white pure
pleasures and dreams
sores moon crater arms
tributaries of ****
star marks parched skin
dry bloodied screams
of glorious pills injecting
intoxicated stuffs
forbidden fruits
trappings of worldly heaven
addictive octane ecstasy
tiger terminator of
a young man flourishing
now depleted sad
youth corrupted by a love
pursued but lost
eyes vacant trailed tears
pleading please forgive
me mom and dad
A life lost through drug addiction.
“Finally I couldn’t talk at all
Slumped back onto the floor,
Closed my eyes
The music began to absorb me physically,
I could smell it
touch it
feel it
as well as hear it
Never had anything ever been so beautiful
I was a part of every single instrument,
literally a part
Each note had a character,
color all its very own
seemed to be entirely separate from the rest
of the score so that I could consider its relationship to the whole composition,
before the next note sounded.”
Why is venom so addictive?
It runs through your veins,
Killing and conquering,
The most beautiful things and the most dangerous,
Are they not the same things ?
Nat Lipstadt Jun 25
“I am a warrior, so that my son may be a merchant, so that his son may be a poet.”

John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States
a bad weakness, mine, mess with the perfect of others,
unsure what to add that will addictive illuminate further,
but as homage, a tribute, a salute
got to
got too,
no middle class delayed gratification for me, none, whatsoever,
read the words and my own hands choke me
as if to pull out, to free
the upsurging words in my chest-forming,
to uplift me up, from the floor where I am roiling in
wonderful wonderment at a prophecy come true

my recent family history,
about 400 years worth, got it written down someplace,
escapees from a Spanish Inquisition,
a Roman one before that,
meandering Jews who found a respite, a small welcome
in a small village in Germany

(the irony does not go unnoticed)

from villager to merchant, from tiny town to big city folk,
we went, warriors if any, kept secret, best unheard,
attract no attention, but do what survival doesn’t
always politely request

here I am child of the proverbial wandering jew,
fancy me a poet with, at best, a very small p,
one of three children, historians, book writers, scholars and even
and so a President’s words, hammer my cells
upon an anvil for human skins,
the future shape of me foreseen
and I think to myself,
alone and out loud:

This, This!

is what makes America great, 
welcoming the stranger,
even predicting their
possible pathway to a peaceful existence,
giving their descendant’s generations liberty,
liberty to become poets,
free, who can stand upright
Jazmine Mar 2015
I will wait for you.
I will follow you.

Break me. Beat me. Use me. love me.
I am yours
I have let go of control.

I have lost what it means to be human.

You break me till I fall to my knees.
But you love me all the way down.

You cut me open and kiss the wounds with salt upon your lips.
Sweet evil ruler of my mind body and soul, don't ever release me from this beautiful cursed bond.
Don't leave me to wander around lost and confused.

I need your hate. I need your love.
I need this exotic abuse.
So rare that few have tasted.

I don't understand this form of love, but you are the ruler of this love.

You know how much to torture.
You know how much to love.
You give enough and take plenty.

King of darkness and yet some how you shine light.      
Pushing me away to draw me near.
Dominating me and giving me power.
What is this madness?
Why can't I stop?
Your the most addictive drug and I will never quite.

My king of madness, I bow to you.
Sovit Pokhrel Apr 2018
EVERYDAY! i open my eyes .
EVERYDAY! a new sensation.
Energy so vibrant !
So addictive and pleasing !
Pralaysed i lay!!!
Showered with emotions.
STUCK in the past !
WORRIED about the future !
A NEW DAY!!!!!
A new chance OR
An opportunity lost ?
LIFE a blessing or a curse ?

I GET UP, rubbing my hazy eyes
I YAWN, stretching my self from head to toe
So fresh, so hopeful & full of life
Ready to CONQUER the world, i march
       First step
Living in a house of bills
Chained by norms
      Second step 
the program installed in me takes over
Head down as i sigh and vanish into REALITY
start living a life from being alive.

STUCK in the past !
WORRIED about the future !
A NEW DAY!!!!!
A new chance OR
An opportunity lost ?
LIFE a blessing or a curse?
Have a perspective on life and choose your actions wisely.
mannley collins Jul 2014
I am the Individual Isness incarnated in this body.
I am not the body.
I have travelled through many lifetimes in many bodies.
always learning learning learning.
I have developed nous from my experiences only.
accept a mind in my head.
accept any conditioned identity as being  me.
cede control over my brain centres to any mind or groupmind
that exists anywhere..
cede control over my brain centres to any conditioned identity or
group conditioned identity that exists anywhere.
or accept that any other but me,the Individual Isness, using my brain centres,using my brain the way I,the Individual Isness,want to and can do
to be in charge of the brain centres in the head of this body that I,the Isness,am incarnated in.
be prey to opinion-formers and experts and  pie charts and
focus groups and surveys.
be manipulated by PR men and women in shiny suits.
see Edward Bernays book--Propaganda.
be manipulated by GroupMinds into thinking  their way.
be taken in by brutal security forces posing as "guardians of peace.
respect in any way any member of any military forces anywhere
no matter how fancy the uniforms or excuses for ****** they wear.
I do not respect these parasites anywhere as they are nothing more than paid mercenary murderers on behalf of various Oligarchies..
see Jaques Ellul's book--Propaganda.
take any dangerous addictive cancer causing drugs
such as Alcohol and Tobacco primarily--
food additives...
No one has ever died from any cannabis product.
or from LSD or Mesccaline or Psylocybin.
believe in any so-called "god" or "goddess".
believe in any so-called "prophet" of any so-called "god"or "goddess".
accept any so-called "holy" book as valid or truthful
or valuable in any way except as
emergency papers to roll a grass joint
or to wipe my **** on.
be taken in by depraved words and concepts in any of these so-called "holy "books that have led to endless wars and still ongoing terrorism and atrocities in the name of one bloodthirsty "god" or "goddess".
accept anything as reality unless I can see clearly that
it is beyond duality.
accept any Conditioned Identity as me.
For I am the Isness which is a small but equal,individual,
autonomous and independant part of the essence of the Isness of the Universe--!.
which is not a "soul" or Atman or spirit
or any other religious concoction.
accept Mind as a necessary evil
accept GroupMind as a necessary evil.
eat junk food of any kind.
drink tap water anywhere except in direst emergency.
eat white sugar or any other pure carbohydrate.
be a hypocritical moralising vegetarian.
become stoopid through bowing and scraping
and stooping at stupas.
I will be just a Self realised man living on a big ball in space
with a Self Realised woman playing and singing and dancing the Song of Our Lives.
Iska Dec 2018
You feel like fire to me.
All warm and beautiful
With the ability to
Mesmerizing to behold
As you dance around with a
glittering spark in your eyes
As you always seem to
And entice me to dance with you.
So beautiful in your destruction
With the ability to burn away the darkest of nights.
Infamous one Apr 6
I love you is away to appreciate
Doesn't mean you're getting married
Not saying it can leave regret
Some run away from the expression
Others want love but cant have it
Some give love the best feeling to receive
Others hold back fear of getting hurt
Some are hurt never recovered
Stuck on old flings use to be a ruush
Wishing to rekindle burning emotions
All wrong that can't be right
Wanting to make it better
Only to make it worse
Love can be an addictive curse
Getting hurt or broken ends the spell
Learn to love yourself
The wrong person will never change
Break your spirit keeping faith
From love to hate soon emotions fade
Heal be true real with the heart
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