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Wide awake and half Asleep

My vision is wide

My emotions run deep

Foggy daze of things that could

hope and reality

there different....i am sure.
I hate you

but i want you here

I hate you

yet your standing there

I hate you

when you make me laugh

I hate that

you have taken my laugh

I hate that

you have this effect

I hate that

things are always bad

I hate you

but I actually can't
Look at me

What do you see

a sad lonely untamed tree

i tried to grow but you cut me down

with anything that was around

you've cut my branches

and have made me fall down

laying here i disconnect

my leaves are gone my trunk is stiff

you chopped me up and burned me down

the flames seem to burn but there is no sound

you used to water me and climd and bounce

but the other tree now needs your help
No more goodaftermornings

no more late night text

no more fake reactions

no more hidden facts

no more long discussions

no more hurting

and yet I want it all back.
You make me feel like crap

you ******* little sap

you cry about the world

but you torture all the girls

you stupid little sap

why do i let you treat me like crap.
I quiver you shake

my body it quakes

my mind is stunted

my heart it aches

I can't be that

and I never will

along that shore

of this sea of hell
Heart beats

you breath

what a lovely scene

you peel

my layers

almost like string cheese
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