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Megan Hammer Aug 5
He wears his smile like me
Moves in drunken circles
I stumble walking beside him to his car
And sing laughs as he hits the pedal

Another time, red bull and coke
Where the bicycles roll by
But I don’t hear anything besides him as we bicker mouth to ear

I just want to hear his thoughts
But he won’t give them to me
It’s out of his comfort zone to give me that kind of head.

I wonder when you’ll get tired
When you’ll be in that bar again
And someone will be there
And you’ll take her home like you’re used to

And do it all over again.
For he whose thoughts I wanted to hear - thank you for giving them to me.
Megan Hammer Aug 5
Carefree kids on bikes, zigzagging their way to Gross Burgers
Their mothers are hookers, methheads, and nurses
Their dads are nowhere to be found.

But they still laugh, pass around a Coca-Cola
Turn up the Kanye and anger the neighbors
Who wear beards and drive trucks with one hand on the wheel

Carefree kids on bikes, eating push-up pops from Mike’s liquor store
They all smell like green sour patch kids - sour, sweet - almost gone.
Until they smell her lilacs beckoning them home, singing their names from a purple stem

She’s our lifeline, pumping blood through us and into our hearts
Carefree kids on bikes, we’ve only got that old lady on the porch
Carefree kids on bikes, who all the moms get rid of,
Ride to the lilacs, where she quietly gives up her last Coke for one of them

And loves them all,
Without caring where they come from.
Ashley Jun 14
I say I be doing fine but **** sometimes I miss those good old times
I’m selfish I’m mean I just need methamphetamine
But I’m fine
I’m fine I’m really trying to be fine
I just need a line
8ball and I’ll be fine
4 yrs sober and I’m fine
It’s just a thought of not being fine
But im fine
Stars are big *** mentos, and the space between the stars is coke. Sometimes the coke manages to touch the stars, causing a chemical reaction, leading to a supernova.
Coke, Mentos, Science, Weird, Strange, Stars, Creation, Theory
Kumar Apr 4
On the ******* express
Knowing its Bound to crash
But all i care about
Is the smell of the gas
Of pure white snow
Heavenly shimmering
In the moonlights glow
Going through tunnels
The darkness shows
This pure white snow
Is darker than expected
But yet i have to test it
Knowing the train will crash
The faster it goes
The shorter it lasts
inspired by a poem read to me by an inspiration
Egeria Litha Jan 31
The smell of matches
a clay *** full of butts and ashes
Light refracts off metal skyscrapers
overlooking Jersey City with your rolling papers
Smoking on the balcony
fuming tobacco and bad breath at 10 in the morning
what you did last night aged you 10 years
I see you through the blinds under covers
pretending to be asleep
I'm still not accustomed to losing my day
and living all night
but this how yall live your life
Rest in the day and work all night
Vampire squad proud of their clothes
they have a clothesline for their kind
you have to know the passcode
in order to purchase coke
you have to bring billionaires in the club
if you want VIP treatment at the show
and you better find
a gorgeous foreign female
to bring home
a girl chasing the dollar in a boy's eyes
"Are you going to pay my cab tonight?
We can go blow for blow, just make sure
I get to the airport tomorrow."
Beauty and perfection
Persuasion and possession
Fluorescent lights
lighting her *******
Why does the bathroom floor
seem so inviting for a breakdown?
Searching for another life
Black tears swelling from her made-up eyes
next, she's barred out in the backseat
driving through the Bronx safely
Of all the things I'd love to do.
I'd love to have a coke with you.
To watch your face light up full of joy.
The first sip that leads into another.
Soon as the cap snaps off
We'll drink until we can't any more.
Can't you imagine how fun that would be.
Imagining yourself as a coke.
The fulfillment of ultimate joy.
My throat no longer parched knowing that I've
had the one thing I've thought of all day.
How could anyone walk past you and not smile.
How could anyone pick you up and not want to carry you
around with them all day.
To be part of every experience
To see the rest of the world through the eyes of a smile.
Of all things I'd love to have a coke with you.
Imagining your smile the first sip after a long day
cozyjune Dec 2018
i usually know exactly how to start these
the poems i write when they leave
i usually know exactly how to dip the paintbrush in my tears and paint a picture forgiving myself for the pain i have felt

typically the right words flow from my fingers
i can't conjure up anything to ,,,,
i ******* miss you.

im not sure if this is to you or about you

you never knew but you was my rock
i aint never written out of anything but pain
off every drug in the world
and the name in my heart never change
i know you can't say the same
i know you never wanted me anyways

and **** that *****
yea the one you used to ride for
the one you'd probably die for
you may have a past with her
but i was gonna give you my future

what the **** do i even say..

you the high and the come down

i write your name in the leftover coke residue on the table then lick the powder off my fingers
swallowing back tears
humming along to your favorite songs

we was supposed to be big
you never knew that but fr
we was supposed to be big

you had me feeling like ****** sunshine
but ****
maybe i just aint shine bright enough

we both had our demons
and we knew we needed to heal before anything
but you was slaying mine one by one
and now this life i live is the hardest its ever been
and i wanna run to you
but you busy getting ****** up with your friends
or maybe you're with her
and maybe you was healing with me so you could leave and begin again
and thats ****** up
*** i could really have many men
and i got many friends
but baby aint none of them you.

i see god in your smile
and maybe thats why i sleep in the church parking lot when my mind sleeps with you
Cana Dec 2018
It is, I tell you, I promise.
It sits on my right, open and barely touched.
Pure condensation glittering on the outside
Chemical intoxication squatting on the in.

Charmingly Silver and a splash of red
the colour of an impulsive clown.
"Diet" it says, Im not on one.
"Coke" it says, Im not on that either.

why are you even here?
bored shuffles of a crazy.
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