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Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
They asked, “what do you do?”
[I replied, mostly I stay silent.]

[Most ears are not trained to listen.]
[And I don't trade the time]
Genre: Experiment
Theme: Silent in being
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

As I drown in the nausea of my fears,
flame wraps its tendrils around my bones
It burns so deep.
My mind twirls to the melody of emotions as my stomach turns.

Excitement jumps
Anxiety screams
Confidence goes in and out of hiding
Laughter wants cry
Tears wish to laugh
Doubt runs rampant

It reminds me of my university days,
a world long lost by blown wind and time as I make my way.
But I remember the flower that was given, and the luck and hope it brings.
And my sea of nerves becomes a tranquil lake.

My heart has an itch
My stomach is in knots
But I have to do this and overcome
my fears.
From the bottom of my heart,
I pray that it goes well

God, give me strength...

Currently on the train heading yo my interview.
How I want to just go home...
I'm feeling so squeamish right now...
Keep me strong, guys!
Lyn x
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
He looks like the moon from the sky,
His radiant eyes would steal the sunrise,
His shoulder stood high,
Heartbeats as if he smells his likely world
on his arm, there is everything but a tie!
He just doesn't have a job, been interviewed,
He expressed his qualities, many quantities,
but lost, walked out without a offer!

His sunny face was still shimmering.
The successful one, murmured 'my friend
you wasn't smart enough selling yourself!'
I don't think I wanted to do that, he replied:

Am is willing to serve to earn the means
to be served, don't mean to sale and buy.
If ethic has no value maybe then
a job is nothing but 'sale and buy'!
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
You don't even ask questions, you stuff answers into my mouth.
You don't give evidence and I believe in your lies.
You pull me down into a slur of words, drowning me into a conversation that never seem to end but starts worlds.
You Pierce me with a knife.
You cut me up into stitched pieces.
help me, and you say "no one cares."
You threw me out.
You kick me out of my own mind.
You close the door.
You keep me out.
You stone me with fire and ice.
You let me keep the burden all to my own.
i can't keep up.
i am broken apart.
just please, give me a moment, and then we talk?
A Simillacrum Jul 2018
Tonight I watched young Kirsten Dunst get her baby neck ****** by two fully grown men on camera and it was done in the name of art. And if not art, money. And if not money, control. The painter and the profiteer want the same thing. So go Hollywood consume youth to produce martyr material madonna / ***** **** clones. So go cutting edge auteur headfirst for prestige with beans in full exposure as you ****-stuff and engorge those ***** throats with your muscular masculine meat sword. Tonight I watched Corey Feldman become the thing that men made and felt the shudder as he realized it's been over, baby.
It's been over, baby.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
We need to talk

I’ve got a bruise in the shape of Tom Cruise;
It’s on my back next to the Charlie Sheen tattoo.
It’s time I stopped picturing all these actors,
But still I see Bruce Willis’ face on all the posters.

Cameron Diaz is listening to jazz
And I’ll thank her please if she will give me a lap dance.
I drop my pants looking for some kind of romance,
But all I find is someone playing Una Mas.

I wouldn’t normally mind,
But they are playing way out of key
And woe is me if I can’t get what I need to make me happy;
I need to watch Mr. Bean.

Watching Van Damme for five whole seconds;
That’s enough of that, I surely do reckon.
You can’t sell me anything in your television adverts.
If I need something I will buy it;
To your lies I will not listen.

Movie stars and five star ratings.
Who do I complain to about talk show hosts,
Who act like they are dating,
The person they interview?
Get to the real questions;
We have had enough of you
And your luvvie ways,
Telling them they are great.

Why not ask them about their drugs habits?
Their exes, their fights and headline stories?
You smile, you fake, you are in love; you idiot.
An actor is just a man or a woman,
An interviewer is just a puppet.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

Love is a job.
Dating is the interview.
Rejection stops me applying to be with you.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dim Apr 2018
If I had last words they would be…
Well… I mean… I see in those streams of invectives
I see especially people who drink, eat, sleep,
who make all human functions
Which are quite rather ******
And I shall say that they’re heavy
It never stopped being heavy
I noticed
I’ve read so many verses and particularly
verses from the 17th century
Verses, so-called courteous verses
I found 3 or 4 good ones in thousands of them
There’s little lightness in man
He’s heavy... isn’t he
And nowadays he’s extraordinary in heaviness
Since automobiles, alcohol, ambition, politics make him heavy
Even heavier
It’s mostly like that, he’s extremely heavy
Maybe one day shall we see a mind rebellion against the weight
But it isn’t for tomorrow
For now... we’re heavy
So I’d say indeed
If I had to die
I’d say
Man is heavy
That’s all
Oh! They were mean but...
Because they were heavy
They were heavy
They were heavy… jealous of a certain lightness
Jealous... jealous like a woman who wears a clothing burlap
instead of another who wears lace
Like someone who owns a workhorse
instead of a thoroughbred
Jealous of being heavy... that’s all
They weigh... they're crippled
Heaviness makes them *******
Therefore we can beware of them
They’re ready to do anything
Oh sure
They’re ready to do anything
And to activate heaviness
They drink, aren’t they
So when they drink, they turn into sledgehammers
It’s frightening, isn’t it
Sledgehammers without control
Yes, they’re especially like this
They activate... increase their weight
Instead of making themselves lighter
Oh! They’re not in Ariel’s side
They’re more like Caliban
More and more
we will continue to weep
what sprits have to to say we

ok sweetheart
this one time
only for you

i refer to myself and me as we

for an example
i love you
that is the spirit of love
if i want to steal your heart
that give me the spirit
have these spirits try and get in us

now we hope this explains things for you

an other thing

about the an word
to be honest
the way
it reads
in our
only have
one mind
no portion
has been left blind
therefore we will
cotinue to weep

for my first
word friend
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