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timothy johnson Dec 2019
runaway from the pain
cut my wrist in the rain
silver birds fly away
i know death is a shame
especially when they have fame
who am i? just a name
we are one in the same
both heartache and pain
you make me feel some kinda way
but i cut my veins
to send endorphins to my brain
timothy johnson Dec 2019
Drugs, will they fill me
or will they **** me
they can make me feel alright
but I can also die tonight
but is life worth living
with all this pain and suffering
i don't know
give me one more hit and i might know
s Willow Apr 2019
Writing when sober is a thing of the past.
My family’s gone and friends going fast.
Brothers turned his back, filled with shame, when looking down.
Sister sits at home wearing her new born crown.
Spent months in the decrepit jailhouse.
Rehab is my only house.
Another druggie behind bars.
I have no retreats for my life in need of repair.
Six more months with good behavior.
This wont make my life any better.
Ive been in and out since I was a teenager.
I’ve brought this onto myself again.
jj Oct 2018
Everyday seeing you,
Making a dream come true,
I could never get enough,
You acting oh so tough.

Aching to hear your voice,
Awaiting your every choice,
Needing to be near your heart,
You are tearing me apart.

You went from being my drug,
To the reason i chug,
Replacing you with xanny,
Digging you out of every cranny.

With you i was always on a high,
That ended with each goodbye,
Now you’re gone for good,
Just like i knew you would.

Searching for anything to feel,
Having no way to heal,
Going back to the crystal,
Maybe i should just load the pistol.
dont fall in love with a ******----soon youll be one too.
boringwonderland Dec 2017
I remember when your dad would beat you
those were the times I'd see you cry
I just wanted to help you fly
far away from all the hurt and pain
but you just wanted to die
you were a drain
you drained me
I was there for you through hell and back
when things got bad for me you'd just pack
****** nose and drunken nights
remember that time you ran away
took too many drugs and almost died
and you blamed it all on me
I didn't give you those drugs
that made you feel like you were covered in bugs
your the one that cheated on me
I had to be free
from all the unimaginable pain you put me through
I was the one who flew
to get away from you and your blue eyes
a big part of me dies
when you come to this small town
we still hook up every time you visit
when you leave again it makes me want to paint my wrist
with deep red
and to go to sleep in bed
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Just a piece of metal,
That's stained with red and white.
Leading me to sweet pain,
And such a lovely high.

Flawless drops of red escaping,
While this addictive white dust is introduced to my brain.
My mind feels so beautiful,
And my whole body trembles.
Thinking of the taste of your neck,
While shivers run down my spine.

The bitter taste in my throat,
Masking the emotions I suppress.
Feelings of you keep swelling up,
So I do another line to tame them.
Your charming smile vanishing,
Replaced with lustful eyes.
Calming down my heart,
And filling up my mind.
Sara Jones May 2015
I must simply be doing something wrong,
For if I'm worried where my track will end,
Surely that means I don't trust myself one bit.

Sure, I've haulted my existence to grab a taste of recklessness
But how far will the road take me,
Until I'm breathless?
Lying in roads ****** off greens
Jumping in cars without gasoline
I've become the very thing my mother tried to keep me from being.
I want to stop from this parade of self destruction and maybe get my life together
But that too is hard to do
When all you do all day is drink, smoke, and waste away.

— The End —