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Sjr1000 Apr 2023
Old age
It comes on like a
Ice Storm
A natural disaster.

Down on your knees
there Buddy

When I was 12 years old
One Round World
A photo
Elderly folks standing around a Piano
"And they used to call it rocknroll"

Way way far away
here we are now
encased in
memories and mortality.
Sjr1000 Nov 2021
The first time I saw your face
It was the most beautiful flower
I had ever seen
A mandala of perfection.
Bringing me
Absolute peace
How could I not
But love you.
Sjr1000 Oct 2021
Hangs on a hanger at Good Will
Among many others
Whose time has past
Out of fashion out of time
But their scent remains alive
The pheromones of their lives
The dopamine
The cortisol
The chemistry of our experience
The pleasures the stress their pains
remain & linger in the scents
A lifetime come & gone
Doesn't get much notice
We mostly pass it by
Though you may feel it in the air
from time to time emanating from
The dead man's suit on a hanger at Good Will.
Sjr1000 Aug 2021
My trees have personalities
I know I must be going
a little crazy.

The dog wood howls at the moon

The Waxmertyl craves the river

The Monterey Pine flourishes
It'll know me when I die.

The Cybress is a youngin
Not quite sure

Under the plum tree many times I've cried
for all of the innocence inside.

The Elder Berry has an identity crisis
Doesn't know if it's a bush
Or a tree.

I'm not saying their trying to talk to me
And I'm not saying I'm trying to talk to them
I'm just saying
We're all here
Just trying to be.
Sjr1000 Jun 2021
Momma Momma
Don't let me down
I'm on a road to nowhere
But I'll be back around

Tell your friends
Tell your sister
Your hooked up again with another twister

Momma momma don't let me down
I'm trying so hard
My feet never touch the ground

I'll meet you over at Elk Head
Where the ocean meets the rocks
We'll just watch
The shooting water's
fire works

One on one.
Sjr1000 May 2021
Hoping that something
Will come your way
Awaken you to the joy
of living.
Sjr1000 May 2021
I'll sing you a rainbow song
I'll sing you a lullaby
I'll tell you why
Just close your eyes
And fly.
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