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Sjr1000 Sep 20
Love it
Leave it
Fix it
Be miserable

Which contentment
Which misery do you prefer?


Honor commitment
Cut your losses




I guess that's the way
It goes.
Sjr1000 Sep 4
Fire has all the attributes of life
It reproduces, it feeds, it evacuates
It struggles to survive.

Fire is life
The sun
The stars
Are alive.

They are born
They live
They die

Is consciousness an aberration?

Are the sun and the stars fully conscious
What are they thinking about?

Black holes
The great extinguisher
Guess they must be death
Get ****** in
Lights out.

The sun is red
The wild fires are Screaming & Howling
Filled with vitality and power

I hear the wood stove singing
On a frozen winter morning
while mother madrone
nurtures her young.
Sjr1000 Aug 2
We are invincible
Until we're not
We are immortal until we are forgotten
Discomfort joys
Uphill walks all pass.

Time is a wind
Blowing fast and slow
Time is a wind
Blowing slow and fast

Moments of peace and contentment
is all we can ask.

Truth may be beauty
Beauty may be truth

The present is forever the past.

That's all we know
Maybe that's all we need to know.
Sjr1000 Jul 15
Missing the drive to Truckee,
Graegeagle/ Almanor fantasies
Missing the front deck
Bears & squirrels
Jim and Marylee
So happy

Missing Jim & Marylee

Packing up the old VW
Take you anywhere

Missing Eric & Anne
Missing Eric & ?
Katie Doug and Cheyene
James & Amanda
Sarah & Hannah
Emily too
Frank and Susan
What are we going to do?

No fish to be caught
They rarely were,
No smokes in the morning with the lake out there

Missing the view of the lake

Being out on the water

The music always playing
Missing the dogs in the water
The colors of the afternoon
Changing into the night clothes
While the camp fire begins to go
And later, 1950's radio shows
After several days the mind begins to change
Panoramas and vistas
Restore perspective

Missing Cheese Camp
Yearly healing

The lost year when there is
just a covid snow and no where to go
goes and goes...
Sjr1000 Jun 26
Dissolving all our thoughts  
Becoming one with the night's darkness.
Sjr1000 Jun 19
When cooking the mind concentrates,
Washing dishes the mind wanders.
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