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Sjr1000 3d
Momma Momma
Don't let me down
I'm on a road to nowhere
But I'll be back around

Tell your friends
Tell your sister
Your hooked up again with another twister

Momma momma don't let me down
I'm trying so hard
My feet never touch the ground

I'll meet you over at Elk Head
Where the ocean meets the rocks
We'll just watch
The shooting water's
fire works

One on one.
Sjr1000 May 14
Hoping that something
Will come your way
Awaken you to the joy
of living.
Sjr1000 May 7
I'll sing you a rainbow song
I'll sing you a lullaby
I'll tell you why
Just close your eyes
And fly.
Sjr1000 Apr 18
I forgive you for everything you've ever done.
I forgive you for everything you might do.

Forgiveness gives me peace

The easiest hardest thing
I ever
have to do.
Sjr1000 Mar 15
You crawled into my sheets
To warm me up
When you left
Sjr1000 Mar 13
Come to me now
I will just hold you
I won't say a word
Except to remind you
You're not alone.

The curtain to your past has been lifted
Your storage unit cleared out

In a dream you kissed
Your corpse goodbye
And left her there in peace

In the end your parents were there
filled the van
With contractor bags
The past on the road to the dump.

"We've got it" they said
"You've done your work
Rocky times no doubt
But now you can cruise on through."

Melancholy Unburdened
The delight of lightness
Beginning anew.
Sjr1000 Feb 14
The rain is falling
The tops of the trees are swaying
My love is singing
The fire is crackling
The popcorn is popping
A perfect day in every way
All I really want to say
If I could freeze time,
Here is where I would stay.
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