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Summer Dawn May 30
I woke up this morning,
more tired than the night before.
With my eyes sealed shut,
I made my way to the bathroom door.
Rubbing my eyes, I saw stars--
I felt myself spin.
I opened my eyes,
but my dream state didn’t end.

Looking in the mirror, I saw my eyes black as space.
I would say they were just as captivating, too.
When will I merge back into reality?
When will this world fade back into
the deepest part of my subconscious?

I’ve been running all night in a vivid wonderland,
but now I should come back home,
back down to Earth.

I step into the shower,
and through the hot water,
feel my spirit return to my body.

As the boiling water
runs down my sore form,
I feel a piece of me come back,
and another disappear.
I’m not meant to be HERE.
I am meant to be there.

I long to bypass
this worldly routine,
to close my eyes,
and drift back asleep.

Earth is where I reside,
but Mars is in my mind.
I am an extraterrestrial,
among my own kind.
Toxic yeti Apr 3
As the girl
Looks over the view
Over top
Of her head is a
Was an upside down forest in the sky.  
She just didn’t look
Toxic yeti Apr 3
Over an autumn
The sun shines
But people
Report seeing two
Mystical eyes
Watching the forest.  
Toxic yeti Apr 2
As I stand on the
Edge of a cliff
I am standing between
Life and death
I am staring into light
And darkness

As I stand on the
Edge of a cliff
I am standing on the
Edge of the universe
I stare in to infinity

As I stand on the
Edge of a cliff
I am standing on the edge
Of earth staring into
The solar system.  
I am in awww.
Toxic yeti Mar 31
As I stargaze
In my back yard
I see a rare
Beside the great Dipper
There floats
In the night sky
Toxic yeti Mar 27
A model
Does a photo shoot
In the step of
Marble stair not knowing
Until she turns around
And seeing that she is in
deep space.
Toxic yeti Mar 27
As I stargaze
I notice
Two perfect
Triangles in the sky
And goldfish
Jumping through them
Like a ring of fire.
Toxic yeti Mar 26
One of the hallucinations
I had when climbing
Was that I looked
In the daylight sky
I saw very bright stars
And Jupiter in the middle of the
Toxic yeti Mar 26
I live in a
World where the trees
And neighbourhoods
Are upside in the sky
And there is stars on the ground.
One summer day
A woman decides to
Jump falling
To the stars.
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