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Kimberly Jan 2022
You're like a coffee
Sometimes sweet and bitter
Taking me higher

A strong scent
That rest and resent
Stimulating; Addicting
In my head: clinging
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
We look for guidance

From a sky born of chaos

Stars think we're insane
Gray Dawson Feb 2020

I knew if I said too much
This would happen
I should have known
And not gotten so close

He is like a flame
And I, a moth
I keep coming back
Except this time I was really burned

I want to go back though
Say it was all *******
And I made it up
Ask for forgiveness

But I know I can’t
I know why I’ve been feeling this sinking feeling
In my stomach every time I thought about him
My mind warned me

But I didn’t listen
Like a moth to a flame
I kept going back
I couldn’t help myself

I wish I listened
I wished I stopped,
Cold turkey
But he’s addicting

And I’ve already burnt
My wings to a crisp
I can’t fly away
I’m stuck here

Left to defend
Against the unwanted thoughts
And the ultimate betrayal,
He has displayed

I won’t go back, I can’t
But I might
He still is a flame
And I, a moth
In childhood days
we thought we could remain
forever youthful and vibrant
that we would stay the same

Summer evenings
lingered longer then
as we chased through the wood
our golden-fire friends

Never did we dream
of farewells or goodbyes
our futures vast and open
as summer starry skies

Autumn came and
stole away those nights
our ageless innocence dissipating
as misty clouds from sight

No longer would we share
a child's purity of view
summer left us and with her
our memories of youth

To where do they go, our memories
of times together framed,
of moments past so long forgotten
when we were still the same?

What turn did you take?
Where did your step go astray
that led you down a path so far
from simple summer days?

Yet you found the way to remain,
frozen as winter's crystal breath,
timeless now and infinite
your youth cloaked in death.

Another autumn night drifts by
years adding onto mine
while you, in the vastness of the sky,
awake an ageless twenty-nine.
For my cousin Austin, who passed away at the age of 29 from a ****** overdose
Grey Dec 2019
The first time I heard you,
I already knew.
A good beat, nice melody
You were too catchy.

The first time I heard you,
my breath caught in my throat
As you were pronounced
my new favorite song.

The first time I heard you,
you were already stuck in my head
Playing on repeat as I stared out the window,
thinking of you instead of leaving my den.

The first time I heard you,
I tried to change the station
But you were playing on every one.

The first time I heard you,
I was already too deep in love
to let you go.
Mitch Prax Nov 2019
I find that we poets have
a quiet desperation to write
that keeps us hanging onto life.
Luna Maria Oct 2019
both appealing but addicting
and will give you a
painful death.
Lizzie Jun 2019
Whether I'm in a crowded room,
                                        or alone with you....
                                                          It never seems to be enough...
I guess it shouldn't bother me as much,
                                                           ­ this feeling of loneliness...
I'd grown all too familiar with it growing up...
Never fitting in,
       always the one being left out of parties and social gatherings....
This feeling of loneliness is something I'd grown accustomed to,
                     but i never expected to feel it from you....
I thought you'd be different,
      I know how much your gaming means to you and I get that,
                                                           ­                                         I really do...
I just need someone...
Someone who's always going to be there,
                                                            sure­ there'll be distractions,
      but nothing that's so self emerging and addicting that in that moment and time nothing else matters but winning...
I just need that constant reassurance,
                                       that you're not going anywhere,
                                                       ­                            that I'm ok...
All i want is to be ok..... Not Alone......
        I want, no, I crave that comfort, like a warm blanket and cozy socks,
       curled up at a window to watch the rain as it pours down outside...
God I feel so alone.....
Kaitlynn Apr 2019
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
They say it's addicting;
Now I know it's true.
But the roses are wilting;
The flowers are dead.
My hands are shaking;
And my hips are lined red.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
i haven't eaten lunch in a few days
and i already don't eat breakfast
now i'm starting to eat less at dinner too
why is it that
when you see the numbers on the scale go down
it becomes addicting?
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