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May 2014
You're sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter.
But either way, I find myself still going to you.

Your lips beg for me to kiss them over and over again.
Oh, how luscious they look when you seem so lonely.

Your eyes beg for me to fall into the abyss of those infinite eyes of yours.
To find myself lost in the galaxy within.

Your hand reaches out for me when I'm lost,
and how perfectly they seem to fit together.

Your laughter sounds like angels singing,
a smile plastered on my face after.

Your warmth calls out for me,
especially on days where I rage and fear most.

Your kisses brings me a beautiful euphoria,
I can always seem to never want to be out of this.

Your presence and existence is more than just a body,
wanting to wake up with you next to me when I have nightmares at 3AM.

You in whole,
a addiction more addictive than cigarettes and drugs combined,
*is an addiction I can never get over of.
Addiction is a very sinful thing for me.
Written by
Colette  Malaysia
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