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Looking at my community,
Wondering where I could help.
Trying to break through barriers,
That has tried to maintain my invisibility.
But I refuse to play the cards I’ve been dealt.
In a rigged system that is defined by wealth.
Leaving the rest in poverty,
Struggling with trauma and mental health.

As I look at my community,
And I can see the disparity.
With a division that existed for centuries.
That slaughters and enslaves,
In the name of prosperity.
With many caged or beaten,
For speaking out against normative society.

When the community looks at me,
They only see the savagery.
An inconvenient Indian,
A unsanitary revulsion,
Or as an enemy.
But if only they took the time,
To actually know me.

Looking at my community,
While covered up in chains,
Was spit out, abandoned and gaged.
Engulfed my hope like it was a flame.
Left in a darkness of guilt and shame.
While also being scapegoated as the one to blame.

So, that is why I strive for change.
No matter the obstacles,
I will progress through all this pain.
I am not an animal,
I will not be tamed.
I am human not just a number or a name.

I will fight and support those who were just like me.
It doesn’t matter if they are allies, treaty or Metis.
I will do my best to fight for thee.
For the past does not define us,
So, let’s stand together towards justice.

Our future will be bright,
So, long as am still breathing I will never lose sight.
Like my ancestors before me who sacrificed everything for our rights,
I refuse to let their sacrifice be in vain.
I refuse to stay idle.
I refuse to stay silent.
I refuse to be a victim.
But I do choose to be victor!
Classy J Sep 29
Once we were chained,
Once we were slain,
It was our skin to blame.
A pride turned into shame.
Looked at as beasts to tame.
Scapegoated as the ones to blame.
A land once free,
A land ***** in the name of religious prosperity.
Running red to fill the wine of bellies.
That treated our race like a felony.
Trying to wash away the shame,
But the colour won’t come off of thee.
However, no longer will we.
Remain idle or Stay silent.
No longer will we,
Watch as our brothers and sisters end up missing or killed.
No longer will we,
Let history repeat itself.
For we are on this earth together.
We are all humans.
No one is lesser or superior than another.
So, let’s work together towards a better future.
Classy J Sep 29
Starving for a lost knowledge,
Invisible to those with privilege,
Wanting support, needing a hand up,
Need a balance for my core, without looking for handouts.
Need acceptance, in a world where I face rejection.
Wanting knowledge to use as a weapon against discrimination.
Classy J Sep 28
Struggling with love,
As I fumble through it,
Not fully sure if there is a man above.
But I’ll get through it.

Father was all out of love,
But I grew accustomed to it,
Was caged like a dove,
Till I broke through it.
Shattered the glass ceiling,
Because I said ***** it.
My heart was reeling,
Got married then divorced before I knew it.
Wish I could leave it all behind,
But my trauma keeps me stuck in it.
Sometimes I wish I could rewind,
The time my heart took leadership from my mind.
For I always was chasing love because I never had it,
Thought I found the perfect magician but now all I’m left with is a rabbit.
With negative self talk becoming a habit.
If looking for love was a drug,
I’d be a crack addict.
For my self-worth was mugged,
Got my swerving into oncoming traffic.
At least then my death could be like my birth; ******* tragic.

For I’m...
Struggling with love,
As I fumble through it,
Not fully sure if there is a man above.
But I’ll get through it.
Classy J Sep 14
In all the commotion,
You just got to grove on down,
No lack for motion.
Speeding on by, like a locomotive.

Got to let those blues,
Be subdued,
Indulge in the groove,
It will uplift your mood.

In a world so divided,
Let love move you forward.
You got to find the composition,
To find your own rhythm.

You just gotta...
Let those blues,
Be subdued,
Indulge in the groove,
It will uplift your mood.

Let the rhythm guide you,
Through the ups and downs,
Let the rhythm remind you,
With reassuring sounds.
Classy J Aug 31
A soft cloud blankets mountain.
A swirled frozen delight.
A wonderland of flavours.
A calming embrace.
That cools the mind.
And shivers the spine.
A dish that must’ve been created by the Devine.
Classy J Aug 27
Lord hold me.
For I feel weak.
Lord help me.
I can’t even speak.

The words of my heart are scattered,
They say you care for me more than the birds,
Yet I’m bruised and battered.
I’m so weary and scared.
Stripped bare,
To the bone.
Sometimes I feel so alone.
Had so much pride,
But now I’ve fallen like Rome.
Had thoughts of suicide,
Wanted to put a gun to my dome.
I was so angry and depressed,
Wondering why you wouldn’t give me rest.
If this were a test,
I can’t really say I’ve done my best.
For my flesh is weak,
Got me sinning every day of the week.
Wondering how I could enter church,
With ***** feet?
And I’m sorry lord,
That all I seem to do is complain and weep.
But it feels like I’m a lost sheep.
It like I’ve been rowing in a river,
While my boat leaks.
Pretending that my own hubris doesn’t reek.
As I’m cursing your name,
While viewing salvation like it was an antique.

Lord hold me.
For I feel weak.
Lord help me.
I can’t even speak.

The thoughts in my mind grow murky,
Drinking fire water but yet I’m still thirsty,
Thinking I can quench this thirst,
With *******.
Believing I can quench this thirst,
Without you there filling me.
With your love, joy and peace.
God help me be released.
From this beast,
That eats away at my soul.
Tricking me like I’m a fool.
And for the longest time I was a fool,
For faking myself in order to fit in with what society says is cool.
Started breaking rules,
Hanging out with friends who always be skipping school,
As I yearned for acceptance.
So, I shook hands with the temptress.
Dancing around in circles,
Avoiding any progress.
Was too dizzy to focus,
Giving up my blessings to the locusts.
As I grew hopeless,
You renewed my purpose.
Knowing that all along...

You were holding me,
When I was weak.
You were helping me.
Giving me the chance to speak.
Life into death.
So, Lord May I never lose sight,
As long as I have breath.
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