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I will be lying and living in denial If I said al been great between us.
There were mistakes made by both of us.
But not once have I regretted you not being the choice to love.

Too many years together to listen to other advice to get a new model.
We have adjusted well to each other.
Attitudes and all.

I know you to be by my side if I fall.
Your words are encouraging and positive.
Which I'm not afraid to admit this.

Again, not once have I regretted loving you.
Racism, within each race, exists.
We might try and many will deny this.
Except for racism within each race exist.

Light skinned black is judged by darker complexion.
Just like darker tones judged by the light skin.
We will deny it.
Except for many readers, are aware of this?

Scriptures address how once faith saw themselves better than the distant kins that married outside that faith.

Racism, within each race, exists.
Within whites, they level comments too.
Even if it deals with the color of the hair hue.

Blond, linked to the word dumb.
And many are far from.
Redheaded linked to being hotheaded, feisty crew

And so and so on.
Which is all wrong?
We know interracial connection among some creates all kinds of feelings?
Which is so revealing?
God, just a wonderful spirit.
He just sits back and watch us.
We have a book to guide us.

When you hate?
God sit back and watch.
Wondering if we comprehend the reason Jesus was gifted to us.

When we at war?
God sit back and watch us.
Knowing there are many paths to peace before us.

He is very aware that man lives for conflicts.
And women also are responsible for it.

Still, he sits back and watches.
Remember he had regrets of creating us.
And truthfully, I can see why?

Somewhere lies our truth?
That this world survives upon love.
Cause God so love the world that he still protecting us.
She speaks.
Instantly the man is judged.
More honestly public opinion he is guilty.
Realize just because she says it?
Does not make it true.

Sympathy is given quickly.
But what about the innocent?
Name dragged through the mud like contamination.

There's no sympathy for them?
Even an apology has her hiding in the shadow.
With every excuse used to why she shouldn't be exposed?

You are better off seeing the face of a false report upon one of the reality judge shows.

Just because she says it?
Doesn't make it true.
Someone said an antisemitic comment.
And Rage begins.
Except does a bigot gives up his rights to be a bigot.

A negative COMMENT stated toward another.
And again, there is an uproar.
But that's a right to speak.
We are afraid to face certain facts.

Within all races upon this earth.
We all have a perspective about another.
Do you?
Do you love softly?
Or sweetly?

Do you?
Do you kiss sensually?
Or tender?

Do you soak in the glamor of romance?
While knowing love deals with taking only a chance.

Do you seek joy?
By taking the time to explore down that path of bliss.
While comprehending deeply upon your return just why you been missed.

Do you?
Hear a certain song and quick to smile.
All because it was a song that made you act a little wild.

****, there are so many do you to recall that some do you-you refuse to recall?
One is the makeup.
The other is the shade.
Like the coffee and cream many drinks every single day.

Somewhere, in each state coffee and cream must exist?
And along with it comes to prejudice.

The white female with the black guy.
To some it's new.
To others no major surprise.

Or the beautiful black female with the white guy.
To some it's new.
To others, something many demises.

Most of this version lies in the opinions of slavery.
Where the female ***** was servant and willing or unwilling lover to her master?

The first version lies in choice.
For there was a time when a black male best not even approach her.
Now times have changed?

Still, mindests of racism remains.
Except coffee and cream aren't fading away.

We see this in other races too.
But it's the coffee and cream version that offends the most.
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