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Stand, before me.
Say, not a single word.
When eyes state the message.

Just glance within one another eyes.
But be not surprised.
When our eyes say it all?
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Another, year of growth.
Another, year of truth.
Another, year to say I love you.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
We had no tree.
Not even a wreath.
We had no light shining.
Not even any candles.

But what we did have and shared?
It's more than gift giving to anyone.
We had love.

And that's something within all of us.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
If blessed?
Stay humbled.
If God blessed, you.
Stay humble.
Even give him praise.

Soak not in being spoil or bragging or boasting to another that have less.
Just accept you one of the lucky one.

What been given?
Can be taken away in a moment notice.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
My world stopped the moment you left.
My world stopped.

My world crumbled the moment you gone.
My world crumbled.

I could pretend I am strong.
That you leaving didn't hurt me at all.
But I be fooling myself(myself).

Cause my world stopped the moment you left.
My world crumbled.

The smile that once upon my face.
Has, now let a frown take its place.
And just the mention of your name brings on so much pain.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
Because pressure comes?
I am supposed to hurt myself or run.
Guess what?
I'm not the one.

Maybe I could like many simply blame society.
Or pressure of my own making building up to stress.
Except, I'm not the one.

When I fathom of those that went through the struggle?
And travelled on further to succeed.
In this modern society they trap themselves by seeking to act like celebrities.
Well, I'm not the one.

I've got too much to live for.
jeffrey conyers Dec 2022
I go to sleep in love.
I wake up to love.

Whether just looking at you.
While you sleep.
Or talking to you when you awake.
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