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Let's talk about adults, in church.
We talk or hear about kids here and there.
Except, there isn't many differences.

Many upon their phones and distracted.
Some into the services, some still in the flesh.
Cause somewhere a member with talk about the church member with that short skirt.

Admit it.
Yes, admit this.
We ALL have sin somewhere during the weal.
Acted out in feelings over a certain conflict.

So, let's talk about adults.
Quickly, like church to end but after services, they have time to talk.
Then listen to the sermon.

And we won't mention the parking lot communication.

So, next time, you hear in church, anything about kids.
Le's talk about adults.
You don't know this, but its time you be told that you deep down in my soul.
From the moment you caught my eyes.
I made you, my goal.

You took a cold-hearted man and warmed his heart up like coal.
And suddenly at this time of truth, you deep within my soul.
Yes, deep down.
Yes, deep down.
Deep down within my soul.

Love comes. when you least expect it.
And I can honestly admit I been touched by you deep down within my soul.

Deep down, deep down, within my very soul.
I knew then, your love was my goal.
If truth be told?
It's hell loving you.
You got too much lip, too much mouth.
And you ponder why I'm late returning to the house.

My quiet moment is when I am alone.
Even when you call.
Sometimes I just look at the phone.
Because its hell loving you.

If truth was honestly told?
This is something you should already know.

If I saw the real, you many moons ago?
I strictly would have decided to live alone.
I am loved.
Is there to complain about?
When you are loved?

I am blessed.
Is there to talk about?
When I'm blessed.

To live and breathe upon this lovely earth.
Is a treasure we all take for granted too much.
And to have someone so in love with you.
Comes down to nothing to measure it too.

So what?
So what?
Is there to complain about?

Money only holds so much weight and its people love for it that causes so much trouble.

Cause they yet to find true happiness.

I am loved.
I am blessed.
What on earth?
Is there to complain about?
Read the eyes, they tell you a lot.
Feel the hands, they tell you a lot.
Read the lips, they deliver more than a message.
From all three you will get their intention.

Just pay attention to their motives.

Words might be coded, and eyes might wink.
But words leaping from two lips has serious reactions.

Just pay attention.

There is not a part of the body that doesn't acts out.
Word of expression of joy that might you shout.

Eyes, hands, and lips, all are dangerous.
Just pay attention.
You gotta--believe in love
To be successful.
You gotta--believe in you.
To make life less stressful.

And when you do?
You'll find happiness.

Folks, get caught up in the physical without concerns about the emotion.
And when they understand affection?
They locate the answers.

You gotta believe in love.
To be successful.
You gotta believe in love.
To be less stressful.
Well, well, well, there is no comfort in seeing those with fall.
Or should jealousy rear it head with poor is blessed.
Of the two sides one is stronger than most.

The old saying, if one should gain the world and lose his soul.
Has a little truth to it.
And many times, in reality we all see it.

Those born into wealth can't handle the loss of it.
Those that blessed with it and lose it.
Will survive because they know survival mode.

And been through trouble times.
In truth success of life is about the strength of the mind.
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