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Ladies, what?
Do you see in a man without a job?
To a hard-working man that a question in need of an answer.

Then, ladies what do you see in a **** that loves to rob?
Prison eventually gonna be their home.
Then you complaining, how he has done you wrong?

The voice you make carries a lot of weight.
Similar avoidance on a bad planned date.

Let not looks dictate your heart.
And fall not to being a prey of a man that claims to follow God's heart.
Some of them are worst than the man with no job.
This is a poem.
But with more of a serious tone.
A president long ago spoke truth and honesty.
What Is there to fear but fear itself?

Come forth or come forward?
If you being abused?
Let not that abuser keeps on abusing you.
Fear, within them more than in you.

If you been *****?
Come forth.
Help exists to assist you and capture the ******.
Come forward, exposure has no limitation.

If you're a runaway and trying to make it home?
Well, if that environment was better than your present circumstances?
Reach out, come forth.
In life mistakes, we all have made.

If you're been or have been molested?
You are in power to have those living arrested.
They hiding in the shadows of their wicked sin just for things they have done.

If the minister is not being a good shepherd?
Jesus, words are your best helper.
Sure, a few blinded fools will try to defend them.
Then they are the ones thinking they are perfect but hiding a few clues.

If your heart is a heavy burden?
Come forth, yes come forward many are here for you.
Twisted mind state phases, snitches get stitches.
Then seek revenge outlaw style.
But remember, when we were taught right from wrong?

Sometimes, you would think those days are gone.
Until a truth emerges.
That there are still some honorable souls around.

Not those silent ones to ****.
To ******.
To whatever?

Some firm in telling.
Take away the water.
We complain.
Similar to when it rain?

Take away the sun.
We will fuss.
Argue and even cuss.
Well, not all of us.

Take away the air.
We just can't breathe.
The power of God is a vital thing

Take away the phone.
And many would have to talk once more.

Presently, texting is a thrill to many
Oh, scriptures, will be used.
To get you to give.
Words, like you, are not blessed because of this or that.
Or would a man rob God?

But some churches operate on guilt trips.

Sometimes, you see it the moment you invites a guest minister.
This, the master of the guilt trip.

Some starts high might be a hundred offers.
Or fifty offering.
Slowly reaching the range of the true people.

The souls that truly make up the church.

Oh, they use lights, or whatever required to cop guilt?

But none admit most ministers lead with tax-free money.
So, you live in luxury.
But where is the love?

You talk about your cars and jewelry.
But where is the love?
That affection that moves many things.
Or just maybe, you are selling happiness as a dream.

So, you in that mansion that many claims as joy.
But again, where is the love?

Which we all in life clamor for to come to us.

It's the one thing money just can't buy.
It buys thrills and trouble.
It just doesn't buy you love
Your son, not the one striving and surviving life.
That son, too lazy to work but quick to rob.
Yes, that on.

Cry not, when he is feet deep at the hand on a gun.
All by trying to rob the wrong one.
Cry not, to the news that they didn't have to **** him.
Have no family members upon the news, with good memories.

You know, by now that is just a sympathy theme.

Your son, loyalty to his gang of choice.
Controlled and ordered to do the will of others.
Now, that he decease, now you speak of ways he was loved.

But, you failed to realize one thing in your conversation.
He was a **** of society, not trying to follow the rules of law and society.

We all make mistakes.
Yes, we are all far from perfect.
And your son just met the consequences of his action.
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