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Still, got enough time to tell you?
I love you.
Still, got enough to show you?
I love you?

Any real man in love will stay determined to improve it.
And improve upon it.
He will go way passed the limitation.
Fight through any situation.

Still, got some to say?
I adore you.
Still, make you the focus of his world.
By telling anyone and everyone.
He loves you.
What man?
Can't say these three words in a daily manner
I see, you are someone worthy of love.
But for someone so kind, you always hurt.
And I'm the one contributing to it.

But if you believe these words, I try too.
So let me.
So let me.
Make it up to you, love.

The tears I put there.
I will erase.
And in its place, I will put love.

So let me?
Please let me improve how I love you?

Perfect, I might not be.
But you find I can love you easily.
Was this love meant for me?
I am shocked and amazed that someone could love me this way.
I'm learning something new each day.
Just when like many, I thought I knew everything.

Was this love a theme?
Where I am connecting every song an artist sing?
Because there's a message in each song I can relate.
I have been through my share of mistakes.

Someone is more deserving of this love I have?
One more worthy than I?
With more joy to share
But here it is before me.

Having me asking, was this love meant for me?
Cause this Queen has me feeling like a King?
But without her, what would I be?
You could write a book about the love you had.
Those that left an imprint of you being sad.
And here you are like many?
Blaming totally on all men.

Welcome, face your hurt of heartbreak number three.
You went for looks like many women do.
Overlooking the humble man standing before you.

Was, you dating to impress others.
Like many women do.
Listening to other opinions he isn't the one for you.
Then upset and hurt that the one you avoided is with those advising you.

Well, face the truth of heartbreak number three.
And you aware of the 411 of my truth.
There's no guarantee things in love is perfect.

But we act as a problem just doesn't come with love.
But in your case, you just kept selecting the wrong one
Do you smile constantly?
I am asked.

You, the reason.
You the reason that I feel loved.

Do you talk about love this way?

You, the reason.
You are the reason for many things.
In my world like the Temptation sing, you're my everything.

And like the Stylistics sung, you are everything.
I have no reason to complain.

You, the reason for my call.
You, the reason for my love.
You don't know?
If it wasn't for you?
I am totally selfish.

You made me relent from it.

Yes, it's you that I need.
It's you that I love.
I saw a gorgeous one.
I have seen a pretty one.
But of the two standing there.

You were the most beautiful one.

You didn't boast of it.
You didn't even push it.
You simply accepted it.

And I stood here and embraced it.
And speaking of it to others that you were the most beautiful one.

And these are words of truth from my tongue.
Give your heart to me.
And I will give you the key to mine.
Turn the key any way you like.
And in me love you will forever find.

Give your life to me.
And in return you forever have mine.
Pledge you to the end of time.

Give your hand to me.
And let be join as one.
Being united brings strength to last forevermore.

We can take away
Or we can add more
In our life there so much to explore.

If you only give your love.
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