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Who can carry me through the day?
With a positive mood.
Nobody but Jesus.
Nobody but the Lord.

Who can keep my spirit high?
Make me feel so good inside.
Nobody but Jesus.
Nobody but the Lord.

He shines around me.
He motivates me.
His words enlighten me.
His words even teach me.

Who my force field against danger?
Hold no grudges against a stranger.
Nobody but Jesus.
Nobody but the Lord.

The Lord waits patiently for us to seek him.
Read the scriptures and you meet him.
His words welcoming to all visitors.
Trying to connect to you.
Be the one, you eventually turn to.
Stay united with.
There is nothing to love about being by yourself.

Looking out the windows in dreams of fantasies.
Pretending that loving isn't a concern.
Until you realize love is pursuing you.
To stay united.

Just find someone to bring into your life.
Someone, you aware will make it right.
Just find someone.
Yes, find someone to bring into your life
Just find someone to stay united too.
Dad is an odd breed
When the choice their daughter loves goes against his dreams?
But mom love is a forever love.

While dad sizes him up to not be worthy.
Most mothers adjust to the situation knowing in certain cases, we can't control the one we love.

While fathers go into rages.
Whenever his daughter's choice appears?
Whether at church?
Yes, at church because it does happen.

Whether as a visit to the dad's home?
Well, the welcome isn't as welcoming to them.
Mom forever love is a showcase.

From birth to youth to adults, there isn't love on this earth better than mom forever love.

Don't believe this?
Ask a prisoner?
They are very aware of that one support systems forever in their corner.
I travel for a while.
I journey many miles
I have heard about it.
Still hadn't found it.

I am aware of Africa.
I am aware of England.
I am aware of Spain.

The only place I can't find is black America.
And I have been looking.
Even ventured into the black communities.

I heard that they hurting, suffering, unlike the rest.
But this black America has me lost simply comprehending it.
Cause when I research the scenery clearly?
I realize it's a cultural thing with an identity brand.

Now I am mad.
I have been traveling to locate black America.

In search of a King or maybe a Queen.

One day I hope to see this creation.
All because other cultures have a country.
You complain.
You can cry.
But this love within me.
Is controlled by my heart.

This love is real.
And truly sincere.
You can cry and complain.
But this love is controlled by my heart.

And if I choose to share it?
There is nothing you can do.
You can try to outlaw it.
But soon it will move within you.
ou can cry
Oh, two souls talked and missed the point.
Each trying to speak their perspectives of truth.
But doesn't it matter, when their sticking point is based around color?

God is great!
Spoke one of the soul to another.

Oh, no, spoke the other.
Allah, not white spoke the other.

Soon they trying to convert one another and missed the point.
While both dived into the scriptures of their faith.
They failed to comprehend the love of the word.

A word changed here and there created a debate between the two.
But bringing anyone to scriptures is a positive purpose.

Some get lost in this God and that God and folks mindset.
When just spreading the word?
Can accomplish so much?

By reading the word do you prove yourself approved?
Because some of the best leaders still sinners too.
Like a fool that given up control.
There comes a time?
When you must assume control?

No longer can I be, what you want me to be?
No longer can I do, what you want me to do?
No longer can I run away just because you said, it's the best way.
For, I got to be me-I got to be free.

I got to take control and decide where I want to go?
I got to take control and decide what I want to do?

Because I got to be me.-I will rather be my own fool.

You have told me too long, what to say?
Now I'm taking this control back.
Cause I got to be me.

Got to be
Got to be
Got to be me
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