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Svetoslav 10h
The streetlights are flashing
rhythmically in the winter evening
when fluffy snow pours
through the streets of our city.

The green grass disappears
as the landscape dynamically turns white.
For adults, this is another cold evening
and for the children is a time for rejoicing.

The fireplace warms our bodies
like the sun in the summer,
while the love of family and friends
brings delight to us all.
Translated from Bulgarian
I stand in the place where I stood before
Thinking of the time that is long gone
I remember how I laughed and cried here
Dreaming for this time to reach the dawn again

I look at the place of my former house
Seeing how fast time went by
I am grabbing myself a handful of dirt
Letting my emotions take over me

This house has been ruined by time
Angering me to take an immediate action
Only dust has left from the place of my lifetime
I throw the dust there to fill the abstraction
I tried to forget you, but memories of you still float in my head.
Dreams of you give me no rest, a bird without a nest.

I remember when we first met, how we laughed together and what feelings we had, I don't think it should have ever ended.
Real love is not just an emotion, but also a devotion.

When you left me, I felt like I fall from a waterfall, cloudy sky in the background and acid rain washing away my wounded heart.

You should know that you bring me inspiration.
You are my flower, my four-leaf clover and everlasting lover.
Many years had passed, but I could never forget the way I feel
when you're near me, my lovely.
Holding her hands ignited flames,
kissing her lips felt like an apricot.
A delicate spark turns into fire
as attachment gave us a purple vision.
Svetoslav Apr 9
Kids starting to think that wearing a mask is normal
and the people will start to riot
The country leaders act as if they are abnormal
continuing to make the people riot

Nature has tried to warn all of us
but no one was there to listen or work for us
The way things continue to go on and on
will make our lives worth nothing at all
Svetoslav Apr 5
The seasons and temperatures change,
but it shines on.
As the cold breath of north steals the heat
the sunshine there gives us an everlasting light
while it lights on.
Shining from afar the sun is still here to stay.

Our christmas stockings filled with presents
near the fireplaces are cheering us up,
removing all thoughts about our working places
as I am drinking a cup full of wine.

Let the change come
commence a winter full of smiles
and let us stay calm and let the happiness begin.
Svetoslav Apr 4
Here our soldiers stand.
Waiting in a line to hear the battle cry
She is ready to lead her warriors to victory.
Sounds of warcries fill the air in the icy Northrend.
From distant lands, lots of new races are there to ally
This is the place where they will make history.
A history for new generations to remember
An ember in the ashes of dark ages
The time is finally here.

Thousands of undead flow upon her army
She doesn't flinch, while rallying the human flag.
"Freedom is here! It is in our heads and our hearts, Raise your hands for victory is near." She said.
****** battle took place, as the undead warriors decreased faster than her warriors

At the next moment they won, it was a small step for them,
but a giant leap for mankind
Everyone was celebrating...
Then, out of nowhere a traitor stabbed her in the back. She sadly couldn't make it, and she embraced the black. Her sacrifice brought a new page in the history of the kingdom of Agerron.
21 lines, 177 words
If you are curious, know that Northrend is a continent in Warcraft 3, and the undead a race there. Also the kingdom of Agerron is made by me and my friend for the game.
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